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Christy Lynn Martin, Teacher, Accused of ‘Sexting’ Nude Pics to Teenager

Christy Lynn Martin

Christy Lynn Martin, a 32-year-old teacher from St. Petersburg, Florida, is facing criminal charges after police say she sent pornographic photos to a teenager from her cell phone. Martin is now free on $20,000 bail, local media outlets report.

Christy Lynn Martin: Sexting Charges

Christy Lynn Martin is accused of sending nude photos of herself to the 14-year-old boy on two separate occasions, detectives indicate. The boy is believed to have sent at least one photo of himself back to her.

The boy reportedly told investigators he and Martin had a “relationship.” Police say he was not one of Martin’s current students, but he may have been in her class in the past. He is currently in eighth grade at Azalea Middle School, where Martin is on-staff.

The investigation began over the weekend, when the boy told a relative about his alleged interactions. Once his family notified police, officers found and questioned Martin. They say she did not deny sending the photos.

Christy Lynn Martin’s Status

Martin had been teaching in the Pinellas County school district since August of 2008. She is now on administrative leave with pay, as per the district’s standard policy during a teacher-involved investigation.

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3 Responses to “Christy Lynn Martin, Teacher, Accused of ‘Sexting’ Nude Pics to Teenager”

  1. Brad West

    I don't know maybe i am just getting too old. For some time now there has been big news about women teachers getting intimate with students. Are there not male teachers that also take liberties, Why are they not in the news.

    Now growing up in the 60s and 70s and being a man, tagging anything that came down the pike was the game, and I didn't tell my parents about it. Heck I had a biology teacher I still dream about, that was actually the only class I ever failed just so I could take her class again. I love biology.

    So women teachers in the news for what?
    What the heck are these boys thinking?
    Are they abused?

    Sorry just went off
    Brad West ~ onomoney

  2. tish

    I am sick and devestated to hear this. I know there has to be something going on with her. I apologize that the boy and his family went thru that. And Miss Christy know that you are loved and we are here for you. Keeping you in our prayers.

  3. Laura

    This is very sad. Trish, there have been tragic things that have happen to Christy in her life. It is not an excuss for what happen. I have know her since she was born, she was raised in a good Bible based family. Her mother and father were the original Cosby family but with out the happy ending. Christy mom died from Ovarian cancer if i remember right when she was only 10 yrs old. Her father took over as both mother and father for her and her brother. She was involved in all the normal school activiies, girl scouts, dance, sports and church. Her father died without warning during his sleep maybe about 8 yrs ago, his was 59 or 60, but looked and acted 45. She lost her grandparents just before that. I have heard recently that her only sibling has cancer. Her whole will be gone and now her life will never be the same. What she did was very wrong and shameful. Those that were close to her family are surly hurting over this news. People have the right to feel anger at another teacher not acting appropriately with a minor, student or not. But I would like everyone to also pray for her.

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