Justin Bieber Twerks, Talks Balls And Robbery With Old Lady In 'Repeat After Me' Prank

Justin Bieber Twerks, Talks Balls, Robbery With Old Lady In ‘Repeat After Me’

Justin Bieber twerking in front of an elderly lady in a bowling alley was just one of the odd events in a very funny Tuesday episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ brand new, hidden-camera show Repeat After Me on ABC.

Hosted by The Goldbergs’ Wendi McLendon-Covey, who tells guest celebrities what to do through a hidden ear-piece, the 20-year-old superstar was put through his comedy paces. After teasers on Tuesday, the actual show revealed just how bizarre and hilarious it all got. Kristen Bell and Michael Bolton also featured in separate pranks.

The set-up involved Bieber pretending he knew nothing about bowling and getting lessons from a bowling instructor called Tish, while doing and saying the crazy things McLendon-Covey commanded.

When Tish walks into the alley, the “Confident” singer was told to greet her saying, “The Biebs only does hugs,” before being told to explain, “I’m making a movie called Bieber Be Ballin. It’s a documentary about how good I am at handling balls.”

His teacher seemed unfazed by Bieber’s remarks, such as when Covey made him say, “I know my sexiness is distracting.” To which, his teacher laughed and said, “You’re making me crazy.”

Throughout the prank, the Canadian was told to “stay real close” to Tish. At one point he had to ask the senior if she liked his tattoos. Then, when Tish surprisingly replied she had considered getting one, the singer was told to say, “May I suggest my own face?”

“I have a giant owl because I love Hooters,” was just one of the gems Bieber was given to say. Another was, “Nice tush, Tish!”

Another funny moment saw the Bieber asking the old woman, “Do you know what swagger is?” before he was told to twerk. He was also asked to do a series of squats. Tish seemed delighted by her famous pupil’s antics, although she did order him to “stop it” when he was squatting.

When it came time to bowl, the singer was directed by McLendon-Covey to “drop” the ball and just let it roll towards the pins.

After Bieber did so, Tish then took her turn, which also didn’t go well. Bieber couldn’t keep a straight face behind her after she noted, “The conditions are not the best here.”

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Bieber showed off his relatively tame Twerking skills during the ‘Repeat After Me’ episode)

Then, came a genuine awkward moment when the crooner was told to ask her, “Have you ever robbed a liquor store?” He did this while hugging the elderly lady from behind.

“No!” Tish replied, abruptly pulling herself out of Bieber’s hug, and advancing towards him saying, “Why would I want to do that?”

For his part, Bieber — who looked worried at this point — backed away from his instructor with his arms outstretched.

Justin Bieber
(Photo; The singer hugged Tish during the bowling alley-set prank)

Thankfully, McLendon-Covey called time on the whole thing and told the singer to tell Tish she was being pranked for national television — in song form.

Tish appeared to take it all in stride, as she laughed and said the prank had been “the best time of my life.” She went on to say of the Biebs, “and I do love this boy.”

justin Bieber
(Photo: Bieber’s day of reckoning cometh, the comedy central roast airs March 30)

Bieber’s prank-fest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and now Repeat After Me, will shortly see the singer facing the biggest of them all at his upcoming Comedy Central Roast.

On March 14, the singer will face a lineup of comedians including, the Roast Master Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross, Hannibal Buress, and other (as yet unnamed) comics to tape the show in Los Angeles. It airs on March 30.

Until then, Bieber and Tish’s comic bowling session brought a lot of fun on Tuesday night.

[Images via ABC, Comedy Central Network, The Wall Group]