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Bill Murray Won’t Appear In Ghostbusters 3 But He Didn’t Shred The Script

Ghostbusters Without Bill Murray

Fans of the original 1984 Ghostbusters movie, the follow-up in 1989 and the series’ two animated TV shows will be disappointed to learn that Bill Murray will not appear in the planned Ghostbusters 3 movie.

During an Empire magazine webcast actor Dan Aykroyd implied that him and co-star Rick Moranis were still working on Ghostbusters 3 and that they plan to bring it to theaters in the next few years.

Aykroyd also joked cleared the air over Bill Murray rumors that the actor shredded the script for Ghostbusters 3. He first noted:

“No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts.”

Aykroyd then replied to the rumor:

Bill Murray is not capable of such behavior. This is simply something that would not be in his nature. We have a deep, private personal relationship that transcends business. We communicate frequently and his position on the involvement in ‘Ghostbusters 3′ has been made clear and I respect that.”

With Bill Murray out of the Ghostbusters 3 project and the need to fill the shoes with non “fat men” it will be interesting to see how fans of the original movie series react.

One fan on the Empire Magazine comments section is more then okay with new actors, as they put it:

“If they can’t get the original cast back together, OK, reboot it completely,” adding, “Start over with some new guys.”

I couldn’t agree more with that comment, after all if you have the same writers and actors backing the new movie it should at least resemble the feel of the original and as a Ghostbusters fan hoping for a new version of the movie I would still pay to see it either way.

Would you head to theaters to see a new Ghostbusters movie filmed with new Ghostbusting blood?

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29 Responses to “Bill Murray Won’t Appear In Ghostbusters 3 But He Didn’t Shred The Script”

  1. Gary Garber II

    Without Bill Murray I wouldn't watch it……………..With him it would be a definite must see……….

  2. Tommy Ross

    depends on the script. if bill murray has seen the script and it truly just isn't up to par, I don't blame him. hollywood's imagination is nil these days. you go for independent films if you want to see the movie of the year most of the time. but I hope he's not walking away before he sees what they have come up with. and at this point, I don't see why he couldn't have creative imput. but anyway… just sounds like his heart's not in it. contrary to a previous comment, withouth venkman, I'd almost HAVE to see it. curiosity would get the better of me. but I wouldn't be expecting much.

  3. Anonymous

    I do not disagree that this movie will be funny and very well written. This will be a very entertaining movie to watch. However, without Bill Murray, I will not pay money to see it. Ghostbusters IS Bill Murray and I will not accept anything less.

  4. Steve Jaeger

    God bless him! At least someone in Hollywood has a little self respect. I hope Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone pay attention.

  5. Louis Hall

    NO! NO FRIGGIN RE-BOOTING! DAMMIT. I am SICK of Hollywierd RUINING my childhood memories by rewriting things BADLY. Get what original actors wish to appear in GB3. Pass the torch, but keep the old guard involved as mentors. NO REBOOTING. NO NO NO. I will NOT waste my money on another s**tty reboot!

  6. John P. Miller

    Who wrote this article? My god, journalists are bad enough, but can we please get someone literate from now on?

  7. Danial Boo

    After watching ghostbusters about a year back, it seemed corny compared to what I remember it being when I saw it at the drive-in theater all of those years ago! With that being said, I'd only go to watch it if at least some of the original cast members were in it. It really sucks that because of murray's decision, weaver probably won't get to reprise her role in the movie. I have a feeling this movie just may never get made. If it does, however, it'd take a miracle to get a theatrical release.

  8. Anonymous

    C'mon, folks… this is easily solved… The Ghostbusters were, in addition to spook fighters, businessmen. This business would have likely expanded, including more employees and enabling others to retire over time… Bill wouldn't HAVE to be a fat old man fighting ghosts… he could have a role in a retiree capacity(cameo at least) or even, maybe, kill him off somehow and have him return AS a ghost. Why not? Slimer was a homey in the cartoon series… why couldn't Bill be a homey, too? So, if you are listening, guys, we love you all. We would go see you old, fat, skinny or even with both feet in the grave.

  9. Kelly Kleinman

    Murrray did Zombieland for God's sake and frankly, I'd be first in line to see fat old men like he, Ramis and my favorite Dan Ackroyd reprise their roles! My 9 yr. olds are jacked for the flick as well!

  10. Joe Jones

    I don't like the idea of a reboot. What I do like is a a new team of ghostbusters, backed up by the old veterans – Egon, Ray, and Winston. Don't replace Peter – just say he's married/retired.

  11. Andre Ruano

    I agree, lets NOT do another Ghostbusters film. If they would have done it. it would have been back in the early 90's. The same goes for a 3rd Mortal Kombat movie. Annihilation is what killed it. Let that too RIP.

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