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Obama to Cut Medical Benefits for Active, Retired Military, Not Union Workers

President Obama

In a blatant act of hypocrisy the Obama Administration plans to cut health benefits for active duty and retired military personnel but leaving unionized defense workers at current levels.

Bill Gertz reported at the Washington Beacon, that Congressional Republicans are saying this is a blatant attempt to force military servicemen into Obamacare.

Gertz also said,

“The proposed increases in health care payments by service members, which must be approved by Congress, are part of the Pentagon’s $487 billion cut in spending. It seeks to save $1.8 billion from the Tricare medical system in the fiscal 2013 budget, and $12.9 billion by 2017.”

This is a plan that is sure to enrage Congressional Republicans and cause a big fight on Capital Hill.

Military personnel would see their annual Tricare premiums increase anywhere from 30 – 78 percent in the first year, followed by sharply increased premiums “ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent—more than 3 times current levels.”

Gertz added,

“According to congressional assessments, a retired Army colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will pay $2,048,”

Pharmaceutical benefits for military personnel would also increase under the proposed plan.

Although military families have long had to deal with low salaries and rough working conditions, solid health care benefits has always been a draw to career soldiers. The military is worried this is going to hurt recruitment and retention.

John Hayward of Human Events adds:

“Veterans will also be hit with a new annual fee for a program called Tricare for Life, on top of the monthly premiums they already pay, while some benefits will become “means-tested” in the manner of a social program – treating them like welfare instead of benefits for military service. Naturally, this is all timed to begin next year and “avoid upsetting military voters in a presidential election year,”

Next month there are going to be hearings about the new health care rules and opposition to the policies is already building. The VFW, one of the largest military organizations in the country, has “called on all military personnel and the veterans’ community to block the health care increases.”

Others are concerned about the double standard being set between uniformed military personnel – who are not unionized – and civilian defense workers who belong to public sector unions.

According to a Congressional Aide,

“We all recognize that we are in a time of austerity. But defense has made up to this point 50 percent of deficit reduction cuts that we agreed to, but is only 20 percent of the budget. The administration is asking troops to get by without the equipment and force levels needed for global missions. And now they are going to them again and asking them to pay more for their health care when you’ve held the civilian workforce at DoD and across the federal government virtually harmless in all of these cuts. And it just doesn’t seem fair,”

Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said,

“We shouldn’t ask our military to pay our bills when we aren’t willing to impose a similar hardship on the rest of the population. We can’t keep asking those who have given so much to give that much more,”

McKeon will be joined by some 5 million members of 32 military service and veterans groups, according to retired Navy Capt. Kathryn M. Beasley of the Military Officers Association of America, who called the plan “a breach of faith.”

Do you think the Obama Administration is showing a real double standard in the way they treat unionized and non-unionized workers?

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131 Responses to “Obama to Cut Medical Benefits for Active, Retired Military, Not Union Workers”

  1. Coco Flowers

    This man is anti military and always has been.He will make sure that his Union Buddies keep all their benefits , after all they are the ones that keep us free from harm right?

  2. Ginny Roth

    This can be fixed if Congress will just KICK OUT Tricare! They are the worst managed care system in the world; treat military members and their dependents horribly with their inept healthcare system; and, are costly! Any troubles with the military's healthcare system is DIRECTLY related to Congress. Obama is making more and more mistakes…this is wrong if this is truly his intent.

  3. John Nguyen

    This is an irresponsible report – not only in scope, but in historical conceptualization. This is all a product of the republican Congress that held the "debt ceiling" vote hostage in order to allow the Bush Tax cuts to be renewed. This fallout in military benefits is in direct response to Budget Control Act of 2011. As much as we want to reward those who protect our interests, we cannot fiscally support them financially in this time of 'austerity'. Fellow Americans…. we cannot have our cake and eat it, too.

  4. Kelly Mullaney Rogers

    Whatever! Military members and family members certainly are not asking for "our cake and to eat it too". You have no idea of the sacrifices we make on a daily basis for our country. Do not, for one second, think that we are spoiled as that cliche of cake symbolizes. We give and give and give. We are not around our families and see them so irregular because of the duty station locations. The health care is part of our salary. So basically you are cutting our salary. I don't see any Obama or his cabinet willing to cut their salaries…….yet they don't blink an eye to cut ours…………why?? Cuz HE DOESN"T CARE!

