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Miley Cyrus Licks Boyfriend’s Penis Cake

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus isn’t a Disney princess anymore. The 19-year-old singer gave her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth an x-rated cake for his birthday last weekend. Hannah Montana was even kind enough to pose for a few pictures with the penis cake.

Hemsworth, who is 22, also had some adult beverages at his party and according to TMZ, Miley wasn’t shying away from the alcohol. Cyrus hasn’t commented on whether or not she was drinking, but it wouldn’t be surprising. Miley has been cultivating a “sexy bad girl” image recently.

After getting a new tattoo, Cyrus said:

“People have very mixed opinions on me; I’m a great role model, or I’m completely inappropriate for anyone under 13 and I am controversial. I don’t know how I became this… It’s weird. Two complete extremes. I’m not some crazy lady who’s gone off the deep end, because I definitely haven’t… I just always try to be real. Every 18-year-old explores sexuality and experiments and tries things. For me there’s no reason to change that. You have to be true to yourself.”

miley cyrus penis cake

TMZ reports that Cyrus enjoyed her penis cake at Club Icon in Downtown L.A. last weekend. (You can see more photos of Miley at the party here.)

miley cyrus

Of course, Miley Cyrus does a lot more than just party. She recently released a cover of Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.” Check it out, it’s not as bad as you might think.

Do you think Miley Cyrus is a good role model? Do you think she’s held to a higher standard because she grew up on the Disney channel?

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252 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Licks Boyfriend’s Penis Cake”

  1. Jesse Carr

    Easy questions. No, and no. I think she's doing stuff normal young people do but gets way more attention for it(meaning any attention at all) because she's unfortunately what we consider to be a celebrity.

  2. Violet Rose Heckman

    And to think this is the person my little cousins look up to….
    As a fellow 19 year old born around the same time as Miley, I ask why? I wouldn't do these kinds of things and every one knows I can be a wild child when I want to be….. Seriously girl, grow up and realize you live in the public eye and all your fans are little girls, the things you do and say matter, you have the power to make a difference, use it.

  3. Cassandra Reeder

    Penis cake? That's funny. You go, Miley. Keep having fun and don't let the media sucks out your soul with all its judgmental negative energy.

  4. MerciPour LeVenin Murray

    um… I'm sorry but no, she could be if she cleaned back up, my aunt won't let her kids watch HM because of what she does. like this, I get it's her BF's cake but seriously.. you don't need to lick it…

  5. Suzie Pugh

    I could have gone all day without seeing that picture…Good Lord, what is this world coming to?

  6. Tim Terrell

    Take the stick out your butt. She was at a party eating a CAKE. She was not in an x-rated movie, she didn't kill anyone.

  7. Neva Hansen

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  8. Courtney Brianna Falvo

    Tim Terrell being trashy isn't okay. Especially when you have kids growing up doing a lot of the things you do yourself. It's not because he's not an adult free to full-fill life, but she isn't very good at keeping her private life private. Who really wants to be known for being high on cam, being drunk and half-naked, bra-less, and let alone eating a phallic cake. Who /DOES/ that?

  9. Anthony Papillion

    I think if anyone is holding up celebrities as role models, they need to find new role models. Miley is an actress and singer. She's not out pulling children from burning buildings, saving kittens from trees, giving life saving care to someone in need. Want a role model? *There* are some role models. Those are the people to look up to.

  10. Kaila Lockheart

    Tim Terrell The standards you have for 19 year old girls in this country aren't the same standards that everyone has to share. Violet doesn't have a stick up her ass for saying that a public icon (whose primary fanbase consists of girls under the age of ten) should act more decently. I am an eighteen year old girl, and of course I'll admit that I'm at the age where sexual humor is an everyday occurrence, however – there is a line between what is publicly decent and what should be reserved for when you are amongst friends in private. It's great that everyone can assume she's sucking gorilla man's nuts, but she needs to remember who's watching her and show a little self-preservation, because right now she looks like a skank.

  11. Nancy Young

    She's a pig and she's been a pig since her father just let her make her own decisions at age 12. He didn't do her any favors and, hopefully, all of the little girls who want to be like her have parents who act like parents and not like her buddy.

  12. Tim Terrell

    Courtney Brianna Falvo Well obviously, business woman and millionaire Miley Cyrus did. Being successful does make her better, but she isn't about fooling around with her life. As for being drunk at a party and posing wit a CAKE. "Who does that" you ask? Young people who have a social life. I think millions of people get drunk at parties. And she wasn't half naked in those photos.

  13. Judy Frick

    She doesn't have to be a role model to anyone, but any young woman who would serve this and take those pix has no class.

  14. Tim Terrell

    I meant to write being successful and having your own TV show DOESN'T make her better, but it shows that she has a work ethic. And she's allowed to have fun at a party. As for the drinking, get serious, how many 19 year olds drink, even though the drinking age is 21? As long as she is NOT driving….

