Harmonix working on a PSN/XBLA/Facebook game

What is Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix up to these days? Going by the resume of a Harmonix staffer, it looks like the developer may be looking into cooking up a digital release on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and, oddly enough, Facebook.

The resume, first spotted by internet super-sleuth Superannuation, doesn’t provide a name for the unannounced title, so we don’t know what sort of game it actually is. Harmonix wasn’t willing to share that information themselves, but they did at least that they’re working on something.

“As we’ve stated before, our studio is growing and hard at work on a variety of titles,” John Drake, director of communications & brand management at Harmonix, told Game Informer. “In a storied Harmonix tradition, our designers start working on those games before they’re publicly announced. We’re excited to confirm more information soon, probably via a LinkedIn update or something – we haven’t decided.”

Back in late 2010, Viacom attempted to sell off Harmonix, and the studio soon returned to its indie roots, releasing Vidrhythm on the App Store, followed by the release of Kinect titles Dance Central and Dance Central 2.

Source: Brian Chan