  5. John Nguyen

    As a family member of an active military person, as an American Citizen, as an academic, as a person that does not subscribe to talking points, half truths, and an opponent of one-sided stories — I do understand. In fact, I was not referring to military alone – i was referring to the budget. Military benefits are only part of the issue. Let's look at this: Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act of 2009 and this: Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2009 and this: Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010 and this more recent bill from the White House: Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, and not to forget the new policy for promoting federal hiring of military spouses and also improving health care access to veterans to receive PTSD treatment and not only the repealing of DAD ….so I do not follow your logic. And to be so bold as to think people do not make sacrifices because they're not in the military is doing a disservice to teachers, caregivers, health workers, social workers, law enforcement, and others that make sacrifices everyday. Let's look at the facts not just the narrative that is created for us by the media….by the way, he's the president of the free world, i believe it is in his best interest to care, especially with concerns to the military. To think otherwise is naive.

  6. John Nguyen

    the only thing i can say is "wow" — the power of misinformation and political dogma all in one statement.

  7. Steve Pomeroy

    John Nguyen Do you get all your so called information from MSNBC. I like CNN and FOX. Or are you just another wet behind the ears college kid, taught by some liberal professor who taught you not to think for your self.

  8. Coco Flowers

    Then next time we are attacked ask one of obama's highly paid ,fully funded health benefits and a 100% of what your salary is union buddies to protect your butt .You can tell you've never sacrificed for your country and never will you'll leave it up to someome else i'm sure !You are the one's that are misinformed.

  9. John Nguyen

    Actually, I get my 'so called' information from written journalism, statistical information from government websites, and of course lexis nexis database academic/law database. TVNews media is proven historically to be unreliable, bias, and promoting their own agenda of consumerism, entertainment and of course overblown controversies. I can only tell by your name-call and negative tone that you're the one that is in fact not thinking for yourself. Also, considering that only 23%, if that (2010 numbers) of all public sector employees are unionized doesn't bode well for the union defense workers argument.

  10. John Nguyen

    @Coco Flowers: Speaking of the next time we're attacked (knock on wood) – that hasn't happened yet with this president, has it? The fact is, I'm not a democrat or a democratic lackey. I'm an independent, non-partisan, intellectual that does not need to assume anything of the other person besides what is evident. As far as sacrifices – we all make sacrifices – to say a person in the military sacrifices more than someone in law enforcement or a firefighter or a health worker or school teacher is naive and missing the point of what sacrifice means. It just doesn't mean giving your life to protect what everyone thinks is important, it means giving up your life for an idea or a cause because you, the individual, know it is important. There's a true difference. The fact that I would be asking anyone associated with the Obama Administration for anything would mean obviously that I am talking to someone who has 100% vested and available health care benefits and I am sure are highly paid — that goes for any other president living or otherwise. To call someone high paid with benefits… I am not sure what you're referring to…….is that an insult to people with high salaries and good benefits? Besides I do not need anyone to protect 'my butt' that is not already paid to do so.

  11. Melinda Johnson

    Odd that there is no mention of Oklahoma Senator Coburn (Republican). He's at the root of making these specific changes not Pres. Obama. I'm a disabled/retired Navy vet and I've been watching Sen. Coburn and is ilk much closer than the President, especially on veterans issues.

  12. Dick Bergeron

    Why can't I find anything on this in a legitimate news paper? All I can find on this is from BLOGGERS and they are just not trustworthy.

  13. Dick Bergeron

    Kelly Mullaney Rogers I am retired military, and support almost everything you say. I am also a UNION WORKER because as a military retiree, I can not support myself, never mind a family. You do need to take many things into consideration before blasting the Commander in Chief.
    1. When ever we are in a POST WAR situation, the military is downsized.
    2. The budget right now SUCKS
    3. It is getting very close to an election year.
    4. This cut is NOT going to happen unless it gets through the Senate and Congress.
    5. Obama doesn't make any of these proposals, they are put on his desk for his approval or veto.
    6. Where has this been publicized, other then on these blogs. Has it been on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX or any other illegitimate news source?

  14. Coco Flowers

    Dick go to http://www.MOAA.ORG and you can get an over view of what's going on. Look up FY2012Defense Authorization Act H.R.1540. Look at the issue then the SenateH.R.1540 then the House H.R. 1540 then the final H.R.1540. No I'm not a blogger I just started to learn to use a computer in Dec. I'm a wife of a Ret. Army man who spent 23 yrs. of his life protecting this country and now they want to take not only his but other Vets benefits away and that's just wrong.Hope this imfo helps.

  15. Dan Murphy

    Just ran into a friend who had his leg blown up in Iraq. Told me his benefits just cut in half. You want to talk about fiscal responsibility with men and women who risk their lives for us? How about our Gov. and President stop giving out unemployment extensions to people who need to go out and earn a living. What about Food Stamps at an all time high. do you know what I ate tonight? A six pack of Budweiser because sick of people thinking the Government will take care of them. My hard earned 7 dollars and 29 cents will take care of me!

