Black Madam Arrested for Illegal Butt Procedures

‘Black Madam’ Arrested At Illegal ‘Butt-Pumping’ Party

Philadelphia Police this week raided the home of Padge Windslowe, better known as the “Black Madam” as she attempted to host an illegal “butt-pumping” party in her Germantown home.

Currently being held on $10 million bail the “Black Madam” is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, deceptive business practices and related charges after attempting to incject silicone into the buttocks of a 23-year-old girl last month.

During their raid police seized various items involved in the procedure including syringes, a silicone based substance and even crazy glue used for closing injection wounds.

Fearing she may be a flee risk Windslowe was also ordered to surrender her passport before her March 13 court appearance.

This isn’t the first time the “Black Madam” has been tied to the illegal procedure after police began investigating her for a similar butt-enhancement procedure on a 20-year-old British student. That student Claudia Aderotimi died after the procedure was performed.

This wasn’t the first time the so-called “Black Madam” was connected to illegal buttocks enhancements.

An exotic dancer in North Philadelphia was also hospitalized after a similar procedure caused her shortness of breath and she began spitting up blood.

Windslowe has not yet been charged in the injection death of Adertomini however police will soon meet with the Philadelphia District Attorney to discuss that case and determine if they have enough evidence to charge her with the young ladies murder.

Do you think police should have more closely monitored the “Black Madam’s” actions after they first became aware of her illegal buttock injections?