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22 States Now Examining Welfare Drug Testing After Following Florida’s Lead

Welfare Drug Testing in 23 States

Drug testing for welfare recipients has been a hotly contested issue over the last several years and now 22 states including Wyoming, Illinois, Maryland and Colorado have joined Florida is furthering examining the possibility of a drug testing program.

If passed the new laws would required that welfare applicants first provide a clean drug test in order to receive food stamps, welfare and any other forms of government aid such as housing assistance available on a state-by-state basis.

According to USA Today ohio and Tennessee are even considering restricting or eliminating eligibility for those convicted of drug felonies.

For anyone receiving housing assistance another law would require that they go through substance abuse training.

Yet another proposal would mandate substance abuse training for anyone receiving housing assistance.

In explaining why states are beginning to examine such a heated topic one Colorado legislator notes:

“If you have enough money to be able to buy drugs, then you don’t need the public assistance.”

In the meantime the Florida law has only caught a handful of offenders and has drawn a legal challenge from the ACLU who says the requirement unfairly stigmatizes welfare recipients.

In the meantime the states currently examining welfare laws regarding drug testing have not come up with a general consensus over the law and which rules they will actually choose to implement if any at all.

As someone who has had to take drug tests to receive a job and ultimately money from an actual employer in the past I don’t see what the difference is between welfare drug testing and a paying job’s requirement for testing before employement.

Do you think federal and state organizations should be able to require drug testing?

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328 Responses to “22 States Now Examining Welfare Drug Testing After Following Florida’s Lead”

  1. Ronda J King

    Hell yes I do! If their receiving money from the state, their being supported by the state and like any employee of the state drug testing should be mandatory!

  2. Carol Santos

    Sorry peeps. it is actually an invasion of privacy, although I do understand the concern of our law-abiding citizens. Somehow it reminds me of Big Brother. D rug testing for government recipients now, and tomorrow they will be insisting on something invading your privacy tomorrow. There are better ways to check eligibility.

  3. Ryan Carranza

    Are you okay with employee's of Wal Mart being drug tested before they are hired?

  4. Kate Bennett Childers

    Government workers are drug tested for work why is this different? It is not an invasion of privacy. Why should I pay for someone's illegal habit? they have enough money for drugs they can pay for their own food!

  5. Shelley L. Tillett

    I am okay with everyone getting drug tested. If someone wants to sit on their butt at home and not work for a living even if there is nothing stopping them from working then yes….they should be tested.

  6. Virginia Flowers

    You know I'm a super liberal, but I'm kind of okay with this. I worry about the kids it might affect though. I definitely wouldn't want WIC or EBT affected. If they don't have kids, I wouldn't have a problem taking the EBT or welfare.

  7. Kate Bennett Childers

    Virginia Flowers yeah, seriously I was drug tested when I worked for the State of Ohio. i don't see how this is different. If my test came up positive i wouldn't have gotten my job.

  8. Jeff Fayle

    Sorry – invasion of privacy as well as an offensive insinuation that because someone is down on their luck they are more likely be a substance abuser. The politicians are all recieving money from the state – make them piss in a cup for their pay! In Florida they discovered that they were only getting a 2% positive results. The testing was costing more taxpayer money than any savings through disqualification. So it makes no sense either ethically or economically.

  9. Rebecca Lilly Reese

    In order to receive money WITHOUT working for it, YES! To get a job a lot of us have to take one, and be willing to take one if asked to again. If you have enough money to be able to buy drugs, then you don’t need public assistance.

  10. Sharon Gnizak

    Sorry Carol but I too agree with the other three commenters, if you're able to collect state benefits and not work, then you should be able to comply with a drug test.

  11. Andrea Leanore McCarthy

    Most drugs are out of your system within 3-5 days. Would this require weekly testing? And if so, is the state going to pay for this testing? I realize the purpose behind it, but when most drugs metabolize so quickly isn't that just defeating the reason for testing.

  12. DeDe Stoner

    I completely agree with this…if you have to go through drug testing to get a job, why shouldn't people getting public assistance have to do the same? Aren't my privacy rights being violated if I have to submit to drug testing, fingerprinting, background checks & credit report checks in order to get a job?

  13. DeDe Stoner

    Just another issue in itself, people like that shouldn't even have custody of kids, pretty sure the parents not getting public assistance is the least of their issues.

  14. Patricia Harkness

    It is not their money; they did not work for it; why the heck should be given it when others that DO work have to be drug tested…their rights!? Please! As far as I am concerned, if they want rights, go get a job.

  15. Ryan Carranza

    If a person is gladly taking our money to support a drug habit… I don't want to support that

  16. Kate Bennett Childers

    I order to get a job with the state i had a drug test. Why when someone is getting money FOR NOT WORKING is it an invasion of privacy??? as for the 2% that is 2% Florida isn't giving out.

  17. Kim Taylor

    Totally test them! Did anyone ever thing the reason they have trouble keeping a job or paying rent or buying food is BECAUSE THEY USE DRUGS! Helllooooo?

  18. Jane Devin

    Another monumental waste of government money. Drug tests average $120. The average food stamp payment for a single person is $80 — and that doesn't include the already hefty costs of administration. Instead of creating yet another expensive obstacle, why don't we invest the same money in programs that truly help people get off of assistance?

  19. Patricia Lombardo Iannuzzo

    I agree, drug testing should be mandatory. If those of us who actually work need to be tetsted in order to keep our jobs, those we're supporting with our taxes should as well.

  20. Andrea Leanore McCarthy

    Ryan Carranza: Cocaine, Codeine, Barbituates, Amphetamines, Methadone, Euphorics such as MDMA and Psilocybin, LSD, Methadone, Heroin and most Opiates, and PCP to name a few. The drugs that remain in your system for longer are fat soluble such as Marijuana and Steroids. The 3-5 days is a generalization and it does depend on the person's metabolism and body fat percentage. I am personally more concerned with people using state funding for crack or heroin.

  21. Keith Langley

    It's brilliant! To apply for aid, you must first be tested, at your own expense. Then, if you test negative, you can apply for a refund of the cost of the test. Soif you can't afford to pay for the test, you can't apply for welfare, and if you CAN afford to pay for the test, you probably don't qualify for welfare. Poof! "Welfare rolls shrink dramatically; politicians credit new drug testing law."

  22. Sherry Morrow-Clark

    I fully agree with it. I'm in NJ and I see people on welfare driving around in brand new cars. If they are on welfare how are they affording all the stuff they have? I think that they should be tested. If they are on prescription drugs they should inform them of that.

  23. Ryan Carranza

    Andrea Leanore McCarthy Interesting… Thanks for the info and good points.

  24. Keith Langley

    In florida, only 3 % of applicants tested positive for anything; taxpayers had to pay the refunds for the other 97%, at $35 to $75 per test.

  25. Patricia Harkness

    Andrea Leanore McCarthy then radomly test them when they least expect it. If someone is taking the drugs you list above; they are not going to be giving them up that easiy. They will get caught, and I hope they take every dime back plus some for defrauding the system.

  26. Jeff Fayle

    What a narrow-minded point of view. In case you haven't noticed, we are in the middle of a great recession with a very high unemployment rate. This means that there are MILLIONS of people who CAN'T FIND JOBS!!!! NOT THEIR FAULT!!! Furthermore – while working, you are paying into an unemployment account, so UEC does NOT come out of the taxpayers pockets. As far as the 2% in FL – the testing program is costing far more taxpayer money than the savings netted with only a 2% positive test rate. The policy is just plain crazy on every level. And yes – in the USA that I served to protect, even the unfortunate have rights!!!!!!

  27. Ronda J King

    Well maybe they should order the tests through wal mart then, cuz you can drug test your child for 20 bucks!!!! If i was on welfare, id gladly submit to a drug test!

  28. Dona Watson

    I think its great more states are going to jump on the band wagon and start testing welfare recipients. I don't know where the ACLU comes off stating that it stigmatizes recipiants of welfare. It's no different than those of us who get tested for our employment. I work in an idustry where our company radomly picks 10% of employees for drug testing monthly. Should be considered in everything today. Maybe it would eliminate more drug use.

  29. Terri Alvarez-Elliott

    So if they test positive for drugs, I imagine Marijuana is included, they lose their food stamps and medical? So the children suffer for the sins of their parent or parents. Hmmm……..are they going to test for alcohol too?

  30. Ellen Oakley

    This will only effect the cash benefits they get. They will still be eligible for food stamps and medicaid. And you all act like its a huge amount of money. The Typical cash benefit is less than 485 a month while welfare only pays 309 for rent for the single adult. So tell me about all the fun these people have and how fat they are getting off the govt. I believe in testing too but it isn't going to save anything, in fact they have to be given the chance to go to a state paid rehab sooooooooo then what?

  31. Bryan Rohrer

    I Am on disability for Multiple Sclerosis. I feel that if someone is convicted of drug possession, selling, or anything else then yea, test. The third positive test, take it away. I also feel that if the recipient is convicted of intoxication, the same applies. I do not feel it would be constitutional to effect those that have never been convicted of a crime or of drug possession to require testing.

  32. Ryan Carranza

    I do not care if it is a dollar… If that money goes towards supporting a drug habit, I want nothing to do with it. If it goes towards a rehab center for that person who is receiving government money, then not a problem.

  33. Theresa Massey

    Yes, we have to submit to drug test to get or keep a job, And most on welfare will not look or apply to job's because they can't pass a drug test.

  34. Andrea Leanore McCarthy

    Patricia Harkness: That still does not address the issue of testing when initially applying for benefits. Also, who is going to run the organizing and testing of recipiants within a 24 hour window? That is a huge undertaking that will require a large amount of funding. It takes Washington state 2-3 weeks to even notify you if you qualify for benefits. As Keith Langley already pointed out, Florida is losing money with the current testing program.

  35. Andrea Leanore McCarthy

    Also no one has addressed the use of benefits for the purchase of the legal drug alcohol. Are participates going to be required to just remain sober? And how about using your funds for gambling?

  36. Tracy Hollan

    Kate Bennett Childers alot of ppl that do get food stamps do work and receive benefits….i think they should b tested cause i agree with u on that but some ppl do work and try to take care of there families and and thats sometimes not enough…u make it sound like all ppl on wal fare are this way when its just a majority u dont knw the ppl that receive help not all r on drugs u shouldnt judge ppl until u r in there shoes

  37. Patricia Harkness

    and how well do those drug-addicted or alcoholic parents care for their kids anyway. If they really loved them; they would do whatever it took to clean up their act.

  38. Ashley L Gunn

    There show be testing done because the ppl that work shouldnt have to pay for some scome bags drug habbit. And we mightstart seeing our counrty save a little money

  39. Keith Langley

    The legislators passing this law are employees of the state; they haven't agreed to pee in a cup, despite the fact that they could do a lot of damage by Legislating While Intoxicated. Since the Florida experience shows only 3% of applicants were drug users (lower than the national average, cause y'know, drugs cost money), it's reasonable to assume around 3% of legislators are also tripping, tweaking or stoned. Maybe more, judging by their performance. The only real reason to pass this is to make applying for aid more expensive, inconvenient and humiliating at a time when millions of formerly middle class people are finding themselves in need for the first time. Oh, and to make money for the testing companies, which spent over 1/2 million in Florida to lobby for this law!

  40. Christine Hansford

    Kate Bennett Childers only it costs more than that 2% to test. it's also wrong to test employees in my opinion. i requested an employer submit to one during and interview once. lol. drug testing for any reason is wrong.

  41. Patricia Harkness

    Jeff Fayle, the unfortunates have no rights if they are using drugs! How can you compare someone who is on welfare with someone who is working, paying taxes, and generally supporting the economy. That is insane logic!

  42. Dawn Bobrowski Miller

    As a paying taxpayer my income tax in some part does go to support those on state assistance. If you have a job most places now test for drugs. It is part and parcel of the package. I think it should be a requirement for help. And if it nets only 2-5% rate then that to me means it is working!

  43. Paula Qualls Gurley

    But it wasn't an invasion of my privacy when I had to do it to get a job? They had no reason to think I was doing drugs! I'm all for politicians taking drug tests as well. Sick of being told that the poor are being picked on because they are poor………..they aren't. We are just making certain that OUR money isn't going up their noses!

  44. Ryan Carranza

    Christine Hansford I had a former co-worker of mine come into work high as a kite on multiple drugs for 2 days straight. He managed to drive away customers… I personally had to drive him home 1 hour into his 6 hour shift because he couldn't stand upright. Drug testing is needed whether you like it or not. If he was drug tested, turned out positive, we wouldn't have had an issue like that. It's embarrassing and bad for business.

