Blue Balls

Mysterious Blue Balls Fall From The Sky [Video]

Mysterious blue balls have fallen from the sky. Steve Hornsby, a 61 year old from the UK said that the sky went yellow and a storm broke out over his home. The strange blue jelly balls started falling from the sky landing all over his back yard.

Hornsby tried to pick one up and he noticed it had a strange jelly like feel to it, so much so that it barely held its shape. Horsnby thinks that it is a type of atmospheric pollution that caused the falling blue balls. Some scientists who have seen them think that they may be some type of egg that was left in the ocean and picked up by surging storm clouds (although there is no embryos in them).

Hornsby said,

“It’s the most peculiar thing I have ever seen – there must be about 20 complete spheres. They don’t smell and they don’t float. I’ve been an aircraft engineer for many years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

There are many United Kingdom scientists who are trying to figure out what they are. Some theories include:

  • sodium polyacrylate crystals used in floral displays
  • toy gun pellets
  • Bird Eggs

The only problem is that none of these theories really makes complete sense. Also, no one can explain how they got in the sky to begin with.

Would you be completely freaked out to see blue jelly balls falling from the sky?

Watch a video of the mysterious blue balls