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Kanye West lip syncs on American Idol


We already know many times over that Kanye West is incapable of performing live, which is why we’re glad to report that Mr Ego lip synced on American Idol.

Kanye pretended to perform his computer enhanced hit Heartless in front of an unsuspecting audience who in the most part believe that a karaoke performance delivers the next Britney. Sorry, that wouldn’t be hard, what I meant to say is Kelly Clarkson, but she was too busy eating the words 😉

Here’s Kanye West lip syncing to a compliant audience on American Idol.

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13 Responses to “Kanye West lip syncs on American Idol”

  1. NASHFAN09

    Kanya West SUCKED the big one. What a no talent thug. Especially enjoyed the black rag in his back pocket and to complete the prison look, his pants hanging down with a great view of his black undies made him look like a cell mate's dream date (Doesnt the black rag in the back pocket mean he is a bottom into fisting?) Kudos to the American Idol producers who know how to dumb down society to a new low. It is ashame that with a African American President that this is what today's youth emulate. SAD.

  2. JoeCat

    Kanye DID NOT lip sync!
    He just used Auto Tune while performing live. He's the best.

    Listen to his fucking lyroics before you judge him.

  3. Karen

    Lip synced? It couldn't have been any worse if he had sang it live. The man cannot sing and has no talent at all. I hated his performance and had to mute thru the whole thing. Bad really, really bad!!!!

  4. Jr

    Ummm… Don't people usually lip-sync so their performance seems better? If he did pre-record that track, then he's even more tone-deaf than I had given him credit for. What kind of idiot would listen to that performance and say, “yo, that was tight, I'm going to play that track and lip sync like I'm doing it live”? Not a chance. That performance was pure live, and pure garbage. Kanye is exactly the sort of egotist who would insist on performing live, thinking all the while that they were killing it. Only thing he killed was my ears. He was so all over the place that the finest auto-tune money can buy couldn't keep him in key.

  5. amanda

    I think he really sang it because it was pretty bad.

    thats not what he wore either.

  6. beee

    I wonder when our president is going to start sagging is pants. And this is an “american idol”, i don't think so. This decision by american idol produces makes me not want to ever watch this show again. I was VERY dissapointed.

  7. kyle

    actually fool! he wasnt lipsyncing, he was simply using autotune and a bit of backup. as an avid kanye fan who has been to his live performances, unlike you who just watches them on tv, he does not lip sync and he is the greatest live performer of his generation. PERIOD. and to karen if u muted it all the way through how could you have any idea what it sounded like idiot.

  8. Audra

    If Kanye was really lip syncing, it wouldn't have sounded so awful hun. He just plain SUCKED that night

  9. 3rd party

    The chorus in Rap songs is always a recording. The rest is live. This is what Kanye did on this performance. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  10. HulaGurl

    So I don't care if he lipsyncs or not. I am 12 years old and at least I have something 2 do than just waste my time. Leave Kanye alone. This website is just for people who say stuff and sometimes don't mean it. If he does not hurt you then leave Kanye alone. I AM SURE YAL SING LIKE HIM ON THIS PREFORMANCE ANYWAY AND AT LEAST HE HAS THE GUTS TO PREFORM SOUNDING BAD. AT LEAST HE DOESN'T HAVE TO LOOK AT YALLS FACES EVERYDAY. I M SURE HED PUKE!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY TO KAREN THAT WAS MEAN to mute him. Kanye is a awesome singer. God Bless.

  11. KanyeSucks

    LOL, look at how dumb his fans are! They show the same Intelligence he dies. Good job MESA, JoeCat, and Kyle way to reprsent your boy. DUMBA$$! Kanye is horrible. He has no talent and his head is so big right now, he could fill the hole in the OZONE!

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