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Elizabeth Warren Says ‘I’m In’

No matter how often Elizabeth Warren has said that she won’t be running for the Democratic presidential ticket in 2016, hoards of supporters just won’t give up on the idea of the Massachusetts state senator running for the nation’s highest office next year.

Elizabeth herself is no doubt aware of the feverish core of Warren supporters that still want her to run, which is why it seems odd for her to send out an email through the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with the headline “I’m In,” reported the Daily Caller.

Elizabeth’s message, however, had nothing to do with a presidential campaign. Instead, Warren was pledging her support of a different kind of campaign — one to pull the U.S. Senate back to the left. Elizabeth wrote that watching progressive policy wins get peeled back since the GOP took over Congress has inspired her to fight back.

“Friend — In the first few weeks of the new Republican Congress, the GOP has attacked Social Security. They’ve attacked health care. They’ve attacked the rules on Wall Street. They even threatened a reckless shutdown of our national security funding.”

Of course, Democrats who support Warren for president aren’t too upset about the email. After all, Elizabeth’s fiery defenses of these values are what made them want to see her in the White House in the first place. The rest of Warren’s email was also filled with her signature directness.

“The question is whether enough Democrats will stand up — stand up to corporate money and powerful interests and stand up for regular people, working families, and progressive values.”

Elizabeth’s “I’m In” teasing may have had more to it than meets the eye. A recent editorial from the Atlantic argued that even though Warren has denied any aspirations for a 2016 run, many other details about her public persona seem to the speak otherwise, one of which being her repeated criticism of both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

“If a politician expresses ideas that are shared by literally tens of millions of people—and that are being expressed by no other first-tier political figure—she owes it to her supporters to take their cause to the open hearing and fair trial of the nation. It would be negligent and irresponsible not to do so. Elizabeth Warren belongs to that unusual group who stick by their principles even when it might cost them something, including an election.”

Do you think there’s still a chance that Elizabeth Warren could run for president in 2016?

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