Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Accused Of Playing Favorites With Kids

‘Sister Wives’ Divorce Drama: Kody Brown Accused Of Favoring His Son With Robyn

Many Sister Wives fans were appalled when they found out that Kody and Meri Brown got divorced so that Robyn could become the polygamist family’s only legal wife — it seemed as though Kody was officially anointing his fourth wife as his favorite spouse. Favoritism isn’t the real reason for the divorce and marriage, but Sister Wives viewers think there’s plenty evidence proving that Kody Brown views Robyn as the real queen of his many mini-castles.

According to In Touch Weekly, Sister Wives viewers reacted strongly to the last episode of the TLC series, “First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer.” During that episode, two anthropology students carefully studied the Brown’s family dynamics. They observed that Kody spent more time with his sons than his daughters, and they pointed out that he spent the most time with youngest son Solomon. As it just so happens, Solomon is Kody’s only child with Robyn.

Robyn tried to claim that Kody’s focus on Solomon had nothing to do with playing favorites — he was just worried about the child because he was recovering from dental surgery during the students’ visit. However, according to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Sister Wives viewers weren’t buying it. They took to Twitter to question Kody Brown about his tendency to spend more time with certain children, and he decided to turn what could be a serious family issue into a joke.

The other son mentioned in his tweet is Hunter, one of his six children with second wife Janelle. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out that Kody tweets quite a bit about Hunter, and he’s probably so close with the 18-year-old because they share a passion for scholastic wrestling. Because Kody Brown singled out their sons, Robyn and Janelle came to his defense on Twitter.

Kody has 17 kids, so there’s no way he can spend time with them every day. However, many Sister Wives fans seem to think that he could make more of an effort not to play favorites with Robyn and Solomon. After the latest episode of the show, viewers shared their own observations about Kody and the most recent additions to his family.

Many Sister Wives fans thought that Kody Brown’s divorce from Meri and his subsequent legal marriage to Robyn had something to do with the patriarch playing favorites, but, as the Inquisitr previously reported, the divorce was actually Meri Brown’s idea. Meri hasn’t left Kody’s harem, so it’s likely that she made the move to benefit the family. One theory is that Robyn legally married Kody to gain healthcare for her three children from a previous marriage. However, it’s no secret that Meri really struggled when Robyn joined the family, and she even admitted that she’s been thinking about divorcing Kody ever since he decided to bring a fourth wife into the fold.

Sister Wives fans will finally get to hear the full explanation behind Meri Brown’s divorce decision when the show’s season finale airs Sunday, March 1, at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. Do you think Kody plays favorites with his wives and kids?

[Image credit: Robyn Brown/Twitter]