The Undertaker Set To Respond To Bray Wyatt?

WWE News: The Undertaker Will Respond To Bray Wyatt?

As WWE gets closer to the grandest stage of them all, its most legendary performer and his involvement comes into question every year. Earlier this week, we found out that The Undertaker would most likely be kept off television until Wrestlemania. But his presence might be felt much sooner.

The Undertaker will square off against ‘The Eater of Worlds’ Bray Wyatt at this years Wrestlemania but we’ve not heard any confirmation from the Deadman. That likely will change soon as the WWE is teasing that the Phenom is set to respond to Wyatt’s challenge.

Here’s an excerpt from the article discussing Undertaker’s response.

“It’s a constant in life that everything will eventually come to an end. And despite Bray Wyatt’s cries for a monumental clash on The Grandest Stage of Them All, he may have to look elsewhere for his WresleMania moment. The WWE Universe will simply have to wait on the edge of its seat to see if The Undertaker’s WrestleMania reign is truly over.”

Contrary to’s questioning of Undertaker accepting Wyatt’s challenge, LordsofPain is reporting that the legendary Deadman is set to respond to Wyatt as soon as this weeks edition of Monday Night RAW.

As our earlier report suggested, Undertaker will not physically appear to confront Wyatt. Instead, we will likely see a series of vignettes, ominous signs and other enigmatic situations to confirm Undertaker’s impending return. This match between Undertaker and Wyatt will need some type of confirmation heading into Wrestlemania as the fans need some reason to believe the match will actually transpire.

In fact, this entire ordeal is eerily similar to The Undertaker’s return over a decade ago at Wrestlemania 20. After Kane buried his half-brother alive, we didn’t hear a peep from Undertaker until the road to Wrestlemania. Several dark videos and mind games confirmed that we’d see the conscience of the WWE return to the squared circle. This time around will be no different.

We’ll likely have a scenario in which Wyatt calls out Undertaker from the ring, and at the appropriate moment, the lights will flicker along with the heartbeat of the WWE universe. We’ll see a video on the Titantron, at the end of which we will have received our answer from Undertaker.

Although none of us can predict what type of shape he’s in right now, Undertaker’s wife and former WWE diva Michelle McCool did give us an update on the 24-year veteran of the WWE (via Instagram). Based on those images, Undertaker is still physically fit enough to train and is working toward getting in shape for Wrestlemania.

We won’t know how he looks until he walks through the ropes, takes off his hat, coat and rolls his eyes into the back of his head. However, based on his track record of success, it’d be a mistake to doubt the Deadman. True believers know he is capable of one more memorable match, and when it is all said and done, the doubters will become true believers. Leave the details to the one and only Undertaker.

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