  45. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Virginia Flowers I don't have a problem with giving them food or clothes or something they can't easily sell for drug &/or beer money.

  46. Jeff Fayle

    No. Not unless they are going to be operating vehicles commercially on public roads, piloting or otherwise operating commercial or mass transportation or other potentially dangerous pieces of equipment that could threaten public safety. Other than those exceptions, I don't believe any employer has a right to invade my privacy and spy into my personal life. If I perform adequately and do not come to work intoxicated, what I do on my own time is none of their fuc@^ng business. If I am stupid enough to go to work loaded, then fire me!!! I have no problem with that!!!

  47. Linda Chaney

    Big Brother, Carol. Seriously. Time for a reality check. How many WORKING people have been drug tested to get their job. They didn't have to take the test and the employer didn't have to give them their job. Why should it be any different for people on assistance? No test… assistance. It's all busiiness. The people who have abused the system, and you know there are too many to count, have done this to themselves and every other person who truly needs assistance. The few, or the many, have figured out every way possible to screw the system. Drug testing is only ONE way to filter out the abusers. Perhaps when we stop worrying about AFFENDING people, we will start doing what is right/best for all.

  48. Ronda J King

    I dont care how much money it is…. its supporting them like a job would and theyd have to take a drug test at a job.

  49. Tammy Sharp

    It is not drugs that are the problem. It's people who abuse the system who are. I know a couple who have only one child and run their own company off the books. They bring in over 2grand every month from said company but don't claim it. They receive not only food stamps and medical but also receive a welfare check every month. People like this need to be stopped first but they always seem to get away with it. The problem is that if you report some one for abusing the system they end up investigating you and not the person who is wrong.

  50. Donna Williams Patterson

    I work. I am subject to random drug tests. Zero tolerance. If I ever test posiitive I would be fired immediietly, no questions asked. Period. I vehemently feel as though my employer is violating my rights by DEMANFDING I give up MY body fluids, for no apparent reason.

  51. Christine Hansford

    Patricia Harkness oh it isn't? remember that if you ever find yourself on hard times. what do you think social security is? you don't think that's your money? the people who shouldn't receive government help are the one's who have never worked a day in their lives and it has nothing to do with drugs. when people don't contribute to the system than you are right…it isn't their money. drug testing costs a whole lot more the 2% saved. there is always an agenda for these sort of things…it's never for the good of the people.

  52. Ronda J King

    I even think random testing should be implemented! I lived all over the u.s.a ive seen people who were able to work live on welfare cuz they were to lazy from being stoned or high to get a damn job, they wouldn't look for a job cuz they KNEW they wouldn't pass a drug test, while as a single mom back then I worked 2 fulltime jobs to support myself and my son with no help from his father!

  53. Jennet Francisco

    Patricia Harkness, Jeff wasn't comparing someone who was working to someone who is on unemployment or food stamps. He was saying that people on unemployment receive money from the account that THEY paid into while they were employed so they are not receiving tax payer money. Also people collecting unemployment and some other forms of government assistance still pay taxes on that money

  54. Donna Williams Patterson

    not finished… DEMANDING I give up MY body fluids for no apparent reason. No one cares. I guess if I wanted to start smoking pot for medicinal reasons ( and there is tons of research on the benefits.. such as pain management..) then if I tested positive, I could go home, collect public assistance and smoke all I wanted.

  55. Ronda J King

    Because i worked 2 jobs i couldnt even get help with child care BUT if i quit 1 of my jobs we wouldnt have been able to live in a nice house, pay the bills, put food in his stomach!

  56. Ryan Carranza

    Christine Hansford I'm sorry, but since when is testing people for drugs a bad thing? If they have nothing to hide, then they should be clean. If people need help, fine! I'll help! I'll contribute gladly! But I will not help people support a drug habit. One way to finding out a person has a drug problem is if they test positive for drugs to begin with. Why is this so hard to follow? There are plenty of people that need help because they were laid off or failed at business attempt, fine! Lets get them their safety net! But many people abuse the system as well. One way to stop the abuse is to drug test people. That's it, plain and simple.

  57. Cindy Bryan

    Absolutely not. Drug testing costs the tax payers too much money for very few "positive" tests. Plus, it hurts those without any control over what their parent/caretaker does. I would rather ensure a 4 year old child has access to food and shelter than penalize a 24 year old for smoking pot. I also believe – although I know pot smokers who disagree – that many of the people who use drugs are addicted. Addiction is a disease, not simply a person with low morals doing something illegal. If you look at it from this perspective, is it any different from a person with diabetes who continues to eat improperly, refuses to exercise, drinks alcohol and suffers further health issues at the expense of taxpayers?
    And for those who think welfare recipients are just free-loaders, you never know what tomorrow will bring or how your circumstances may change. Some people work for years before they need assistance. Some people need assistance in the beginning of "life on their own" and go on to be productive citizens. Then there are a lot of people who need assistance because even two full time jobs at minimum wage don't provide enough income to live with the necessities of life.
    I was a welfare recipient. I was embarrassed when I had to use food stamps (back when there weren't debit cards) and I received rude and ugly comments from people who had no clue of my situation. I worked two jobs and received assistance. Now, I make $50,000 a year and I don't mind in the least giving back to others who need a little help – even if it IS to a person who uses welfare as a career and not a job. My feeling is that one day, the child of the career welfare person who smoked pot may become a great person who helps change society. I would rather take the chance to help that one child as opposed to risking that that child doesn't reach their potential because they suffered from malnutrition.

  58. Ashleigh Priest

    I competely agree with this law! It is not embrassing to have to drug test for assistance because you drug test for a job. If you are embarassed to take a test then you must have something to hide. Don't be embarassed to ask for assistance because we are all struggling it's not just an elite few. I appreciate what the government is finally doing because there are way too many people taking advantage of the systems

  59. Dierdre Larson

    all they need to do is a hair follicle test at random once or twice a year they work waaaay better and are very hard to beat

  60. Jeff Fayle

    Patricia Harkness There is no insane logic whatever in my statement. When I see someone on welfare or other form of assistance I think "there but for the grace of god go I" and my instinct is to want to help, not denigrate them. They are citizens too. And I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of them were working, tax paying citizens once too. How do you pretend to know what contributions some of these people have made???? How can you presume to know what hardships or calamities caused their current circumstances????? Try compassion – it feels good. You might even like it!!!

  61. Kayla Mitchell

    I definitely agree with it, I had to pass a drug test to get a job, and anytime I get hurt at work, or for just about any reason my employer could think of, I have to pass another one to keep my job, and like the article says, if people have money to waste on drugs, why should they be getting free money for other things? I don't see why anyone would have a reason to complain about this, unless they're an addict.

  62. Peter Choi

    Joselyn Gonzalez Are you FUCKING kidding me? Should be done everywhere? While you might be gladly willing to start surrendering your personal liberties, I for one, sure am not. The fact that people are not only willing, but eager to submit themselves to draconian measures of control is absolutely mind boggling. Learn to start thinking like a person with some intelligence. Jesus H. Christ

  63. Jennet Francisco

    Kim, as this article shows, only 2% of the people tested in Florida came back positive for drug use, that means taxpayer money was wasted testing the other 98% of people who ARE NOT USING DRUGS

  64. Peter Choi

    Let me ask you this…what percentage of welfare recipients do you think use drugs? The answer may surprise you

  65. Andy Pochatko

    Except when Florida did it, only 2% of welfare recipients were found to test positive for it. In the end, it wouldn't be the cost saver that people thought it would because it's based on stereotypes.

  66. Deborah Hoff

    I'm all for drug testing for welfare, but here's the problem, it's not really feasible at this time. I used to drug test teenagers in a mobile therapy program. The state has since changed this policy and only licensed drug/alcohol agencies are allowed to do this now. But those on drugs would do anything they could to pass the test without passing the test. There are some meds you can buy to counter drugs showing up on tests. There are also friends and relatives who will take the test for them. One kid knew I was coming, so he hid his friend's urine in the bathroom. Sometimes friends and family will hide in there. Some tests come with thermometers on the outside of them, but some will put the test cup on a heater. This also puts a lot of added responsibility on already taxed welfare case workers. They laid off many in my county about five years ago The state will then have to budget for the cost of the tests and pay for the drug programs through welfare insurance. And given limited personel, that welfare caseworker who obtains a dirty test will then have to confront the drug user who failed and unlike me, they have no parents to back them up. County assistance offices here have no security guards. I don't know. It's a great idea. But it will also take a lot of money and training to implement properly. And just llike credit card fees, those who do drugs will always find new ways to trip you up. No pun intended. Personally, I was laid off and had to use the welfare system. I am working again as a therapist, but I wouldn't of minded being tested as I never did drugs. However, I noticed that some here who are critical of those who have had to use welfare and do not understand that the average face of the welfare recipient has changed since the economic crisis. I came from an upper class family and have a master's degree. But the critical on here are business owners or women who have a working spouse. But God is compassionate to misunderstanding and will likely give those individuals a chance to learn empathy for others by experiencing a similar situation of poverty. And let me tell you. It will be like hitting a wall.
    As to empathy for drug users. Yes, it's hard to do. However they didn't wake up one day and say, I want to be a Meth mamma, lose my front teeth and age twenty years in three. No, most started out taking pain killers from their own doctors due to a legitamate injury. This then lead to a craving for them which lead them to street drugs. It's a sad thing, but ignorance and intolerance by others is even sadder. God works in mysterious ways. May he work his ways on you, even if it's not what you want. It sounds to me, for many on here. It's what you need.

  67. Dierdre Larson

    not so bad I've done it before and would probably save money since you don't have to do very often + not as many hanging questions. people that acually need help and should get help are left hanging for a bunch of low life people that do drugs wont work and keep cranking out kids sorry. They need to stop covering additional children too. They give out birth control for a reason

  68. Peter Choi

    Do any of you idiots that are actually advocating the violation of civil liberties even realize that the vast majority of the drugs are out of your system within 24-48 hours…pot being the exception? Drug testing welfare recipients because you think it's "fair" (what a fucking joke) would be prohibitively more costly than the savings that you would get by denying benefits to those that tested positive…the equivalence of cutting off your nose because you don't like the zit on the end of it. But hey, as long as you think it's "fair" right? We have become a country where our society has abandoned all forms of logic.

  69. Andrea Leanore McCarthy

    Dierdre Larson: Amen!! I would rather see a law that requires people receiving benefits to get on depo or an iud. That would greatly improve the system and strain on the system.

  70. Dierdre Larson

    Me and my husband struggle to keep our daughter happy and taken care of and us fed with out any help we have never been on any govt assistance, and the govt birth control thing was about the mandate saying cathloc charities would be forced to provide B/C, abortions, and sterilizations it wasn't about the thing as a whole, part of the deal was about the catholic charitiy med orginizations, and no they shouldn't force anything, how ever it is provided through many programs including the health department and they don;t have to keep giving people welfare that can't keep their vaginas under control. If you're gonna gave kids PAY FOR THEM YOU LAZY F&^%$

  71. Billie Lestergtfr

    Knowing that not all people who receive welfare benefits are young, healthy individuals, makes this a tough issue. I know of elderly people in their 70's and 80's who receive food benefits. How degrading to ask an 80 something year old grandmother to try to pee in a tiny cup when it's difficult for them to just make it to the bathroom at all. Will there be exclusions?
    Also, as far as the issue of "my employer makes me take a drug test…", well, that's just a bit different because of the fact that drug testing is done to provide safety both to you and the other people who work with you. It isn't because they don't want to pay a druggie.
    Then, there is also the fact that not everyone who receives benefits are unemployed. SNAP benefits are supplemental food benefits to help working families. Is it fair to test these people too? Maybe a better way to stop welfare fraud and abuse of the system, would be to offer incentives to people who report abuse? Way too many people know how to pass a pee test. Just because they are addicts doesn't mean they are dumb. I think we need to be looking for a better solution.

  72. Heidi Warkentin Bosley

    Patricia Harkness If they have EVER paid in taxes, then it is their money – that is what it is there for. Also, if we are going to implement this law – every lawmaker should have to follow it as well.

  73. John Cates

    Kate Bennett Childers :no one should be forced to have a drug test. If they are using any illegal drug it will show up in their performance then test them. I have had to do this too many times and have been forced to pay for it myself. It was always negative. Isn't this like being forced to by the GOV to buy health insurance which plenty of people hate. but then go to head trauma unit and see all the folks who were riding motorcycles without a helmet or insurance yet they have to get medical tx. which raises the rates we all pay. Same thing!

