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Record-Breaking Giant Stingray Caught In Thailand [PICS + VIDEO]

Giant Stingray

A British man has wrangled what’s considered the largest freshwater fish ever caught anywhere. Ian Welch managed to bring in a 770-pound stingray from the Maeklong River in Thailand.

Largest Stingray: Nearly 800 Pounds

The stingray — which was five times Welch’s weight — measured 7 feet long by 7 feet wide. Its stinger alone was 10 feet long. Welch needed the help of a dozen men just to lift the thing out of the water.

“It dragged me across the boat,” Welch, 45, tells The Mirror. “I knew it was going to a big one. As soon as we saw it there was just silence. Everyone was in awe of this thing.”

Welch says it took a full 90 minutes to bring the nearly 800-pound stingray in. He and his team soon learned the giant stingray was actually a pregnant female. They released the massive creature back into the water.

The previous record for a freshwater fish caught with a rod, The Mirror reports, was a 646 pound catfish caught in 2005.

Giant Stingray Video

Welch and his fellow team members have brought in plenty of record-breaking stingrays in the past. The following videos show their struggle with another mammoth-sized stingray recently in the same Thailand river.

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  1. Hill

    Hope they put it back so it can live out its remaining years or if it is dead,put it in the Smithsonian!

  2. roniel ocampo

    would you cite reasons why these stingray become so huge like that , , ,

  3. lilmissmissy

    that is one giant stingray i swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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