  16. Dick Bergeron

    Coco, I too am retired Navy, plus I am a UNION man. I am proud of both. When I vote, I vote my mind, not what anyone tells me to vote. With this in mind, I consider myself open minded. The link you sent me is fine, but it does not make me all nervous about losing my benefits. I've seen changes in TRICARE, I've seen changes in my medical coverage for the last 35 years. Every time there is a budget vote, the military get hit, almost as hard as education gets hit, however, if you will notice, these cuts come from both sides of the isle. When a war has ended, every administration has cut the military. It is what is called the PENDULUM SWING. I don't like it any more then you, but in all of history, this is the way it has gone.

  17. Dick Bergeron

    Dan Murphy, I really wish you had made some sense with this post of yours.

  18. Dick Bergeron

    I was around when "TRICARE" was 'invented'. Tricare is going to save millions of dollars you know. The government wont' have to manage any of this. I want you all to remember something. We have all said it, "you want the government to manage your health care?" Well, this is what you get. TRICARE. This is managed by 'THE LOWEST BIDDER' and guess what? you get what you pay for. So, eliminate TRICARE, Get more MILITARY DOCTORS, and that means PAY THEM MORE, EDUCATE THEM BETTER, and stop closing bases. That, ladys and gents, is the fix.

  19. Tiffany Madison

    Do you have any idea what you're talking about, John? Have you seen the profits for private defense industry? They've stuck their nose in the American taxpayers trough for a decade, raking in billions at your expense while hardly paying income tax! Now the field day is over, we need cuts and instead of cronies taking the "austerity", they are passed along to the veterans that are already struggling? This is an example of low-hanging fruit. The administration is going after the military vote because most don't vote for him anyway and are a demographic least likely to complain. Read the budget.

  20. Elizabeth Shrack

    doesnt mean it has to stay that way.Im not taking any of their crap i stand up for our country and what its based on.

  21. Elizabeth Shrack

    Stephanie Duell the article says those words in the last paragraph.

  22. Elizabeth Shrack

    all of your negativity and incorrectness astounds me.

  23. Elizabeth Shrack

    Dick Bergeron yes it will get passed becuase everything else has becuase obama is turning us into a 3rd world country a little at a time.they passed the h.r347 and the ndaa revised and marshall law etc and it's not going to go on the tv or any other media source cuz their too smart for that.what obama wants obama gets.the obama administration is pro islamic dont expect anything else.

  24. Elizabeth Shrack

    Dan Murphy i resent that accusation my fiance is barely making it with his unemployment of 108 a week becuase his job wrongfully terminate him cuz of his disability as i have to.think before you speak.without unemployment most of our nation would go down the shitter.

  25. Elizabeth Shrack

    for somebody who bitches about your less than minimum wage i find it hard for you to be able to afford beer.on our 429 a month we cant even afford that.

  26. Elizabeth Shrack

    Dick Bergeron really and whos going to give me the money to pay for all the premiums if i cant afford it like the article said?

  27. Coco Flowers

    Elizabeth Shrack This will really burn allot of people who are not aware it's going on . My husband still works in a civilian job and does carry health ins. his co. provides .When he turned 65 last yr.we were told by Deers he had to sign up for Medicare inorder to keep our Tricare. I have some major back problems and need surgery again and i'm 5yrs younger so I don't qualify for Medicare yet. He is NOT taking his Social Security yet but they don't care .WE pay MED. $2000.per yr. on top of his Ins premiums at work and Med.isn't even the first payer ,his work . Talk about being taken to the cleaners .I know some will say at least we have Ins. ! But we take no vacations drive 99 and 03 cars go out to dinner once in a while . Now they want more from us not just us but others who have sever injuries it's not fair !

  28. Elizabeth Shrack

    Coco Flowers their making it harder for people to fiance has to pay his mom every month just for health insurance which is coming to a end and i get medicare and medicaid for being on disability.

  29. Elizabeth Shrack

    if this is the way obama and the govt want to treat the military who are the ones dying for their stupidity and dictatorship why keep doing it when their dying in vain?

  30. Coco Flowers

    Elizabeth Shrack Look at that guy who is on disability because he likes to dress like a baby be fed and have his diaper changed .But he runs a web site has built adult size baby furniture,, which is beautiful, But when he goes out in public he's fine ! This is a FETISH ! but he's getting full disability from good old Uncle SAM ,people like this are hurting people like you and others who really need it. My 36 yr old nephew needs a heart transplant ,this guys been working since he was 15, he was turned down 3 times for disability even though he had so much med.documendation .He had to get a lawyer and was just given his ok .Maybe he should have sucked his thumb or worn a diaper he might have gotten faster results. Those who are really in need I believe have a harded time getting what they need than those who are scaming the system.

