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Amir Khan vs Marco Antonio Barrera (fight video)


Seven time world champion Marco Antonio Barrera faced Amir Khan in Manchester Saturday for the WBA International lightweight title.

Amir Khan won in the fifth round in a technical decision after Marco Antonio Barrera suffered a severe cut early in their bout.

Khan dominated the fight, out-boxing 35 year old Barrera and inflicting the cut in the first round. By the fourth round, the referee asked for medical advice on the cut, which by this stage was constantly bleeding. By the fifth, the cut was too much and the match stopped.

The victory was Khan’s biggest win to date, and netted him the World Boxing Association (WBA) International and World Boxing Organization (WBO) Inter-Continental lightweight titles.

Here’s the Amir Khan vs Marco Antonio Barrera (fight video):

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9 Responses to “Amir Khan vs Marco Antonio Barrera (fight video)”

  1. Viz

    Khan is a complete different class boxer. Almost as slick as Mayweather. Now, we are talking

  2. butty

    this suks the damn video doesn;t load up what the fk do u lot think ur doing get a grip!!

  3. johny

    i will admit khan put up a good show but did not prove he is back to his best! in my opion he needed to knock berrera out but could not manage to do so!
    The cut on berrera's head was not caused by khan's fist's but by the clash of the head's and i beleive if berrera did not suffer that cut he would of seen khan to the tweleve round's
    i think that khan was wrong to say he was back to best if he really wants to prove himself why doesn't he fight prescot again who proved that khan hasn't got the chin for a big punch

  4. Rene

    To prove that he is back in his best form. khan must fight manny pacquiao. barrera is already old to fight.

  5. Kev

    Khan was a lucky boy that head clash done him a huge favour. Barrera lost intrest aswell as his vision. A rematch should be possible

  6. Kev

    Khan is speedy but no power and no chin, Aswell as that Berrera always got better from the 3rd round he would of destroyed Khan if he never suffered that head clash. Barrera would have done alot better if he could see and not in a downer after that cut. . And lol watch this Khan will get to fight more duds after this. Bring on alex arthur straight away.

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