  74. Christine Hansford

    Ryan Carranza i don't need your help. if i have paid my taxes! i've paid for my own help! has anyone taken government around here? drug testing is bad because it's you not minding your own business. it's you minding mine. welfare isn't supposed to support the poor! it's supposed to help those who fall on hard times and we pay it ourselves…along with unemployment and social security. so if you have a problem with paying for other people than we should stop paying for people who have never worked a day in their lives. seeing that everyone has some sort of chemical imbalance as it is and half the country is on some sort of drug the finger pointing is absurd. if you think prescription drugs are ok because the government said so, you have been brain washed too. this is seriously an issue of under education and way too much opinion not supported by facts. you do the math. the math doesn't lie. you will spend a whole lot more on the testing!!! not to mention sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. we are so good at that.

  75. Ryan Carranza

    Christine Hansford … I do not take prescription medication. I am not offering to help you, never once did I mention I was doing anything for you. I know the welfare is supposed to help the those who fall on hard times, I do not support those just sit on it and rely on it. But taking drugs, like heroin or cocain, that were bought by money they did not earn is not something I support by any means. Why is that so hard to understand? Sticking my nose where it doesn't belong? Business owners drug test their employees all the time because they don't want an employee who shows up to work high as a kite. It's their business to know if their employees are getting high in the bathrooms of their place of work. Apply this logic to people who are on welfare and need help… What's the problem with drug testing them? I do not want to support an addict, I would rather put my hard earned money in a program that puts them through a rehab program. They want money that they didn't earn? It becomes our business… Whether you like it or not.

  76. Kathy Laird Borsa

    My husband works for our city. He has random drug testing all the time. How can you say that's an invasion of privacy????????????? These people are getting money and food from the taxpayers money. I say if my husband, who has never done drugs in his entire life and has worked dogggone hard his whole life has to take drug tests why shouldn't welfare participents!!

  77. Kathy Laird Borsa

    And besides, if they aren't doing drugs, then they shouldn't have a problem, right??????

  78. Monica Laslie Watson

    What about those who are drunks???? How are they going to test for that… of that just as bad if not worse then drugs….in a lot of cases they come hand in hand…..

  79. Leigh Blauvelt

    many years ago I was thankful I could ask for help. I never did drugs and would have gladly submitted. Recently I worked for a State Agency who helped people on food stamps- they were told either came and participating in job skills classes or lose their food stamps. THEY ATTENDED 90%. You do what you need to do to support your family and self. I like the concept as long as there is a plan in place for anyone who tests positive i.e. treatment and care for their children because if they don't get their benefits they may AND I SAID MAY resort to measures to feed their habits and neglecting their children may occur. I have to submit to a UA at anytime. just a big fact of life for most. I have never agreed to this before.

  80. Christine Hansford

    Ryan Carranza what i said was…you aren't ever helping anyone when the system is working the way it is supposed to. when i pay my taxes, i have paid for my own hard times! welfare isn't even supposed to go to people who have never worked. that's just stupid. drug testing is unconstitutional. you should believe in the constitution since you live here. if you own a business i sure hope you believe in capitalism. this is how we slowly loose our rights. we relinquishing them one by one under the guise of benefiting ourselves. this will never benefit us. it's simple to calculate. giving up rights will never equal in gain. we are stupid and we don't listen. we only see what we want t and hear what we want , and it's hardly ever the truth. for your information, most people on public assistance are not on drugs. it has nothing to do with having anything to hide. we have a right to work. if you do your job, it shouldn't matter if you're high. that's the simple of it. it's not ok to drug test anyone. oh yes, and i never said you were on prescription medication. i was making a point which i obviously failed at doing. what someone does at home is no ones business under the constitution. only most people believe everything someone else does is their business. as a business owner, employee's only need to do their job. by the way, there's always a way around a drug test…just so you know. it won't stop a thing. i know many police officers who have drug habits, business owners, and regular joe's. it doesn't matter what the law is. prohibition didn't work either.

  81. Ryan Carranza

    Good point, but just because one drug can't be tested for, doesn't mean the others should be excluded either.

  82. Kevin Morrow

    Well in some peoples warped minds, it does violate their rights. Your privacy rights are not being violated because you do not have to agree to your employers' tests – you can "choose" to not work there. But I hear over the welfare office you can get a check without the "check"!

  83. DeDe Stoner

    You can choose to not get a check too, don't want to test, don't apply for assistance. I don't want to be tested, don't apply for the job. Same diff=)

  84. Laurie Goulet

    I definitely believe in it! They should also go after the ones who say their disable and really they are not and give it to the right people who really need it, to many mooches and freeloaders on our government programs.I would like to know I will have Social security to draw off of when I am of age.By testing theses mooches and freeloaders for welfare, housing and S.S.D. will somewhat settle my mind that I am actually going to collect the money I put into the government for my retirement.As for invasion of privacy PLZ! I got drug tested for employment to my now job so I can have money to live off of, Why can't they get drug tested for my money too that they are living off of, you want to cry unfair I say your right it's UNFAIR BUT to us PPL who get out here and actually work to support our selves.

  85. Jenn Pester M

    Super late too. Shouldve been in place on day 1!!!

  86. Sandy Valencour

    Absolutely NOT. Until the laws apply to all in politics, they can go blow smoke. This is horrible to do this to innocent people that have fallen on hard times. If you ask me, any politician that even drinks more than one drink should be ousted out of office and we should test them constantly…..see how they like it! Just politicians! I am getting so sick of idiots picking on the poor and helpless as they think these people don't vote. Well, I have been down, didn't take any money from anyone, earned low wages, lost my house and supported 2 kids and it is lonely at the bottom. I DO VOTE and haven't missed a year in over 40 years. Give me a break, as a piddley amount of welfare given out, they can't buy drugs with it! So don't flatter yourselves by thinking you know what these people suffer. God, idiots in office and should be fired!

  87. Laurie Goulet

    It is not being put out there to offend or invade anyones privacys,its to ensure the resources they are given is being spent right.I had to get drug tested for my Job to make my money so how is it invasion of privacy or offensive if everyday someone gets hired they have to be drug tested and criminal background check and credit checked b4 getting a job,how is that fair to us ppl who earn our money have to go through that BUT the ones who sit on their asses and do nothing get money without being drug tested.They better watch out cause if they had to go through what we go through to get a job then they will be criminal background checked and credit checked and then they will have something to bitch about.

  88. Sandy Valencour

    For you people sitting in your comfortable homes, just where the h@ll are these people suppose to get a job? You people take the cake. Easy to sit and judge as if you were better than the others. Thousands of people getting help have lost jobs, their homes and only have welfare and food stamps to feed their children. They would work if there were JOBS! God, what @holes.

  89. Ryan Carranza

    Sorry, but not everyone on welfare just fell on hard times… Some people choose to be there as well.

  90. Laurie Goulet

    I agree and IF they had to go through what we had to go through to get a job they would be crying!They need to keep their mouth shut do the drug testing before we start yelling OK lets start criminally background checking them and credit checking them like we have to go through the working class to get our money.

  91. Sydel Dalmasso

    I agree maybe if you test them it MIGHT help stop the people that do drugs. But 98% of your money is gonna be wasted !!!!! Maybe do a lottery and pick 5% to be tested every month . But I know lots of people that get help and have NEVER NEVER done ANY DRUGS ever in their life!!!!!

  92. Laurie Goulet

    Ryan Carranza thats ok I agree with you too THEY CHOOSE IT

  93. Jaime Slim Goody Johnson

    Right! Besides the fact that I am now having to ask the government for help, applying for Foodstamps answering invasive ass questions, taking severe hits to what dignity I have left. Now I am pissing in a cup like I did something wrong by being laid off from my job. I have never known any job I've had to piss for preceding with all the above. That stupid ass argument "i test for my job, so they should test for their welfare is stupid" You don't have to go through all that dignity stealing before you piss for your job do you. And what if you are taking a medication that shows up on the test? Are you to be penalized for that to? I don't agree. I need for some people to go through the experience of applying for Governmental Assistance before they open their mouths to speak. Otherwise you sound like Out of touch ass republicans.

  94. Kate Bennett Childers

    Paula Qualls Gurley they had to change how they did food stamps because people were trading them for beer and other stuff (drugs). It still goes on but it is harder.

  95. Paulette Mcclain

    if a person has to pass a drug test to work for his/her money I say they should pass one to get free money from the government. it is no more an infringement of their right as it is for workers.

  96. Eva Scheck

    A govt check is a govt check… so does that mean people who get social security, unemployment, workers comp and disability, medicade, medicare, wic and food stamps should al be tested for drugs? I'm sure there are drug problems in all these types of checks. If anything it should be mandatory to be in rehab in order to continue getting a check. Cutting checks give rise to poverty, crime and children who suffer. How about rebuilding the broken and teaching new patterns. Spend money on rehab for people who want to get better. Waste more money on expensive tests doesn't solve the problem. Rehab isn't free and when people recover they really do want to go to school or work or be good parents or be productive in society? Think about it if it was your family or friend?

  97. Heidi Warkentin Bosley

    Christine Hansford Yes. Drug testing was shown to be a big failure in Florida. They spent a whole lot on testing and less than 2% of welfare recipients were found to be using drugs.

  98. Megan Jennings

    There are many errors in the system. Asking them to piss in a cup is NOT invasion of privacy because they don't HAVE to be on government assistance. I don't want someone using state assistance to fuel their drug habits when it could be going to people who could actually use it.

  99. Heidi Warkentin Bosley

    Kate Bennett Childers Uummm……….they thought the drug testing would SAVE the state money, because, they wrongly assumed that most welfare recipients used drugs. It is cheaper to pay that 2% than to have to pay to drug test 98% that AREN'T using drugs.

  100. Peter Choi

    Patricia Harkness so you are saying that the only ones who have rights are the ones with jobs? You really need to get a fucking clue.

  101. Peter Choi

    Kate Bennett Childers So spending almost $1M to administer those drug tests to save the state just under $300K was a good move, because YOU feel it's right…wow…you are completely retarded.

  102. Peter Choi

    The word you're looking for is THEY'RE…not their. If you're going to state an opinion, and a really stupid one at that, at least do it so that it is grammatically correct, so that you do not give the impression of being mentally retarded.

  103. Peter Choi

    People like you want to drug test the welfare recipients who hardly receive any money, but not one mention for drug testing the politicians and corporate executives who are by far and away the biggest recipients of welfare. You hate the poor so much, that you will begrudge them the few hundred dollars they receive in order to buy food, keep the lights on, feed their kids, but not one fucking mention of the trillions of dollars that are given to these executives through corporate welfare.You are very stupid.

  104. Peter Choi

    Jeff Fayle…don't even bother. The conservative mindset has no basis in reality. A lot of these people who support the measure are incapable of grasping the big picture. Hell, they probably only have a vague notion of what the Constitution is…they're just selfishly wrapped up in their own little bubble and take issue with this because goddamn it if someone else gets something that they don't get.

  105. Steve Wilson

    Is this a serious statement? "I don’t see what the difference is between welfare drug testing and a paying job’s requirement for testing before employement." If so, the author really needs to get a clue. If you apply for a job, it's a pretty safe bet you WANT the job. Not many people want to demean themselves and accept welfare. To say nothing of the fact that the whole "if they can afford drugs, they don't need public assistance" argument flies in the face of everything science KNOWS about substance abuse. Jeff is right. Make politicians take drug tests. They DID ask for their jobs and there's a LOT more money on the line.

  106. Janine Giroux

    Laurie Goulet No nobody choses such a lifestyle. When these people, such as myself were little, I'm sure they didn't think"

  107. Janine Giroux

    Laurie Goulet Yeah, like I'm sure when these people were little they thought,'' When I grow up, I'm gonna live on welfare checks!''. It's easy to talk trash and look down on some one whom you know nothing about when thier down and can't fight back.

  108. Steve Wilson

    Kurt Robinson Good point. Unconstitutional, bad economic idea, morally and medically indefensible – how many reasons do they need to stop this?

  109. Janine Giroux

    I don't believe the new law will help people get back to work. There must first be work availible to get hired for. A lot of welfare recipients do have a job or two and still don't make enough money to support their family. It's messed up how many people assume people on welfare are lazy or on drugs.