  31. Elizabeth Shrack

    Coco Flowers i completely agree with you.alot of stuff needs to be changed but the government doesnt see it that way.moochers will always be moochers.

  32. David Niemeyer

    Nguyne…I am sure during this time of austerity as you put it, that you have given nothing and probably receive more than you pay.

  33. David Niemeyer

    Dick Bergeron You must be a graduate a SIN university
    Stick to the liberal talking points
    Ignore the facts
    Name call when you have no real basis for you stupidity

  34. Elizabeth Shrack

    David Niemeyer name calling isn't right at all david everybody should know that

  35. Daniel Tucci

    I belong to a labor union and I DON`T AGREE WITH THIS 1 BIT! OBAMA NEEDS TO GO!

  36. Hank Janis

    Fuck this fruitcake. Obama needs to get the fuck out of the whitehouse. This peice of shit would suck Hoffas dick before hed try to help our military members. Fuck this idiot.

  37. Marty Corley

    All this leads to chaos which seems to be what this administration is working for "!!!" As a disabled Vietnam vet ,I'm afraid that many American soldiers have all died in vain because of awful leaders, their greed, desire for power, and doing
    anything to accomplish their desires … and they. Have turned their back on God!!! Let's face it….America is on shaky ground and the only one getting FAT is barack and the boys!!!

  38. Lester Pearsall

    Sir, what kind of sacrifice have YOU made for this country. I spent 21 years of my life in the military. I missed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the death and burial of loved ones, moving every 3 to 4 years so never having roots in one location. I am not asking you to "support" me, just for you to honor the contract that was made between myself and other military members when we enlisted. I'm willing to bet that if someone tried to take/lessen your benefits at the University you would be up in arms about it.

  39. Don Clayton

    Republicans, their right wing News (Fox News), the koch borthers, the tea baggers, Karl Rove and their puppets:
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the republicans can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the republicans to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the republicans.”.

  40. Don Clayton

    Republicans, their right wing News (Fox News), the koch borthers, the tea baggers, Karl Rove and their puppets:
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the republicans can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the republicans to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the republicans.”

  41. Coco Flowers

    All the left wing NEWS stations which is all stations except FOX,which has been proven by George Mason University to be the most balanced are in the Obama camp! How about Soros ?Who has given more money to left wing causes than any one person in history! Now there's a shining example of someone you want to associate yourself with.He turned he own people,the Jews into the Natzis' so did his parents.As a person who has Jewish family and friends I find that man ,there is no word for someone like him!So go ahead and call republicans all the names you want thats what leftys'do when they can't argue with the truth.My husband server 22yrs defending this country my parents were BOTH VETERANS of WW2. I've raised 3 childred who were taught that inorder to succeed in life you have to work hard and they did and guess what? They did! If that's what being a REPUBLICAN is all about more people should be REPUBLICANS than this country wouldn't have so many people depending on someone else!Republicans don't lie democrats can't or refuse to see the truth.I forget the name of the book about George Soros but i'll look it up cuz I know you won't.

  42. Skyler Reeves

    Thats funny, they all say the same thing about CNN, hippies, Obama, and democrats. Which one is telling the truth? I believe republicans (not all the time though). I believe truth is the greatest enemy of all politicians for the most part.

  43. Bryan Westrick

    You know how to fix this problem, only elect officials who have served this nation Honorably..meaning having an Honorable Discharge from the military. Those who have laced up a pair of combat boots or any Military boots, who have signed that blank check, volunteered to give up so many things in their lives to do their duty and serve this country. These sort of cuts to those very people who protect/serve are disgraceful, dis-honoring, un-American. We must draft a bill/law.."in order to serve in the House/Senate/WH, Military service is mandatory..PROBLEM SOLVED! Semper Fi..Do or die!

  44. Chip Cummings

    Brother, I had a conversation with some co-workers this morning about the same thing. If I didn't know better I could swear you heard me!

  45. Joseph Dupont

    Does anyone doubt the disdain Obama and his wife have for this country and the military. Does anyone remeber how both the US Government and the English Government had Obama's radicle father on the watch list? Obama with his racist minister and his bomb making friends. What about him telling the Russians to give him space until the eleciton.

  46. Laura Deuel Melton

    John, for being a faculty member you aren't very well educated. Have you ever walked in the boots of a service man or his/her family and dealt with all their sacrifices? If you had you'd NEVER say anything so ignorant!

  47. Joseph Dupont

    Of course not. Obama is in bed with you.. and screwing our military. he is an evil man.. whose parents hated this country.. and you are sucked in for a pound of flesh.

