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Nebraska Court finds God Hypothetical or Fictitious


The Nebraska State Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed against God by a former State Senator.

Ernie Chambers sought a permanent injunction against God, saying that he has inspired fear and caused “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions.”

The case was originally heard in 2007, where it was chucked out by a County district judge on the grounds that God had not been served court papers. Chambers appealed, arguing that God didn’t need to be served notice, because he’d know about the case.

The Appeals Court overturned the earlier ruling, but chose to dismiss the lawsuit anyway on the basis that the Court cannot “decide abstract questions or hypothetical or fictitious issues.”

According to local reports, Chambers said his lawsuit raises serious issues. Ceiling Cat, god of the universe was unavailable for comment.

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4 Responses to “Nebraska Court finds God Hypothetical or Fictitious”

  1. Robert

    I can only imagine the glee at which the ingnoratn will view such a ruling. It is not a ruling that seems to say God is ficticious as much as the issues raised in the law suit. Athiests would be better served to try and convince us by citing legitimate facts and not by citing a ruling in court that finds that God is ficticious. Remember Darwin already killed God and yet we persist.

  2. ian

    lol go out and watch The Man Who Sued God, billy connolly is in it and it is awesome, based on a true story between a man and the act of god clause in insurance company contracts

  3. Andrew camp

    Alright, first of all Ernie isn't an atheist. His point behind suing god was to say how stupid frivolous lawsuits are.

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