  110. Tom Matthews

    how is that stupid? if you spent more time being more proactive to showing why they shouldnt be tested, rather than nitpicking others grammar, you may actually notice that drug testing welfare recipients is not an issue with most. Those who are actually down on their luck will not have a problem with it, the ones who are on it just because they do not want to stop smoking pot or doing other drugs to be able to support themselves and their families are the only ones who will really have an issue with this. And lastly when did it become your job to decide who gets the "mentally retarded" title based on grammar?

  111. Kingmet Hunter-Emerald

    Yet lawmakers are exempt from taking this test, even though they also take money from the state.

  112. Tom Matthews

    that study was florida, only one of the states in this great nation, other areas are not so lucky to have such a low percentage, and if the recipients of welfare and food stamps would spend more of their energy and money doing what they need to do, not what makes them feel good, they would find that they can make it on their own

  113. Tom Matthews

    Ronda J King- i agree, if i have to be tested to earn that money, they should have to do the same to not earn that money, i mean i bust my ass at work 40+ hours a week to barely make it by, and there are people out there who sit at home on they're ass not doing anything, who get a check every month, so 1 dollar or 100 dollars, i dont care it should be mandatory, and the messed up part about it all, me and my wife struggle to make it check by check, and we are told by various assistance programs that we make to much money to get help, and how much more do we make to NOT get assistance you may ask? less than 100 dollars more than they're maximum set. How fucked is that? that extra 100 we make will not cover all the expenses that we have per month over what they say we should have….

  114. Michelle Wright Haas

    Thank you, Cindy, well said. I stated some time ago also, why punish and not feed the children because of the addictions of the parents.

  115. Peter Choi

    Tom Matthews It's pretty simple…look at it from an economic standpoint. The costs associated with administering such a program are vastly greater than the savings that are realized in not paying out welfare benefits. Why spend $100 to keep someone from getting $15? And who ultimately ends up bearing the cost of drug tests that are passed? Yeah…the taxpayers. So, instead of just paying out the benefits and making slight modifications to prevent abuse and fraud, you support a draconian measure that creates a slippery slope towards the slow eradication of civil liberties? Are you really willing to pay a $20 tax to prevent something from occurring that might have been a $5? Obviously I'm simplifying the numbers in order to make it easier to grasp. And for what…the principle? Please…that's the most retarded argument ever.

    Second, look at EVERY SINGLE PERSON who supports this idea…is there even a single mention of demanding the politicians be drug tested? They are on the taxpayers dime. And they do about as much as even the laziest of the welfare recipients. How about the bankers and corporate executives who are beneficiaries of corporate welfare sanctioned by these same politicians? You see any of the dirtbags that support drug testing for welfare even mention this? Nope…not a one. You begrudge these people the welfare benefits to put food on the table, keep the lights on, and whatever meager possessions they have to support their miserable lifestyle, but never call for the motherfuckers who blew up the economy and profited tens of millions of dollars. You know who calls for those fucks to be drug tested? The ones that are AGAINST the drug testing. We understand the bigger picture. We don't allow hatred of what they perceive as the poor and unfortunate to shape our views.

    Thirdly, what percentage of the welfare recipients do you think do drugs? Judging by Florida as the case study…2%. Is it REALLY worth the cost of drug testing and the surrendering of a civil liberty to prevent 2% to receive a check? You don't need to be an astrophysicist to understand that from an economic standpoint just how stupid this is, but apparently a lot of people do not possess the intelligence or logic to grasp the concept.

    Before you get the idea that I am some bleeding heart…please. Let me stop you right there. I am a total hardass. But I am highly intelligent, unlike the vast majority of the absolute fucking morons who support this measure. No wonder we're so fucked. The retards have been outbreeding everyone.

  116. Peter Choi

    Tom Matthews no…it wasn't a study. The policy was actually IMPLEMENTED. Please, if you choose to cite evidence, please make it factual, instead of spinning it to suit your purpose. As for your assertion that welfare recipients that don't do drugs don't have a problem with drug testing, do you really think they don't have a problem with it, or is it that they have no choice?

  117. Valerie Hender Kenagy

    Patricia Harkness Easier said than done. Welfare recipients are often not hired by employers due to lack of education, training, and/or experience. Just because their receiving help from the government doesn't mean they have it made. Limited monthly income makes it where they often have to choose choose between decent housing or food, education or child care. Most don't own a car, making getting to and from a job near impossible. Public transportation also costs money and has its limits. As with other groups with attached labels (stigmas), Welfare recipients are considered by many as unemployable drug-users who are out to rip you off. Social inequality applies to these recipients in all areas of their lives, so telling them to just go out and get a job makes no sense at all .

  118. Valerie Hender Kenagy

    Kate Bennett Childers Key Phrase, "FOR NOT WORKING" is mostly caused by social stigma/sticky labels. Please see my comment to Patricia Harkness to get a clue.

  119. Valerie Hender Kenagy

    Instead of wasting money on mandatory drug testing, let's instead put it towards improving the lives of those on Welfare (as more of a preventative measure) by offering more education and training, improved living conditions (read a few books about how life is in the "Ghettos,") and safer neighborhoods, just to name a few.

  120. Peter Choi

    Yes…you are right. They should drug test everyone. They should also put cameras into everyone's home to make sure you aren't breaking the law and engaging in subversive behavior. While we're at it, we should all be microchipped so that they can track us at all times. While YOU might be okay with surrendering your civil liberties, those of us with the capacity to think aren't okay with it.

  121. Peter Choi

    Ryan Carranza either you completely suck at math, or you understand cost/benefit analysis but don't give a shit about it because that's how you "feel". Either way, it doesn't exactly showcase your "intelligence".

  122. Valerie Hender Kenagy

    Social stigma towards those on Welfare is that they don't want to work to suport themselves, NOT true! Given the opportunity, (most) Welfare recipients would jump at the chance to be able to support themselves. Unfortunately, employment doesn't come easy for those who are un-or-under-educated, lacking in job skills or training, or who don't have basic necessities – like plumbing that works – to meet employers' expectations.

  123. Grace Lee

    "If you have enough money to be able to buy drugs, then you don’t need the public assistance." hmm… how about, "If you have enough money to be able to compensate your execs millions, then you don’t need the public assistance."

  124. Megan Jennings

    With how much feces they let out their mouth, shouldn't be to hard.

  125. Kingmet Hunter-Emerald

    This law also unfairly harms against poor people because they need to pay for the test and need to wait for the results before they can get the money. The majority of drug users are actually middle class blue and white collar workers.

  126. Elaine Sibley

    Not to mention that word,mental retardation is not even used (shows your ignorance). It is now a cognitive disability…Talk about stigmatizing people..These are the people that need money, not people that are actively using drugs and collecting a check every month. People that are truly in need of support and not taking their money to pay for drugs or alcohol. They are using it to live….Shame on people that target others about grammar and don't understand the bigger picture…That, being this country is in a huge financial mess and people that are truly helpless in a situation will get benefits cut and drug addicts will still be getting help…I for one don't think that having drug screening is a bad thing. I think the agency I work for should make it mandatory too…We are responsible for people with "cognitive disabilities" lives, truck drivers, government employees, pilots etc all have to pass drug screens..why not people on government assistance/ disability/housing/food stamps…Look at the article about mothers selling their baby formula that they get for their children…Sorry it doesn't stigmatize poor people.. people abusing the system have shown that all by themselves…

  127. Ronda J King

    Tom Matthews Thanks, forgive my spelling mistake, i didn't realize we were also taking a spelling test. Only a douche bag (Peter) would call someone else mentally retarded… but I do have a child who is mildly mentally retarded you moron!

  128. Ronda J King

    No excuse! I had to move 1500 miles from my family to find a job!!! I have excellent qualifications and work history and once in texas had a job within 3 months. I been there I've been through hard times, I also took every and any low paying or good paying temp job i could to AVOID being on welfare and show my children that no matter how hard it is you can succeed

  129. Ronda J King

    All states have welfare to work programs, it's just up to them to want to get off welfare and find employment or take classes for a different type of job.

  130. Pamela M Smith

    I agree with the Drug testing. But just like everything else in this government . the mass population on welfare.
    The States will claim the cost is to high to warrant such a program. We all know NY is the biggest welfare state and we are broke. go figure

  131. Kirk Bobst

    As a registered nurse in the emergency room, I am 100% behind this idea because I directly deal on a daily basis with these so called "innocent" people who are destroying the medical system by treating ER's like their primary care doctors, walking in with their gucci purses or driving cadillacs, with better clothes than I ever have the money to buy, because I am subsidizing their income. If everyone is so worried about the rights of these people, why not look at the rights of us… the ones who are paying for these people to leech off the government. This program was set up to legitimately help those in need, not for people too lazy or entitled to actually earn what they have. Plus, it all comes down to a very basic concept- "If you aren't doing anything wrong, then you shouldn't have any problem proving yourself right."

  132. Kate Bennett Childers

    Social security and unemployment people put their money in for it. Food stamps is part of the welfare system yes they should be tested for drugs. WIC is for kids.

  133. Dona Watson

    Peter Choi Maybe you are a drug user and that is why you are affended at the idea of being drug tested. Those of us who are employed have to be drug tested so why shouldn't the recipients of our hard working money also, be drug tested.

  134. Patricia Harkness

    Name calling is not appropriate under any circumstances…

  135. Patricia Harkness

    Sorry, but it is not inappropriate to ask for a drug test when you are giving someone money. You worked and took care of yourself…that is great, and you deserve respect for that. However, there are too many out there that manipulate the system at MY expense…YOURS too. Politicians and others like them have worked to get where they are; they are not holding out their hand for help. The only exception I can see are those that are mentally or physically handicapped, and even then what difference does it make if they must take a drug test. If they are clean, they have nothing to fear; if they are not; they do not deserve it. As a former teacher, I took a drug test and did not think a thing about it….why do they deserve special treatment??

  136. Angela Grosvenor

    Of course drug testing should be required for anyone receiving government assistance – unemployment included. If you can't pass a drug test when you begin receiving assistance, what are the chances that you are going to be able to pass a drug test in order to get a job and get off of assistance? Welfare and unemployment should be a temporary solution. (I have benefitted from both unemployment and Medicaid at different times in my life, and I always viewed them as temporary situations. I also would have happily taken a drug test in order to receive those benefits – just like I have before starting every job I have ever had.)

    Invasion of privacy? Unfairly stigmatizes welfare recipients? Really? I guess I was unfairly stigmatized by every employer I have worked for – they must have been insinuating that anyone who is looking for a new job must be a drug user… *shakes head* Come on, ACLU – there are plenty of legitimate causes to fight for. Getting out of drug testing when you're getting free money while everyone who works for their money has to submit to it? So not one them.

  137. Ronda J King

    I'm not a gentleman, I'm a woman. Your right tho, I lowered myself to his level. I do apologize, but when someone is called mentally retarded for a spelling mistake it's wrong in every way especially to a mom of a mentally retarded child!!

  138. Ronda J King

    I think politicans should have to take a mandatory drug test! Again they work for the government they shouldn't be held to a higher standard than a person who works in any other government position!

  139. Ryan Carranza

    I'm all for it!! But people have to want to be educated!!! We live in a society that is very unforgiving and very narrow minded in terms of education. I know all about social stratification and how it destroys neighborhoods. I understand that many people are hard working and want to work! But not everyone thinks that way and not everyone wants to work. It's unfortunate, but not false. If they want government money, they should have to take the test so we don't have drug addicts wasting our money of their stupid habit.

  140. Ryan Carranza

    After reading these comments and article, it has become clear to me that those not in favor of drug testing for welfare recipients believe it is either (A. violation of privacy… or… (B. ridiculous because most people do not go on welfare willingly. Before I state why I am on board with these drug tests, I think I need to clear something up. I am not a "conservative" person in terms of my voting ballot. I consider myself more liberal, but I also realize that giving free rides that are unearned is wrong. I love that we have a safety net for people who need help. I gladly contribute to it knowing my dollars are helping someone feed their family while they go out and find a job/career. Having said that, I do not believe everyone on welfare is there because they fell on hard times either. People abuse the system all the time and it's very easy to do so. A few spoil it for the rest, right? Sure, but put this into perspective… If someone has the money, in which I paid into, to buy drugs and booze, then why can't they use money to pay for food and housing? One way to start stopping this is to drug test recipients. Honestly, I had to pee in cup to get the job I wanted and I have no problem doing it again. It's not some horrible activity that is violating my rights… It is showing that I am not a person who abuses drugs and won't show up to work high as a kite. I believe politicians in office should take these tests too, if we want to get serious about it all. Anyone receiving a check from the government on a weekly or bi-weekly basis should be tested before getting their first check! If you got nothing to hide, then you are good to go! The study done in Florida is one state! There are 49 more that could get useful info is they tried to study this.