  48. Reuben Vargas

    Teabaggers? How did they taste Nov.2010 Don? Open wide there Big Guy, you`re about to have a mouthful of them again. Don`t worry, we`ll shave first this time, and we`ll enjoy it much more. You…not so much.

  49. Anonymous

    So, Obummer wants to cut medical benefits for the people who put their lives on the line for us every day? Sounds like he's trying to make health care so expensive for everyone that we will all be compelled to vote for the Obummer Welfare Health Care Plan. Wow! Another new low for him.

  50. Anonymous

    "Fathom the hypocrisy of a Government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured but not prove they are a citizen."

    ~Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota~.

  51. Debbie Pesnell White

    Have their cake and eat it too? John, you are the one that is misinformed. We expect them to risk their lives but say, "hey, by the way, not only are we gonna cut your pay, we're gonna cut your benefits so you can't afford groceries." Look, they should make more than the Congress. If there has to be cuts, why not cut out all unions, cut the Congress pay and cut our President's pay since he spends more time on vacation than in the Oval Office. Anyone who cannot see this as anything other than this President trying to weaken our military so he can be in control of everything, must have their head stuck in the sand or can see it and likes the idea. And quit blaming Bush. He loves the military and shows them great respect.

  52. Maurice Cammack

    John, your kool-aide is extra strong today. Why not join the military and then you could get some of their "cake" for yourself. What irritates me the most is the fact that a University, which is supported by both state and federal taxes, permits you to spread your hogwash views of liberalism to impressionable young minds, who have no basis to evaluate your ideas for what they are really worth. NOTHING! But then, like my grandmaw told me long ago – "It's a long worm that don't turn!".

  53. Anonymous

    How can you sit their and say that we can't support our veterans? Obama and his cabinet propose that we force Military members to now pay for their own private health insurance to cover service related injuries… How is it that we "can't" support our bravest men and women but we "can" support this country's illegal immigrants and fiscally irresponsible hordes? Oh I know how… you force those who work the hardest to cover those who lack the motivation to even get out of bed in the morning. This is absolutely rediculous. How about we cut unemployment benefits back down to a fraction of what they are now… a little incentive for people to actually go get a job rather than just milk the taxpayers dollars.

  54. Dick Bergeron

    Okay Elizabeth, but tell me how you stand up for our country? What are you doing to avoid their crap? What have YOU done for America.

  55. Dick Bergeron

    Really Steve? You haven't seen any UNION WORKER CUTS? You may want to wake up and look around. Not only in the defense industry but in EVERY UNION SHOP in the country there are severe cuts. Now I know, there are cuts outside the UNION shops as well, and that too stinks, but I'll tell you this right here, right now, EVERY union is getting hit with cuts.

  56. Cynthia Crowson Sullivan Riley

    That is why treaties matter! Unions Matter!!!

  57. Cynthia Crowson Sullivan Riley

    That is why treaties matter! Unions Matter!!!

  58. Maurice Cammack

    John you're pathetic – Sitting in your ivory tower, immediately blaming Republicans in Congress for all our fiscal problems. Why haven't the Democractic controlled Senate even proposed a budget in 3 years; they voted 99-0 to reject Obama's last effort.
    The volunteers who serve this country do not eat cake; they eat shit in the cesspools of the world, sent there by Presidents who have some grandiose idea that we are the policemen of the world. If anybody is misguided about this country's priorities it is you and your warped view of this country. I can tell from your name and your job listing in your profile that you continue to benefit for the sacrifices the military made, following the orders of politicians who sent them there. Nobody in Iraq or the Afgan sandbox is worth the life of one soldier. Your type sent them there, now pay them a decent wage, and provide for their medical support when they come home.
    If its cake, why not enlist and go eat some yourself? There's plenty to go around over there after all, right?
    You dipshit!

  59. Stacey Greene

    This is BS! My husband is active duty and the budget cuts have all but crippled the military. With people being worked like slaves for 60+ hour weeks to cover the jobs that were once filled with full time workers, them making due with little to nothing because the budget dictates that they can't order anything due to no funding and then add to it offices on skeleton staff so financial matters are locked up for months.. there is no wondering why suicide rates are at an all time high with active duty members and their spouses. Why work for the US military, put your life on the line and work like a dog when you can get out of the military, sit on your rear end and get better benefits, better pay and better living conditions on welfare? DO NOT JOIN THE MILITARY! It doesn't pay as well as the welfare office (fully staffed office I am sure!) You could say pride is a factor but when you live and work in the conditions the military sets forth, there isn't much to be proud of anymore.

  60. Ricky Edwards

    Stephanie Duell my premiums go up effective 09/01/2012 ,already have hard enouugh time finding pcd ,now this ,makes you want to go elsewhere ,but its not possible for me now !!!!!!

