Bryan Patrice: Naked Man Tries To Drown Baby In Bathroom Sink

Bryan Patrice will face charges of attempted second-degree murder, battery, and resisting an officer without violence after being found naked, in his bathroom, trying to drown his baby in the sink.

Police in West Palm Beach, Florida, received a call for help around 8 p.m. Tuesday night. They responded to the apartment building where Patrice lives with his wife and their 2-month-old daughter. When officers arrived, cries and loud banging noises could be heard from the bathroom. Police ordered Patrice to open the door.

“I rebuke you in the name of Jehovah!” Patrice responded.

At that point, officers forced the bathroom door open and found Patrice, completely naked, trying to drown his baby in the bathroom sink.

Officers took Patrice down with a stun gun, and once he was in custody, took Patrice, his wife, and their baby to the hospital. It is believed that Patrice suffered from a case of what is called “excited delirium.” It’s an uncommon disorder that is described as an “an acute psychotic episode.” It can be triggered by drugs or extreme stress.

According to Patrice’s wife, Leila, Bryan Patrice had been acting normally throughout the day. But on Tuesday evening, as Leila was feeding her infant daughter, she heard loud noises coming from their bathroom, when suddenly Patrice appeared, completely naked, yelling “Jesus!” and “Jehovah!”

While she was still holding the baby, Leila says her husband grabbed her by the hair and physically dragged her to the bathroom. He repeatedly banged her head against the floor and twisted her neck. At that point, she says, she lost her grip on the baby and he took the infant from her. Too weak to fight Patrice for the baby, Leila fled from the apartment to get help.

Both Leila and the baby have been released from the hospital. Potential injuries to the infant were not released, but Leila suffered scrapes and bruises and had been dragged so violently by her hair that large sections of her hair were missing from her scalp. Although no mention has been made of the baby’s condition, since both mother and infant were released, it could be assumed that the infant sustained no serious injuries.

Bryan Patrice remains hospitalized, but once he is released, police say he will be booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and held without bail while he faces the charges against him.

Leila Patrice was fortunate that police were able to rescue her baby from her deranged husband. A father in Belgium wasn’t as fortunate and suffered a horrifying loss. Click here to read about his wife, who locked their three daughters in a shed and set it on fire, then called him so he could hear them scream as they burned to death.