  141. Peter Choi

    Dona Watson…a drug user? LOL…don't make me laugh. I had to drug test as well in order to get employed. Nice assumption though.Those of you that are employed…fantastic. You think I'm some sort of greeter at Walmart or something? Please stop with the assumptions…you not what you speak of.

    I subscribe to the Libertarian views on drug policy…the government has absolutely no business with such intrusion into the personal lives of our citizens. They shouldn't be dictating what a person can or cannot do with their own bodies…it is a personal choice, and should always remain so. Keep trying.

  142. Peter Choi

    Kate Bennett Childers How do you think authoritarian governments come into existence? By slowly eroding away your rights. This in and of itself is an absolute outrage. We as citizens aren't even attempting to fight it. Instead we have a segment of the population that is actually calling for it and endorsing it, and for what reason…because you think it's "fair"?

  143. Peter Choi

    Ronda J King you are absolutely right. I have no business saying such a thing. My deepest apologies to any parents that I might have offended. It was insensitive of me and I regret my approach.

  144. Peter Choi

    Tom Matthews first off, it was NOT a study…this policy was actually implemented. As for your assumption in regards to having such a low percentage, apparently Florida did not feel that way as they were the first in this nation to implement such a law. If they were lucky enough to have such a low percentage, as you perceive the situation to be, why would they pass a law that is so wasteful of tax payer dollars? Why do you THINK they passed it?

  145. Peter Choi

    Kate Bennett Childers I find that EXTREMELY hard to believe considering the Libertarian views on drug testing and the associated drug laws.

  146. Peter Choi

    Kate Bennett Childers where? I apologized for the comment and have not made it since. How about you look at the timestamps before you post? You consider me immature…that's fine. I consider you stupid.

  147. Kate Bennett Childers

    Valerie Hender Kenagy sorry you've had a rough life. Maybe your choices weren't all that good? Got pregnant as a teen? Didn't finish high school? Etc…

  148. Tom Matthews

    Peter Choi- you know what, i would gladly pay more in to test these people for drugs than to watch them take the money we work so hard for and continue to abuse the system, so yea i dont see anything wrong with spending that much to test, versus not spending it, i live in an area where most people are on some kind of assistance program, be it food stamps, HUD, etc, and i know for a fact that most of the recipients are on some sort of drugs, and/or have kids that they cannot provide for, thus they continue to steal from local businesses, take welfare and food stamp money they do not deserve, because the "hard time" they are in is no ones fault but theyre own, they just continue to do these activities that make them "feel better" so, , Mr. peter choi. you can go find yourself a big ol fat pile of shit and eat it. its people like you that make it hard for those who have suffered true bad luck and just once ask for help, yet they are turned away because there are too many already using this help, which makes it even more difficult to hold a job and get help, that they lose everything and the potheads, methheads, crackheads and whatever heads, continue to get those obscenely large monthly food allowances, which most of the sell to others anyway for cash at 50 cents for a dollar or even less for a dollar, they continue to get this assistance, and keep theyre places to live and whatever else they have managed to steal or rip off of somebody, so i really hope you get to experience this "help" before you wind up getting yourself in trouble with the wrong people, and wind up getting hurt or worse. oh yea and again, go fuck yourself!

  149. Peter Choi

    Kate Bennett Childers there you go again…speculating on something you know absolutely nothing about.

  150. Patricia Harkness

    Ronda J King
    Sorry, my mistake. Your apology speaks volumes about your integrity. Thank you.

  151. Patricia Harkness

    Peter Choi
    Peter thank you for your apology. It takes a big person to apologize and right a wrong. Good for you!

  152. Tom Matthews

    Gracie Lee- that sounds like logical thinking to me, money for drugs? then you have money for food, clothes, vehicles, or any number of other items, which can all improve your life and have a lasting goodness, much longer than any drug can give you,

  153. Kate Bennett Childers

    Peter Choi your opinion of me means less than nothing to me. You can't handle a conflicting point of view so you dissolve into name calling instead of making a rational point.

  154. Peter Choi

    Kate Bennett Childers you have GOT to be kidding me. All I have been doing is making rational and salient points rooted in logic regarding this topic, whereas your argument is that they should be drug tested because YOU were drug tested. You CLAIM to have Libertarian views yet you embrace a stance that is the antithesis of what you claim. Make up your mind. You want to talk about making rational points? You should start with yourself.

    I'm sure Valerie appreciates your assumptions about her that she got pregnant as a teen or dropped out of high school. I'm sure the welfare recipients who need to try to stretch out $15/day in aid appreciate the assumption by people such as yourself that they are going to forego the essentials to spend that huge amount of money on drugs.

    I, and any other thinking individual, sure as hell don't appreciate the idea of spending more taxpayer money to realize a net loss of tax revenue, for some misguided sense of principle that you and others of your ilk subscribe to. People such as myself would rather have that money spent towards education, infrastructure, and other sorely lacking areas rather than trying to vilify a demographic that already takes a hit in dignity, in order to penalize a fractional amount of people. Unlike you, I do not forego common sense in order to feel some deluded sense of social justice.

  155. Peter Choi

    There you go Tom…you did it again. Grace made a point that you completely dismissed in pursuit of your personal hatred of the poor and destitute. You begrudge this unfortunate demographic of the $15/day in aid to try and survive under the assumption that the vast majority of them are drug addicts, when Florida experienced a MARGINAL occurrence of positives. So drug testing the welfare recipients to try and "save money" ended up costing them far more. And even with that, were talking millions, maybe tens of millions of dollars.

    The banks received TRILLIONS of dollars in corporate welfare, with the understanding that it was to be used to assist the banks in providing credit to assist in economic recovery. Not only was the money not for such purposes, these Wall Street executives awarded themselves millions of dollars in bonuses, and for what…completely deccimating the economy in the pursuit of greed? Are you able to get a grip on just how misguided your sense of economic "justice" is?

    Let me put this into perspective for you:

    1 million – 1,000,000,000

  156. Peter Choi

    There you go Tom…you did it again. Grace made a point that you completely dismissed in pursuit of your personal hatred of the poor and destitute. You begrudge this unfortunate demographic of the $15/day in aid to try and survive under the assumption that the vast majority of them are drug addicts, when Florida experienced a MARGINAL occurrence of positives. So drug testing the welfare recipients to try and "save money" ended up costing them far more. And even with that, were talking millions, maybe tens of millions of dollars.

    The banks received TRILLIONS of dollars in corporate welfare, with the understanding that it was to be used to assist the banks in providing credit to assist in economic recovery. Not only was the money not for such purposes, these Wall Street executives awarded themselves millions of dollars in bonuses, and for what…completely deccimating the economy in the pursuit of greed? Are you able to get a grip on just how misguided your sense of economic "justice" is?

    Let me put this into perspective for you:

    1 million – 1,000,000
    1 trillion – 1,000,000,000,000

  157. Laurie Goulet

    Janine Giroux I am not saying that you are!I am saying the truth and if you don't like it to bad.They have outlets for ppl down on their luck and welfare should be a temp thing not a way of living! I hope all 50 states pass this!

  158. Laurie Goulet

    Valerie Hender Kenagy ,I would have to disagree with you on that, cause I work for walmart and I know for a fact that walmart gets a tax break for hiring ppl who recieve asst.from the goverment and their are plenty of walmarts all over the usa.

  159. Patricia Harkness

    Christine Hansford I stand by what I said. I have found myself on hard times. I was unemployed, and believe me, I would take a drug test. So, how do you feel about your children being taught without background checks on their teachers in addition to drug tests. I taught school, and I know I would not want my kids taught by someone that was not background checked. We should all be. With life comes responsibility. Also, there is an awful lot of mean name calling in here that is totally unnecessary. What is wrong with this picture….just saying

  160. Patricia Harkness

    Peter Choi you are really leaping from the frying pan into the fire. I doubt anyone would advocate cameras in our homes. How is that even in the same league with random drug tests? Why is it the ones who are attempting to get around the law play the civil liberties card while those of us that do what we are supposed to accept it as part of being part of being responsible? Kinda of like in a crime the criminal screams about his rights and the victim has none. If you break the law, you forfeit your rights as far as I am concerned…

  161. Patricia Harkness

    Jennet Francisco only two percent is too many. Unless you can prove 0%, they should be tested

  162. Patricia Harkness

    3rd positive test. I am so glad you have nothing to do with our public schools….just saying

  163. Donna Williams Patterson

    Patricia Harkness No mam. I was on public assistance when I was a young divorced, single mother… I moved myself up out of poverty and worked hard to get where I am today.

  164. Patricia Harkness

    Ryan Carranza , yes; why not? I went to college, got a masters, and still had to be drug tested to what makes them so special they should not have to be tested? Oh sorry, "Poor me; I am so persecuted." That is such a crock!

  165. Patricia Harkness

    Most drunks have a hard time hiding their habit if they are really bad. Having said that, alcohol is not illegal and there are many functional alcoholics out there that hold down a job and are able to function well. The key here is drugs are illegal.

  166. Patricia Harkness

    So, in that case; they do need help temporarily until they can help themselves. But, they should NOT be on drugs and get that help. No one is judging. I am all for helping those who are trying to help themselves, but not for those who want to manipulate the system….BIG difference. Nice talk, BTW Does it make you feel better to call others names?

  167. Patricia Harkness

    Valerie, That sounds like Camelot; but, they have to WANT to do those things before it works. They drop out of school, refuse rehab, destroy their own neighborhoods, steal to get money instead of work….yet you still think they want to improve their lives. People who work hard have pulled themselves out of a lot worse and do not always whine about how hard things are for them

  168. Peter Choi

    Patricia Harkness I'm trying so very hard not to be insulting but when you say things this dumb, it's really hard not to. "Unless you can prove 0%"…it's clearly obvious you do not have an accounting or financial background, nor do you understand the concept of cost/benefit analysis. The "intent" as the scumbag conservative politicians of these states proclaimed was to realize a cost savings by not having to pay the drug "abusers". As it turned out, the implementation was FAAAAAAR more costly than any cost savings they were hoping to realize. Now you are saying they should do it until it's down to 0%. OK…for the purpose of humoring you, let's say it does get down to 0%. Then what? You keep testing and burning through money? How long do you keep doing this and wasting valuable tax payer revenue? You would rather continue to maintain such wasteful spending because you "feel" it's right? Or do you stop testing at point? In another response on this topic, you suggested random drug testing…well how would you ensure full compliance? You obviously do not think your responses through very carefully.

    If you are raising a family, I sincerely hope for your sake you do not manage the finances, as you have clearly demonstrated that you are the farthest thing from being fiscally responsible.

  169. Peter Choi

    Patricia Harkness we're discussing drug testing here, not background checks. Don't throw a strawman out there to support your argument when they aren't even remotely related.

    While I applaud you for being a teacher, which is a very noble profession, if you were teaching my kids, and I discovered your politics, I would be absolutely appalled and would be forced to change teachers. You are are extremely lacking in the critical thinking department. Your sense of morality does not supercede intelligent thought.

  170. Peter Choi

    Patricia Harkness now it's RANDON drug tests? How do you expect to achieve complete success with random tests? Are you now equating the poor and destitute as criminals? You say if you break the law, you forfeit your rights? Should welfare recipients also forfeit their rights? Maybe if they commit a crime, they should just be executed instead of being allowed due process? What is your educational background? Have you studied law? What do you know about the Constitution, where you can so callously dismiss it? It's clearly obvious your education background does not revolve around accounting or finance.

  171. Bryan Rohrer

    Patricia Harkness On a third positive drug test, people who are not going to try and get off drugs should not be on the public dime. My daughter is in public school, and I personally do not accept her failure. If she does not improve any grades to get good grade of B or above, I go talk to the teachers, I have even threatened to home school.

    Personally, I think the public schools fail our kids, do not teach them a work ethic, and actually train our kids to be part of the entitlement society. I believe that we are doing our kids major harm by teaching them not to work.

    At 10 I have a route of lawns that I mowed all summer, even at that age I was required to WORK for the things I wanted. If it wasn't for the discrimination and the preconceived misconceptions of the ability of someone with a disability I wouldn't even be where I am now. I signed up for vocational rehabilitation training and the assholes sent me to load semi-truck with mentally disabled people. I have college degrees in Ministry, and pursuing my second degree in Internet Marketing, and will pay back EVERY DIME when I receive it. I also have vast experience in computers.