  61. Vince Gumz

    Obuma you had your chance and hope and failed miserably during your 4 years on any promised change, hope, jobs, economy, and foreign policy.

    For all you that believe OBuma's excuses it was BUSH FAULT you need to look at and face facts:


    Free cell phone with monthly minutes increase spending by Obuma.

    FAST AND FURIOUS.–abc-news-politics.html

    If Bin Laden was killed over 1 year ago WHY do we have troops still getting killed and their lives on the line daily now when Obuma could of pulled our troops home?

    Stop being brain washed into it is ALL BUSH'S FAULT.

    Is it Bush's fault Obuma got his azz handed to you by Romney on the debate?

  62. Pat Stebbins

    Very strange, I don't see any FACTS to back up this outright lie, which this "publication" is known to spin. Does anyone have any FACTS regarding this, other than the writer's speculation?

  63. Shannen Marie Shifflett-Beier

    If Icelands citizens can fire their whole Government… Why can our soldiers on the front line fire and choose this years president or vote a president in for state to keep us safe and united? We are at war with ourselves, GOD HELP US

  64. Shannen Marie Shifflett-Beier

    I meant vote in a president for each state. … Although, I believe that position would need a need name!

  65. Dan Arnold

    the gov doesn't pay union workers medical benefits we pay our own, out of our wages , I have been Union for 44 yrs. and we pay for our Ins., retirement, and training programs.and our apprentice programs require approx 5000 hrs of training to become a journeyman , plus we have yearly update clases approx 30 each yr. that is more hrs then most students put in college.

  66. Dan Arnold

    First off ; WE don't live in Iceland, This is America! Military personnel have a right to vote for who they choose just like every other citizen.

  67. Shannen Marie Shifflett-Beier

    Ok … Armold … Now your really pissing me… My moms family right?
    Well… If it wasn't for our soldiers on the front till you wouldnt have the right to a union job….. You would have some bigger guy telling u to work in dirt for diamonds and just maybe he'd feed ya! This is what I mean .. No respect! Do u think you would have to right to go to school if it's wasn't off the backs and blood stained men in uniform with the United State Flag patched on his arm? And another thing…. If a soldier is deployed … New in affect by Obomeass a soldier can not vote! If your life is so bad… Then join the army bc we're gonna need a lot more men in our own town!
    Michael Bush- no! I will not let this go! I will not stand down! I will not cower and look the other way nor will give up! The terrorist r in our own backyard and too many ppl want to look away from the government , which is funded by me and you …. And off the tears and sexual assaults of our children! So no… I stand strong and will never let go of my GOD Givin Right as a American and Mother!

  68. Shannen Marie Shifflett-Beier

    Look at us … We fell right the governments trap!

  69. Peg Mccauley

    I get VA benefits. I wont be able to afford my medical care any more. or my meds for my diabetis. that rat bastard peice of garbage! hes gotta go!

  70. Peg Mccauley

    but let every one stay on welfare and get a free ride. let all the illegals take what few jobs there are and keep Americans down and screw over our military and their families.

  71. Laura Bell

    As all of you have figured out by now, Obama has no love for our military. He uses them; abuses them; and then cuts what benefits they have. Who would want to serve in a military that their own government doesn't support? I think this is the most backbiting, vicious thing to date I have seen out of this Liar and Chief. Yet, American's keep voting for this slug. Have they overdosed on the kool-aid or are they just that damn stupid?

  72. Kim Henry

    Illegal. There is nothing in the Constitution that claims you have to have military service to be a serving member of Congress or the President. And there shouldn't be. There are plenty of people out there who can do a great job as CiC without having served.

  73. Kim Henry

    Easy way to fix this would be to NOT be involved in 2 separate unfunded wars for over 10 years, to NOT be the unofficial policemen of the world, to cut back on our military in a bigger picture way. No we should not be cutting health benefits to soldiers, but we shouldn't need so many of them or nearly as much military "stuff" as we have. Even Eisenhower warned against creating a military industrial complex, yet here we with the biggest one in the world.

  74. Kim Paschall-Hamm

    Our health care premiums for 2013 went up 250% , How is the implementation of Obamacare helping any one. It will drive the prices up for everyone forcing us all onto this debacle Obamacare. That is the plan all along!
    I worked in healthcare insurance for 25 years and Medicare is a MESS A B C and D. Romney's vocher system to buy into a private insurer is in place now to ome extent and does not drive up the cost. My Mother currently pays 156 a month has FULL coverage with dental. The only issue is that dam RX Medicare D with that Donut hole that is Killing our senior's that require expensive meds. Something needs to be done about that! This Obamacare with have high deductibiles and out of pockets with copays and limited services and restrictions. It is also loaded with hidden taxes and regulations. You wait and see… It must be repealed! Obama must GO!

  75. Frank Suszka

    I am a Disabled American Vet and I oppose this outlandish move by Obama. If anything, he and that thing he's married to should stop spending our money on lavish vacations and top shelf drinks. These gutter snipes have done more to pillage the coffers than any two that I know. They have no couth or respect for our country or its people. In order to get anything you have to kiss his and play kissy bear huggy face. Sorry, he isn’t my president. He may be yours and all I can say is, God forgive him and his actions.

  76. Michael Mulvihill

    Each state has a governor as there can be only one president. When the Constitution was ratified each state surrendered their sovereign powers to the republic.

  77. Nena White

    SEE Hope ppl are proud. I bet he's laughing. I wish to be president you had to be in our military first!

  78. Sara Kempf Dec

    I really don't understand how it's not a requirement. Really? You can be commander in chief of the military but have absolutely no experience? I can't even get an office job without experience but you can run a military without any? Makes perfect sense. Lol

  79. Halie Savitz

    I agree wholeheartedly that it should be a requirement! But I also believe(and hope lol) that he wont end up doing this. After hearing him speak so much about it yesterday, and after him seeing all the military has done HERE for the storm damage, I think he finally realized that they are more important than just figures of war. Fingers crossed! Haha

  80. Anonymous

    All service academy's should be shut down. They are a waste of money.

  81. Steve Haig

    Only GOP brain dead who have manufactured this shit!! Get a life!! Good luck on spreading your diareha ideas to the chicken littles out there!!Twits!!

  82. Karen Douglas

    You people are reading this from a magazine called the inquisitor? Really! All I see here is people pointing fingers saying that this is what Obama is going to do. No where here do I see any documentation that this is a fact. if any of you people would like for me to believe that this is the case, give me some real evidence.. Especially when whomever wrote this article is completely wrong about the figures for what the cost is for a retired family to have tricare… Go and check what the real cost is. And also check to see what people make in the military now days. My Ex husband just retired, E-8 with 22 years. He was making over $80,000 a year, not even close to poverty let me just tell you. and when he was over seas for a deployment, he made over $100,000 a year, and most of that was tax free! You people are puppets!

  83. Cody Michael Bazarnic

    oh really like who??? please enlighten me. the president should be someone who is a seasoned warrior not like obama. if the president had served in the military he would have been more respectful and looked out for us instead of take things away from us.

  84. Alvin Alvs Richburg III

    Everyone paying more to get us out of debt is what needs to happen.. Stop bitching because it's the reality of fighting wars with no spending limit. Don't try to use a touchy subject like the military to spark hate and fear..

  85. Alvin Alvs Richburg III

    Barack Obama voted FOR Montgomery GI Bill.. Paul Ryan voted against it.. Democrats proposed the Veterans Jobs Corps Bill and the Republicans blocked it in senate.. I think your point of view might be a little skewed..

  86. Vittorio Francesco

    I pay enough of my hard earned money to our government. We need to stop wasting money on all sorts of useless programs. If you want to pay more to the government out of the goodness of your heart and love of your country go right ahead, I applaud you for being a better citizen than I.

  87. Alvin Alvs Richburg III

    I agree that there are useless programs.. but there is also a huge deficit that needs to be taken care of. We're reaching a point where our elected officials at all levels are running out of ideas on how to reallign the budget to cut spending.. More money in needs to happen because we pulled so much out of the government to fight terrorism, cut taxes, and bail out companies. I'm not denying that those things needed to happen.. but those bandages to the nations problems were poorly thought out.. now we as a people must pay for the failures of our leaders and get back in gear.

  88. Ryan Wolfe

    People get pissed if taxes get raised or if spending gets cut. I say raise taxes and cut spending so we can get back to "normal." People are going to bitch either way, so make everyone bitch and just get it over with. Bitching, whining, and complaining is the result of people wanting a problem to be fixed and when no one is willing to do shit about it. That's the state of our nation as a whole right now. It is inevitable for people to complain when they don't educate themselves or actually grasp onto feasible solutions. All the do is act concerned about their economy, religion, gun rights, civil rights, blah blah blah. In reality there is only one thing people care about: themselves. How these things effect them and their family is all that matters. When that's your mindset, solving large scale problems is an impossible feat.

  89. Coco Flowers

    The woman Karen Douglas who said after 22yrs her husband an E8 was making over $80,000.per yr.somebody been sniffing glue.My husband was in for over 22yrs and retired a LTC. an 05 and was not making that much.So tell me do you really think an Enlisted man made more than an Officer? Only a Lib.could stretch that truth.