    I worked for EVERYTHING I have gotten in life, am teaching my child to do the same, and do not use drugs. To have me test for drugs when I have never been convicted of a dui, selling or possessing drugs, or anything related to it. I do not even take prescriptions for the MS.

    I guarantee you this, If I did have anything to do with public schools, the kids would be paying for their education by WORKING to pay for part of their tuition by assisting other teachers, janitors, and other staff. If you cannot learn to follow you will never lead. I have taught my daughter to work since she was three years old, cleaning the kitchen table, counter tops, floor, vacuuming the living room, cleaning the cat box and more.

    Addiction is a choice, the fruit of a repetitive lifestyle that became a formed habit. You are DAMN RIGHT that the third failed test they would be off it before it became a habit, and their society, and the society of their children would be better for it.

    And just to prove my point: Do you know why addiction and alcohol abuse isn't as big of a problem in other countries as it is here? The other countries do not make it a mystery as to the end result of bad behavior, what it is, and how it destroys lives. I will NEVER raise a child that doesn't understand that their reaction deserves and equal and responsive reaction. We have the fruit of that played out in government today.

    The one thing I want my child to learn is not to make excuses, do their best and do not envy anyone. You don't have to hate the rich, the wealthy, the well off and those that make more than you. You want what they have, don't let anyone say you can't have it, then devote your life to achieving what it is you desire, WITHOUT TAKING IT…EARN IT.

    More than Just Saying, I am doing.

  172. Ronda J King

    Oh you were talking about the earlier post, I was taught to always defend myself and the youngest of 5, 3 older brother's and 1 older sister, i've had to stick up for myself a lot, and being the parent of a child who is mentally retarded his comment really ticked me off, i did apologize tho

  173. Patricia Harkness

    Ronda J King Sandy in the post above called us A–H—-.

  174. Patricia Harkness

    Monica Laslie Watson I am not so sure of that; my daughter is a social worker and can tell you loads of stories about how BOTH are bad. But, alcohol is LEGAL

  175. Andrea C. Zweigart

    Peter Choi You are insulting "mentally retarded" people by assuming that their grammar is incorrect. Furthermore, the proper term is "mentally challenged." I had to take random drug tests throughout my 23 years in the military, and I do, now, as a nurse. I think that anyone who is taking "free" money won't have a problem with submitting to random drug testing. Tom & Ronda…you are so right! Peter, shut up!

  176. Ronda J King

    Valerie Hender Kenagy Considering I was a mother at age 16, yes. I also worked part time and went to school full time as soon as I graduated, I got 2 jobs to get off welfare!!!! I've seen people sit on their butts and collect a welfare check and use it to buy drugs rather than feed their children, and those 2 kids were at my house every night being fed by me and my hard earned money while their mother was to high to even know her kids had left the house!!!!! DON'T tell me I don't know, since I do! I've lived in the ghetto and struggled my butt off to get out of it!!!!!! I've watched a woman across the street with 4 kids get a welfare check and deal and DO drugs. My past is 1 of the reasons I'm FOR it!!!

  177. Valerie Hender Kenagy

    Thanks for all of your responses. I agree that people must want to improve their lives, but I realize that some prefer living off gov't handouts. This would compare to the high recividism rates of ex-inmates who end up back in prison either because it's too hard living in the "real' world or because they receive all the basic necessities (including medical care) and them some while in prison.

  178. Peter Choi

    Patricia Harkness lol…the old but alcohol is legal argument. What a complete load of fucking crap. Based on your levels of intolerance, maybe they should make alcolhol illegal? Oh yeah, they already tried that and what did we get…oh yeah, one of the most violent periods of criminal activity. Your argument is that of someone who can't think for themselves and needs to have others think for you. I am going to go out on a limb and guess you to be a Bible thumper.

  179. Ronda J King

    I have a job, a very good 1 that I'm SO very thankful for and (shocked face) I had to take a drug test to get it! And were ALL randomly (shocked face again) tested EVERY 2-3 months. No warning just called to the office and handed a cup (3rd shocked face). I have NO fear of not passing a test!!! Maybe that's the point! I KNOW i'll pass any test they give me!!

  180. Leneka Soverywonderfullybeautiful

    Patricia Harkness, exscuse me? there are alot of ppl that are on welfare that have jobs. they actually help you find one. and they do work for that money. in maryland you are required to volunteer from 9 am-4pm monday to friday untill you start school or find employment. so your comment "if they want rights, go get a job" is not appropriate. Get off your high horse and realize that just because someone needs help doesnt mean they dont deserve rights.

  181. Julia Jennings

    Bout dam thi,e they think of somethng like this! I don't know HOW MANY times I've seen this shit in Lima when I was working at Save A Lot. People getting several hundred dollars a month in food stamps driving brand new cars.

  182. Ryan Carranza

    Ronda J King … Than you Ronda. Figured I would try to make my stance as clear as possible.

  183. Patricia Harkness

    Peter Choi Wow, Peter, you are on a roll! I admit some things are a slippery slope like what the Republicans are trying to do with taking away women's rights. But, really? Getting a drug test in the same sentence with cameras in our homes…now, that is a stretch!

  184. Patricia Harkness

    Christine Hansford , just for your edification; I was laid off and did receive workman's comp and looked for a job for quite a while. They never asked me to take a drug test to receive worker's comp, but if they had; I would have gladly done so. What is the fricking big deal?? For God's sake, if you want help, then take the test. I had worked for years, and yes, I did pay into the system, and I guess you could argue I was getting my money back; but, it still has no bearing on the drug testing requirement. I am now on the verge of getting a job, and believe me; if they ask me to stand on my head and take the test….I will say…you bet! Unemployment is no fun!

  185. Patricia Harkness

    Christine Hansford , just for your edification; I was laid off and did receive workman's comp and looked for a job for quite a while. They never asked me to take a drug test to receive worker's comp, but if they had; I would have gladly done so. What is the fricking big deal?? For God's sake, if you want help, then take the test. I had worked for years, and yes, I did pay into the system, and I guess you could argue I was getting my money back; but, it still has no bearing on the drug testing requirement. I am now on the verge of getting a job, and believe me; if they ask me to stand on my head and take the test….I will say…you bet! Unemployment is no fun!

  186. Patricia Harkness

    Heidi Warkentin Bosley I have no problem with lawmakers having to live like the rest of us…you get no argument from me there…absolutely correct!

  187. Patricia Harkness

    Monica Laslie Watson you are correcct; but, that is a whole other debate. This is about drug testing.

  188. Patricia Harkness

    Andrea Leanore McCarthy You sure know a lot about those drugs!…just saying.

  189. Sally Ann Fortune

    To hold alot of jobs; you must pass a urine test. Why should those people pay for benefits for those taking drugs. The money comes from the hard working people who must tae drug tests. The idea they are insuating someone dw on their luck would be a substance abuser does not hold water. Working peple -are they more likely to take drugs? No, it's just to prtect the employer and the taxpayers paying for benefits from having to pay to support someone's drug habit.

  190. Dennis Weaver

    Jeff you must be a pot head to belive the crap your spewing here.

  191. Kat Gordon

    Yeah and what about the disabled people using MMJ who are truly using this as a medicine but their state is too stupid to give them that legal right? Or the hard working single mom who just needs a little extra help and once in a while Grandpa and Grandma watch the kids so she can get out and happens to smoke a bowl with a friend. Should she be cut from assistance because of it? There are many different scenarios besides the drug addict just taking advantage! And what about the drinker? Just because it's legal, this is ok? Seems to me that it's the pro-testers that should use their brains! "Just say'n"

  192. Michael Bray

    I think they should drug test for welfare, and achool and tobacoo. If you need a leg up fine but you need to help your self to and these are not nesasatys. The are a lot more thing like buying shrip on food stamps that need to be cut to. But on the other had I don't think drugs should aganst the law. And if you are using pot under dr oerder you should be exmpet from the test.

  193. Kate Mitchell

    Everyone who is for drug testing welfare recipients seems to have the, "I had to do this to get a job, so they should have to do it too." mentality. Instead of going that route, why don't you guys get mad that you should have to take a piss test or that anyone should have to take a piss test? I can't understand why the government OR your employer should get to rule what you do to your own body in your own home off of work. Just because you do drugs at home doesn't make you a bad employee and it doesn't mean you are messed up on the job. Also, this is discriminatory towards the poor, because many of us receive aid from the government in other ways and we don't have to take a piss test for that. So, this implies that the poor are disproportionately lazy drug users that we need to investigate, which is simply not the truth. If you claim that I am wrong on that one, then show me some data to prove otherwise. Also, with all the money we blow in this country on unnecessary crap like military bases in more than 150 countries around the world, you want to nick pick on our poorest citizens and blame them for the debt? That doesn't seem like the best plan considering we should have learned by now that it is hugely beneficial for society to spend money helping those in need.

  194. Kate Mitchell

    Patricia Harkness I'm sure Burger King would hire you. Maybe you should get off your high horse and take a menial job and stop soaking up money from the government, since you are so against doing that.

  195. Ronda J King

    Ya know, I think it's so funny everyone sits here and whines n complains but the minute someone has an accident at work and then gets fired for testing positive for an illegal drug or on their way home from work stops and has a few beers then proceeds to drive home and kills someone, EVERYONE would be outraged that the person had the gal to drink and drive or operate machinery at work while high and impaired mental capacity, you CANNOT have it both ways!! Again, i think drug testing should be required for everyone welfare, jobs, politicians, president even.

  196. Kat Gordon

    Michael Bray Well that's the problem Mike.. Many Dr's recommend it for conditions such as mine, but the state may not support the RIGHT to use this medicine. It is fair that I get cut from my food stamps because I am treating my pain illegally??? People have to understand that's it's a very dynamic situation. I dont agree with anyone using state funds to party with and whatnot, but if drug testing was mandatory for any kind of assistance, there would be MANY innocent people robbed of the help they desperately need. Not to mention that these people once paid into a system that is suppose to be there to help them when they fall. It's not just your money. I paid in too and I am still paying in with what little income I generate. My point is, we dont know what everyone else circumstances are and should be very careful in judging them!

  197. Kat Gordon

    Michael Bray Well that's the problem Mike.. Many Dr's recommend it for conditions such as mine, but the state may not support the RIGHT to use this medicine. It is fair that I get cut from my food stamps because I am treating my pain illegally??? People have to understand that's it's a very dynamic situation. I dont agree with anyone using state funds to party with and whatnot, but if drug testing was mandatory for any kind of assistance, there would be MANY innocent people robbed of the help they desperately need. Not to mention that these people once paid into a system that is suppose to be there to help them when they fall. It's not just your money. I paid in too and I am still paying in with what little income I generate. My point is, we dont know what everyone else circumstances are and should be very careful in judging them!

  198. Emily Rodriguez

    So youed rather suport dunks than pepole who smoke pot look at the death rate on alcoholic drinks and the death rate on people who smoke pot big difference pot is allnatural alcohol is not get your facts straight and stop talking till you do if pot is ilegal then alcohol should be too thay bolth impare you

  199. Sydel Dalmasso

    I am sure people that are on welfare that are just down on there luck and just need a little bit of help would not mind the test. But I think they should just be random because NOT everybody on WELFARE uses DRUGS or DRINKS all the time.

  200. Bryan Rohrer

    I do have something to do with the public school system, I daily provide the means that thousands of teachers earn a paycheck. I am a parent.

    I am one voice amongst thousands that say that the public school system is failing a generation of kids. I serve on the board of two organizations that has taken the public school system to task for allowing and not addressing bullying, for discriminating against disabilities in the classroom.

    I am an advocate for change in the entire system. The fact that I mentioned on the third time is because a punishment past the age of five does nothing to change the behavior. The problem is we are addressing the symptoms of a lifestyle. We need people to realize that changing a person struggling with the addiction, you have to change the mindset of the person, not the addiction.

    What the public does not understand with people on disability coupled with addiction, is that many of the prescribed drugs for various ailments are habit forming. When drugs go up in price, and people can no longer afford them, they will turn to anything to stop the pain.

    Our prescription drug companies cause many of the addiction problems.

  201. Bryan Rohrer

    I do have something to do with the public school system, I daily provide the means that thousands of teachers earn a paycheck. I am a parent.

    I am one voice amongst thousands that say that the public school system is failing a generation of kids. I serve on the board of two organizations that has taken the public school system to task for allowing and not addressing bullying, for discriminating against disabilities in the classroom.