  90. George C Harrison

    I agree both Obama and Romney never served and do not understand what we go through this is why we are in this situation right now. We had poor choices when it came to electing a president and I don't think neither one would have done better than the other.

  91. Jimmy Fender

    Congratulations everyone that voted for Obama. Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it. Especially after you posted wishing the service members a happy veterans day!

  92. Michael Stout

    171K military retirees forced off TRICARE PRIME…and that's just the DOWN PAYMENT, Sergeant. The GI Bill was a farce, I was a VEAP orphan who was deliberately written out of that bill…no thanks to the SENATE.

  93. Edward Fuller

    One of the reasons Romney lost is that he trusted right-wing news sources…and they were wrong, biased, out-of-date, or all of the above. Obama hasn't started any needless wars which kill military service members and create disabled veterans. Damn right Im proud. Your posts about welfare recipients, and sweeping generalizations about people who don't agree with your political views disappoint me. I thought you were bigger than that.

  94. Jimmy Fender

    1) our soldiers join the military knowing, especially in today's climate there is a strong chance they will be going to war. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. 2) Obama may not hace started the war, but he sure didn't pull our troops out and he sure seemed willing to keep it going and go after Obama, errr osama. And are yiu saying the war in terrorism isa needless war, after what happened to the US Cole and that September day? 3) I made no sweeping generalization, I strictly attacked the people on welfare, white, black, yellow or purple. I think welfare is a major problem and those on it are the ones I'm talking about. And I believe you have posted numerous posts expressing your political opinion, so if me posting mine makes you think less of me I'm sorry. But I still got love for you. Also, would you be willing to tell a soldier to his face he doesn't deserve his benefits because I would tell a welfare recipient in a heart beat that he doesn't deserve his.

  95. Edward Fuller

    Its easy for people with good jobs to make statements about people on food stamps, welfare or whatever as if anyone can make enough money to survive without help. I came up on foodstamps, free school lunch, and TAP headstart programs. My mom worked in a nursing home for 30 years at minimum wage with no benefits. She can't work anymore. Just because her boss who made plenty of money to buy a big house in the country and raise horses couldnt find it in his heart to pay her good wage and make affordable healthcare accessable to her doesn't mean she shouldnt get help from the govt. Both of my parents worked and they were still very broke. Most of the people on welfare now are the working poor. I sell Benzes now. I can tell you that the rich are doing just fine. Half of them dont even finance and just write checks. Iraq didn't bomb the USS Cole or take down the WTC on 9/11. We spent more $$ there than on Afganistan. Everybody on welfare is a sweeping generalization. You don't know everybody's situation. Welfare recipients include old, disabled, or simply people who cant find work. Big businesses are sitting on money by not hiring and getting less people to do more work, using technology, and outsourcing jobs overseas and wasting billions trying to get a tax evader corporate raider elected. I didn't call you a racist. If I thought that you were one I wouldn't even be having this conversation with you. Your grammatical errors are not excused! Speak english dammit! lol

  96. Erica Gaither Parker Sanford

    Its funny how this came out AFTER the election. He hasnt even served, has he????

  97. Antonia Bifano-Freeman

    This surprises you? He'd been talking about cutting Tri-care prior to the election.

  98. Elizabeth Tobias

    why is it okay to cut benefits for the rest of the federal government, but not the DoD?
    Obama can't control the benefits offered to unions – they negotiate for them.

  99. Bryan Dotter

    Thank you.. that is exactly what I have been trying to say.. we have to choose the lesser of the 2 evils and in my opinion we got that

  100. Charles Conway

    Y'know, Joe, you are a dumbass… read the WHOLE post Daniel made… he's SUPPORTING vets and you just trolled him right upside the head. I agree with HIM, Obama does need to go. He's doing a spectacularly poor job of supporting the people he should while doing an outstanding job of screwing just about everyone.

  101. Adam Kiser

    What a joke. I'm an active duty JR. NCO (i.e. not a colonel) and if I am made to pay for my family medical, I better get one hell of a pay raise to pay for this crap, and not just this crazy.3% BS that has to be fought for tooth and nail. Countless troops can barely make ends meet as it is. Living paycheck to paycheck, on food stamps, meanwhile these idiots in charge of our nation sit all comfy at their homes, driving their fancy cars with not a care in the world. We have thousands of our troops serving our nation and now they want us to pay for the medical? Who ever agrees to this needs to be sent over and spend some time with those deployed troops. Put these people on the front lines without protection, just the equipment we are issued. Let them live our life and see what happens. I agree with Bryan, whoever wants to run our nation in whatever office, they need to have some kind of military background. Don't have it? Then they don't get to run this country.

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