    I am an advocate for change in the entire system. The fact that I mentioned on the third time is because a punishment past the age of five does nothing to change the behavior. The problem is we are addressing the symptoms of a lifestyle. We need people to realize that changing a person struggling with the addiction, you have to change the mindset of the person, not the addiction.

    What the public does not understand with people on disability coupled with addiction, is that many of the prescribed drugs for various ailments are habit forming. When drugs go up in price, and people can no longer afford them, they will turn to anything to stop the pain.

    Our prescription drug companies cause many of the addiction problems.

  202. Bryan Rohrer

    I do have something to do with the public school system, I daily provide the means that thousands of teachers earn a paycheck. I am a parent.

    I am one voice amongst thousands that say that the public school system is failing a generation of kids. I serve on the board of two organizations that has taken the public school system to task for allowing and not addressing bullying, for discriminating against disabilities in the classroom.

    I am an advocate for change in the entire system. The fact that I mentioned on the third time is because a punishment past the age of five does nothing to change the behavior. The problem is we are addressing the symptoms of a lifestyle. We need people to realize that changing a person struggling with the addiction, you have to change the mindset of the person, not the addiction.

    What the public does not understand with people on disability coupled with addiction, is that many of the prescribed drugs for various ailments are habit forming. When drugs go up in price, and people can no longer afford them, they will turn to anything to stop the pain.

    Our prescription drug companies cause many of the addiction problems.

  203. Carole Mitchell Lewis

    Invasion of privacy my behind. Having to take a lie detector test to get a job is more of an invasion of someones privacy than a drug test. There is a great number of companies that are requiring a drud test before they will hire you. The people living in government funded housing should be required to get drug test too. There is lot of drug dealers live in government funded housing. Whether it's 2% or 20% I still don't want my taxes going to pay for someones drug habit. By the way, everyone in the military has to take drug tests. They don't have any warning when they are going to be tested. It's all done randomly. If our men and women in the military have to be tested, the people on welfare need to shut their mouths and take the test. If they have nothing to hide, there should be no complaints from anyone.

  204. Carole Mitchell Lewis

    The ACLU organization should be abolished. That organization and unions cause more problems in this country than any other organization. They get their teeth into something and the majority of the country end up getting shafted just so the ACLU and whoever they are representing gets what they want.

  205. Scott Sullivan

    Invasion of privacy really???? So (Jeff) we should just keep handing out money for people just because they say they need it….I think u need to wake up!!! Why don't u go down to the welfare line and just ask some questions for yourself and see the reasoning for them
    being in line….the people that need it don't get it to.many people abuse the system in the words of Dr. Phil "YOU NEED TO WAKE UP"!!!

  206. Scott Sullivan

    Invasion of privacy really???? So (Jeff) we should just keep handing out money for people just because they say they need it….I think u need to wake up!!! Why don't u go down to the welfare line and just ask some questions for yourself and see the reasoning for them
    being in line….the people that need it don't get it to.many people abuse the system in the words of Dr. Phil "YOU NEED TO WAKE UP"!!!

  207. Kitty Center

    The problem is that the cost ($) of ferreting out drug users who are receiving public assistance is more than the benefit. Please understand, this is a method of identifying drug users receiving public assistance, not identifying all the people who are committing welfare fraud. Also, the reason people use the ER as a walk in clinic is because care system is ass backward.

  208. Kitty Center

    The problem is that the cost ($) of ferreting out drug users who are receiving public assistance is more than the benefit. Please understand, this is a method of identifying drug users receiving public assistance, not identifying all the people who are committing welfare fraud. It has already proven to cost taxpayers more money.

  209. Kitty Center

    The problem is that the cost ($) of ferreting out drug users who are receiving public assistance is more than the benefit. Please understand, this is a method of identifying drug users receiving public assistance, not identifying all the people who are committing welfare fraud. It has already proven to cost taxpayers more money.

  210. Kitty Center

    I do not use drugs and I have worked full time all my life.There was a time when this did not exist at nearly every job. I am totally offended by work place drug screening (on so many levels I won't go into all of them). If people are not working with children or driving company vehicles then why spend the money on it? At jobs where it did not make sense, I would have liked to see that 40 bucks shelled out for my random drug test in my own pocket. The problem is that the cost ($) of ferreting out drug users who are receiving public assistance is more than the benefit. Please understand, this is a method of identifying drug users receiving public assistance, not identifying all the people who are committing welfare fraud. It has already proven to cost taxpayers more money.

  211. Kitty Center

    Scott, the problem is that the cost ($) of ferreting out drug users who are receiving public assistance is more than the benefit. Please understand, this is a method of identifying drug users receiving public assistance, which has turned out to be a tiny percent and most of them tested positive for marijuana, not crack. It s not a method for identifying people who are committing welfare fraud. It has already proven to cost taxpayers more money. I believe it does not work, it is an invasion of privacy, perpetuates a stereotype,and creates a division between people who work and people who are receiving public assistance. In this shitty government and war created economy why blame people who are less fortunate than you? I think most of us are in debt and one paycheck away from being homeless. BTW-there are many types of public assistance. Medicare and medicaid for example. To require that my 71 year old mother be drug tested to receive medicare is just stupid and total waste of money. The labs doing these tests are just making a profit of our tax dollars.

  212. Jeff Fayle

    At a cost of how much????? Far morre of your money is being wasted on the useless tests than whatever is saved by the two percent disqualified. Don't you see that? And by the way – I oppose urine testing in the workplace too – except in very specific situations.

  213. Scott Sullivan

    So what makes them any different than anyone else… grandmother gets 54 dollars a month from food stamps don't qualify for welfare because she owns her home and barely get to know if from social security to pay her light bill it wasn't for my dad helping her when she needed it then she wouldn't be able to afford to even live the rest of her life……. I have work public service and went home to home in america does have a problem everyone worries about these third world countries and how poverty stricken they are … but the same people turn their back on how poverty stricken America is… if you're worried about your tax dollars being wasted why don't you look up how much money is sent overseas on the daily basis how much foreign aid is given out when if it was placed where it needs to be here in the united states we would not have the issues that we have and it would make a stronger as a country and don't tell me less fortunate….. really….. yes I agree some people do fall under that category…. but for the most part if they would get off their lazy ass and get out and find a job….. and don't tell me that there's not any better there's always something to do is not going to be what you want to do but you can find a job doing something

  214. Mark Shroble

    While we are at it, let's drug test congress. We pay their way the rest of their life. Hmmmmm

  215. Mark Shroble

    While we are at it, let's drug test congress. We pay their way the rest of their life. Hmmmmm

  216. Kristi Miller Neubauer

    Save state help for people who need it. Almost every job requires a drug test today. Why is this state not doing the same? The working people have to take the drug tests to get a job and keep a job, then pay for the people who stay home all day smoking crack or what ever living off of us. Free money should not be so "free". The only people who are going to have issues with this are the ones whonare using! Invasion of privacy? Lol.. Seriously? I wish I could drug test you dead beats before I have to give up MY money to you. It sucks working you ass off for people other than your own family. I do however believe some people do need a little help from time to time. That's fine, but forever expected help? Not ok.

  217. Eric A. McKenzie

    2% in Florida. Wait until this law gets to California…

  218. Richard Patrick Carnes

    Idiots do you really think that making people starve because they smoke pot is good policy all it all it will do is fill the jails with people stealing to feed there familys

  219. Matt Mortenson

    In 13 years of arresting shoplifting POS's I have yet to run across 1 stealing to feed their family…..but they will boost video games to play while they smoke pot….

  220. Alisa Nichole Scott

    2% according to floridas population is 370000 people no longer getting foodstamps so its more than you think!

  221. Andrea C. Zweigart

    Think of it this way, Kate: we have 2 groups of people receiving money. One group works for the money and has to put a large chunk of it towards welfare, SS, food stamps, etc. The other group receives that money because they have requested help. If the group contributing the money has to be tested for drugs and alcohol, why shouldn't the group receiving the money be tested, also? It's no more discriminatory towards the poor, than it is for the people who work, because the working are also tested. Not only are we tested; we also have to give away money that we've earned! I agree that congressmen, senators, and those in positions of authority should also submit to testing. You claim that doing drugs at home does not make you a bad employee, or mean that you are messed-up on the job…but, Kate, would you want to have an alcoholic or drug-addicted surgeon operate on you? And what about the nurse, who is taking care of you in the ICU, or after your surgery? What about that 18-wheel trucker who has been up for days & could be using drugs to help him stay awake? I know it isn't a cure-all, but I still feel a little bit safer, knowing that a lot of jobs require random job testing.

  222. Aaron Charles Sanders II

    Lets not forget those who are getting the welfare benefits, the girls with their 10 kids from different baby daddies. Well yeah and all the other guys shacking up with them at that time as well, they go shopping between the 1st and 15th of the month and you always know they are getting welfare because when have you ever known them to push two and three grocery carts full of food around the store? Then you happen to see them pushing those buggies back to the apartment where they will feed half the neighborhood. Yeah Drug testing these guys will definitely shake things up a bit for them but it is about time they learn what it is like to have to be inconvenienced.

  223. Kate Mitchell

    Well Andrea, you don't have to apply to jobs that require drug testing. It's a matter of standing up for ourselves and announcing that we think it is ridiculous for anyone to force us to have our urine inspected. As far as the "drug-addicted surgeon" goes, all he has to do to get around a drug test is have his doctor buddy write him a script for, let's say, for example, Desoxyn: essentially pharmaceutical meth or oxycoton: pharmaceutical heroin. Both of those drugs are highly abusable, addictive, and legal. Those are just a couple of examples of how you can get any drug as long you get it from Big Pharma. And, if that trucker is staying up that long anyway (you don't have to take drugs to be an insomniac or a workaholic and there's not a piss test for that), I'd rather him be on drugs to help him through.

  224. Kate Mitchell

    So Andrea, don't feel too safe because it isn't too hard to pass a piss test if you really want to, especially not for doctors and nurses.

  225. Lisa Sheffield

    Y'all will never understand the disease of addiction. Insurance pays for recovery of it. How can our states make a judgement as I read above? Does anyone really study the disease? Well let me give you one sentence. At least the innocent children can have a roof over their head and food to eat!

  226. Leah McDonald

    The last time I read about this, the children had other avenues of receiving welfare. Qualifying adults could receive aid on behalf of the children. It's been months since I read about it but I personally think it is a great idea. As a tax payer I can not help but believe that its a step in the right direction to put people back to work. I had and have to pass drug tests to keep my job, and a 1/4 of my pay goes to taxes. The system is already abused, and parents are already neglecting their children's emotional and physical needs; if drug use can be even partially removed from low income homes it can only be a step forward. I believe it's only fair that if people have to pass a drug test to get most jobs these days, they should also be required to pass drug tests to receive welfare benefits.

  227. Elizabeth Mary Kelly


  228. Lisa Carter-Helbling

    We work hard all our lives for what we have and when help is needed we are told no..we have too many assets..sell some and use that for food etc…then we get down to junk cars and house which are about to loose…apply again…sorry no help..but if we were mentally challenged…dependant on drugs or alcohol …had cancer..etc we could get medical…my question is this…when people are tested positive will it turn into help under a different program? And during all this its gonna be the little ones that get hit the hardest…I just feel its going to be a losing battle.

  229. Arkietha Hallett

    Who are you implying as "Those" and "They" are you seriously stereotyping people because they have a cart full of food? Let's not exaggerate with the whole 3 cart thing. Some of you people should seriously consider how you sound before making your ignorant derogatory remarks! Are we talking about drug testing or how you truly feel about the people you are classifying as having 10 kids and so and so baby daddies. Please stop watching Maury. You know when you assume you tend to make a "you know what" out of yourself.

  230. Arkietha Hallett

    Finally I have read a comment with some sense. Very well said Kate. The elite are no better than the poor, the truth is they simply have more power and resources for the illegal things they do. Come on some of our politicians are always involved in some kind of scandal if you dig deep enough into their past. I work with a doctor and I know personally that doctors do other doctors favors. It's called mutual respect and when doctors come in to our doctors office my boss gives them the courtesy of not having to pay one single dime. On the other hand an old lady can come in that can barely foot her bill and he doesn't budge an inch. I frankly don't care about the drug testing more than I care about their being some kind of cap. They need to have it where there is a limit for how long you can be on and after a certain amount of kids the money stops increasing. This works because it's lets people know they have a set time to get it together and it stops girls from having a bunch of kids thinking social services will foot the bill. I know I have said a lot but I had to :)

  231. Arkietha Hallett

    It amazes me that people are seriously disturbed enough to believe that a measly drug test will weed out the abusers and change the system all around. Haha you'd have to be delusional to think drugs is the problem for the people on welfare! No the problem is that there is no limit to being on welfare. They say there is but they NEVER enforce it. The whole program need to be revamped from the inside out. Most of you are government robots and tend to buy into whatever they say is the solution. Poor America no wonder people stereotype us from the outside. People the government puts FLORIDE in our tooth paste and water for goodness sakes. That however is another conversation back to what I was saying. They need to FORCE these people to get their lives together in a certain amount of time, then a warning, then bye bye. There is no reason to be on the system your whole entire life! I must say though there are truly people out there that need help and guidance but handing them a card to use as a black card without any structure is insanity. I truly hope we start making solutions instead of preying on people to fall down further than what they already are.

  232. Aaron Charles Sanders II

    Seriously? I am making myself look like a " I know what"? Please, you know that at least 60% of what I said is truth. Why else would I say it? I live in Texas, and in Houston, it's so freaking prevalent. I'm not stereotyping, I don't even watch Maury, I am basing my comments on cold hard facts. It always appears that it hurts those reading this because they are either in the percentage that I was speaking about, or you're just one of those advocates for that percentage of unfortunate people, but lets face it, they aren't unfortunate, they choose it just like people say that gays choose to be gay. Point in case, those who are on foodstamps getting government assistance and driving around in Escalades and Cadillacs and whatnot, those are thee ones that I find are the ones who need to be checked on. Rolling around in the hood so to speak, that's what I am talking about so I don't feel like what I say is going to make me look like "you know what" because I work, I have an incomes and I pay taxes, and I feel like my taxes should go to a more worthy cause than a bunch of degenerates who are blowing and going on my dime ! If you don't like what I am saying then don't read it, or else remove yourself from that percentage and it won't hurt you so much. Have a happy Labor Day weekend, or Laborless Day whichever the case my be ! Either way, Love you !

  233. JohnnyFive Nicholas

    Did any of you think that a good chinck of that 98% took system flush or better yet bought synthic piss (yes its real) also the main point in all this is in my opion is I piss for my money you piss for yours thay should as well ponit blank sorry to offend but that's a fact

  234. Stephen Wright

    I could care less about Florida politics, Rick Scott or even how the.
    controversy over who is performing the drug tests. I am a liberal leaning.
    independent. I do have concerns about children going hungry, or false.
    positives… however in principle, I think this law is a really good idea.
    Not just me, all of my friends agree, and most of them are democrats. I am
    only for this in the case of welfare/foodstamps.

    First I’d like to say to anyone who says this is an invasion of privacy,
    or demeaning to the poor…. You’re an asshole. I had to pass several drug.
    tests for different jobs I’ve had over the years. How is that demeaning?
    If I can do it to get a job, I see no problem with taking one to get free.

    Second, there is something fishy about the 2% statistic. I mean we know.
    statistically that 1 out of 6 people abuses drugs or alcohol. We know
    that 8.9% of American adults participate in the use of illegal drugs.
    When interviewing employers, reason for denying an interviewee a job due.
    to failing a pre employment drug test ranged from 5% – 22%. The large
    range is due to different businesses and fields or work. So my guess is.
    the people who applied for welfare, was also the adult in the household.
    capable of passing a drug test. So testing may not be totally effective.
    due to the fact that not everyone in the household must take the drug.
    test… however I do feel better about putting the money a person’s hands.
    who is not on drugs… even if someone else under their roof is.

    Next, I could careless about cost. I’ve heard that argument a lot. To
    me, I don’t care if its cost effect to drug test versus how much you would.
    save by giving everyone benefits. My concern is…. I do not want my money.
    going into a drug addicts hands, and have my money enable that person to.
    do drugs. If this costs me more as a tax payer, I’d be more than happy to.
    flip the bill. And maybe we can find this person help with their drug.

    I already listed the statistics above about drug use and employment. It’s
    not just the fact that this person is using government money to fund their.
    drug problem, but also that their drug problem prevents them from finding.
    employment…. And keeps them perpetually dependent. Some people want to.
    punish drug addict welfare trash. I do not. If our goal is instead is to.
    get people off welfare by getting them back to work… it seems important.
    to make sure these people are first off drugs so they are capable of being.
    hired. That’s a common sense non hateful approach. I mean think about.
    it, these are people, a lot of times with families to support… yet their.
    drugs are more important than finding work. Our money that we entrust an.
    adult with to take care of their kids… that money not going to the.
    children and instead being blown on a bad habit. It is a bad problem, and.
    a very real problem. I know many have bleeding hearts. But I personally.
    don’t believe in enabling addicts. Sometimes tough love is the answer.

  235. Rick Wilton

    Jeff, your facts are wrong! the 2% you are quoting is for HARD DRUGS only! Cocaine and opiates. So I guess smoking weed or popping pills is acceptable by you? I had to piss in a cup to get a job and go through background checks. I never got humiliated. Get off the PC bullcrap please!!!

  236. Rick Wilton

    Jennet, before you start quoting numbers, those who are opposed to it will post numbers to make it look like they want. The facts are that 2% of the people were tested for HARD DRUGS (cocaine, opiates) It doesn't mention the weed or pills they were popping. Why, because the PC police don't like facts!

  237. Rick Wilton

    yea ummm Bryan, you do realize that most every company or govt job including military requires a drug test right? Getting something for nothing is not a right. If you are hurt on the job, one of the first things that happen to you and your constitutional rights is a piss test or blood test. I have never been convicted of anything but yet I am subjected to drug tests and do not have any issues with it. I suppose you don't think you need to show ID to vote either do you?

  238. Rick Wilton

    IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT TO BE EMPLOYED BY ANYONE!!! You can walk out anytime you like. Why is it that everyone thinks it is a right for everything? What the hell is wrong with this country? The company that employees you keeps their insurance and workers comp payments lower by employing a drug testing policy. Very smart of them. You do realize that having just one person possibly on drugs or alcohol on the jobs puts everyone at that job at risk of injury right? How would you feel if the guy who is driving the forklift runs you over and you become disabled or died? Then how would you feel if he had drugs or alcohol in his system? Then tell me how you would feel to be working for a company that could care less if they hired "cheaper" employees that they suspected using drugs or alcohol!

  239. Rick Wilton

    Carol, you are ignorant! The men and women who serve this country have to take random drug tests and it's an invasion of privacy for someone getting something for nothing to take one? Nearly every private or public company in the US requires a drug testing policy. If you don't want to take the test, then don't ask for the welfare or a job.

  240. Rick Wilton

    Patricia, but if you are caught with alcohol in your system at the workplace you would get fired from nearly every job or position. This test they ran ONLY included hard drugs (cocaine and opiates) They did not include weed! Why?

  241. Rick Wilton

    How do you figure it is wasted money? Some of the recipiants are lifers. They get on the system the day they turn 18 and NEVER get off. It is a lifestyle that needs to change immediately. If the parents are caught and they can not care for the kids then were they REALLY CARING FOR THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE? Are these the same kids who drop out of high school, are in and out of jail, and continue living on the system their whole life? Ask yourself, how do you break the cycle?

  242. Rick Wilton

    Kate, for 16 you are wise beyond your years! NOT! You are freaking nuts to believe a drug addict or alcoholic is as functional as a non user. Maybe you need to lay off the weed kid! By the way, when the drug addicted truck driver runs you off the road or smashes into you, you will take a different side to the argument. Having friends killed by impaired drivers, your comment is disgusting at best!

  243. Rick Wilton

    Arkietha Hallett, your doctor employer has the right to treat a peer without the expectation of payment the same way that you would do a favor for a friend. Become a doctor and volunteer in your community, it is done all the time to help the needy or better yet, quit complaining about what your employer does and take action to improve what you can do to help.

  244. Rick Wilton

    Keith, the percentage that came back positive was only hard drugs. They did not report on any other drugs except cocaine or opiates. Funny how they left weed and other pills out.

  245. Rick Wilton

    You mean like free school systems that more than half of the welfare recipiants are dropping out of? Or how about the grants that help someone who actually shows enough initiative to apply for for vocational training. It is there, quit complaining!

  246. Rick Wilton

    Valerie Hender Kenagy what about prison? they have schooling and training in prison. you may not believe it but many prisoners break the law to go back to that life.

  247. Eva Scheck

    The cycle is broken by repairing people. Drug problems can happen at any age 18 or 65. It has no age limit. If money is only spent on test and benefits are lost…and rehab is not part of the solution it only cost the system in different ways. Jail, courts, crime, child protection, shelters, hospitals and many other places. All these are paid by tax dollars as well. The govt things they are saving then why is it one state paid fifty thousand in drug testing? Rehab gives hope to individuals and drug problems effect the rich and the poor. I think the system is broken. Fifty thousand should be spent on rehab for individuals who dont have health insurance or medicade. Where does a problem and solution link together.

  248. Andrea C. Zweigart

    I am an RN. So, yes, I do apply for jobs that require drug testing because all hospital employees are randomly drug-tested. And, I have seen quite a few lose their jobs over it. Doctor buddies usually don't prescribe the types of drugs you are mentioning, to their Surgeon buddies, because you have to really document why you are prescribing them. You also have to be in a Doctor-Patient relationship to prescribe them. I don't think that the Doctor buddy would risk his license to help his Surgeon buddy get high. Also, the Surgeon would not be stupid enough to take the drugs, and operate on patients, unless he really wanted to lose his license. Because if he fails a pee test, whether or not he has a prescription, the Hospital Board will immediately question his judgment skills; a prudent surgeon would NOT perform surgery if he was under the influence of drugs. That's just career suicide. And the reason that other employers want to drug test their employees is because they want to ensure that people are doing their jobs, and safely. It's called "Risk Management"…you are NOT a good risk if their employee insurance is going to have to pay out because of your unpredictable behavior or carelessness. (Falling off ladders, other work place accidents, etc., caused by your "under the influence" condition.)

  249. Donna Williams Patterson

    I never said it was "my right" to be employed and you have no idea what I do for a living. All I'm saying is, if it is not considered an invasion of my rights to drug test me as a working, taxpaying citizen, then how is it an invasion of anyone's rights to be drug tested to receive public assistance. It appears to be a double standard.

  250. Patricia Boyles

    Allright how about people that have medical disability and got ssi and foodstamps should they be drug test to and the med the doctors prescribe will be on the drugtest they give

  251. Amanda Jowers

    I think they should test everyone that applies and pop a test on them even after bc if they can buy drugs they could just as easy buy food.

  252. Shelly Olmstead

    John Cates Not to mention how notoriously inaccurate those dip drug tests are,and many OTC products can cause false positives. NSAIDs and Zantac test positive for methamphetamines, and that's just one random example.

  253. Shelly Olmstead

    What an ignorant comment, drug addiction IS A DISEASE! My brother was an addict for just about 30 years, and I WITNESSED PERSONALLY that it IS a DISEASE, and how HARD IT IS to remain CLEAN and constantly BATTLE that DISEASE 24/7 your entire life! Scientists have PROVEN via biology and chemistry that it is a DISEASE, both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. I suggest you have a very close, personal relationship for a very long period of time with a drug addict who you become emotionally invested in, and perhaps THEN will you finally learn that it IS a DISEASE. I don't get how people believe that addicts don't have the right to live, meaning have food in their stomachs and shelter over their heads, because of their addiction. Yes, they made that initial choice to try their drug of choice out that first time, but for many addicts, it only takes that FIRST TIME to become addicted to a drug!

  254. Shelly Olmstead

    I only receive $197/month in food stamps and about $150/month in cash assistance and I receive the maximum amount I can get for my living situation (I'm single and live in my parents' house). Much of the cash assistance goes towards food, because I have a special diet, and the rest goes towards stuff like personal products and prescription copays. For anyone out there that knows just how much illegal drugs cost, I'd like to know just how I would be able to keep a drug habit on such little monthly assistance. On top of that, when the day comes that I'm approved for SSI/SSDI (if that day ever comes, though it's been just under a year since I applied and I've already been denied once and I appealed the decision back in October, I think, so hopefully the wait won't be THAT much longer), every cent I got in cash assistance gets paid back to social services out of my first Social Security disability check. It's basically being penalized for being disabled, while if I were able-bodied and went back to work, I wouldn't be required to pay any of that cash assistance I received back. Yeah, tell me how that's fair!

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