  15. Violet Rose Heckman

    Tim Terrell I don't have a stick in my butt, I used to party and be a wild child too, I even pointed that out, but I stopped when I saw that a lot of people looked up to me… I'm 19 and yes I have had a drink or two when I shouldn't have, but I have been smart enough not to do anything to stupid on camera, seriously my point is she needs to realize that she lives in the public eye and even though she has tried to say she is not a role model, she is, little kids loo up to her whether she wants them to or not and she needs to realize that and thin smarter about the things she does, I'm not saying she can't have fun, but she needs to be smarter about how she has fun.

  16. Violet Rose Heckman

    Taylor Swift is a pretty good role model… and you're right celebrities shouldn't be role models, but they are and if they were to realize that, that they have the power to make a difference in this world then things would be a lot better… I am an actress, I also am someone people look up to…. I am 19 and I used to be a huge party wild child, but I never got photographed or caught on camera doing so…. I also stopped when I saw that people really do look up to me.

  17. Violet Rose Heckman

    Yes this article is, but she is not…. children should be brought up in this matter, because as much as we don't like to admit it, most parenting happens outside of the home via tv, news, books, and music, and Miley has a large 5 to 14 year old fan base…..

  18. John Del Rosario

    Blame the cameras not the person. Everyone has their own rights to live how they want to. What is life when you're expected to live how everyone wants you to. 5 to 15 year old's don't have a fully developed cognition. It's best to just hand children a couple of art materials and show them appreciation for their hard work. Rather than putting them in front of the television. Parenting is guiding your children with right morals and wisdom until they develop a full cognition. Then they will learn what is right and wrong eventually. Everyone can't be perfect. Mistakes are our greatest lessons. We can't control what the media plays in the radio or put in our televisions. Even the toys they sell now a days like Bratz are portrayed wearing skimpy clothing or dressed up as if it's ready to go clubbing. It's the parent's job to show their children the right materials and guide them constantly. Parenting comes directly from the parents with a lot of love, understanding, wisdom, and compassion. That's what I think parenting is. Children will mature eventually. Shouldn't we be more concerned about children who can't eat and go to school? The problem comes from the parents not the media. The media is made to entertain.

  19. Allie Vinci-Versace

    Violet Rose Heckman screw that. You have one life to live. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and just have fun. You're only young once so go nuts. If the parents don't like it then they should be more of a role model. There are a hell of a lot worse things a celeb can do that PRETEND TO LICK A PENIS CAKE. My god the PC in this world has gone way too far. RELAX PEOPLE JESUS CHRIST

  20. Allie Vinci-Versace

    You don't need to…but sometimes you want to have a little fun. Stop caring what everyone else thinks. If parents don't like it then they can do as your aunt does. No one has the right to say if pretending to lick her BF's PENIS CAKE IS WRONG. It's effing INNOCENT compared what celebs do anymore. JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE

  21. Nancy Young

    Allie Vinci-Versace : I don't know what girls you know who do things for such shock value, but I think she is over-stepping her boundaries for other girls who look up to her. I can see a line of tweens and teens in line at cake shops ordering penis cakes. Make your mothers proud!!

  22. Allie Vinci-Versace

    Violet Rose Heckman get over yourself and live your own life…not other people's. BTW 19 is very young so what is this USED to be a wild child bull you're pulling? You have the best years of your life ahead of you so you might as well take advantage of your energy and youth while you still can. No regrets.

  23. Violet Rose Heckman

    Allie Vinci-Versace yes but I had to grow up fast, I used to be a wild child, I still party but I am smarter about it… I'm not full of myself or anything I just know that when people live in a public eye they have to act smarter, for every action there is an equal or greater reaction… if she is going to do things like this she needs to take responsibility… isn't that what we are taught all our lives, to be responsible… and I am living my own life, I'm not living hers… all I am saying is she really does need to be smarter about what she does… her fan base is pre teen girls…. they look up to her sadly…. this is not what they should be subjected to…. I'm not saying she can't have fun…. just dreaming and wishing she would be smarter about the fun she does have…. and saying that age is no excuse for the way you act… for people to say she is just being a 19 year old is pathetic and makes people my age look bad…. we want respect but then we act like this… how do we plan to get respect…

  24. Anonymous

    Actress, role model whatever she is, she is definitely acting like a total slut.
    That is disgusting. She's right, it's her life, but she has no right to complain about being called "inappropriate" when she licks penis shaped cakes….

  25. Violet Rose Heckman

    Allie Vinci-Versace Seriously, how old are you? how many 18 and 19 year olds do you know? I am 19, I'm actually just a couple months younger than Miley Cyrus, I am an actress, model, and writer and I DO NOT act like this nor do a lot of my friends who are the same age or older then me, however we also are not fans of Miley Cyrus…. the people I know who do act like this sadly are people younger then me who look up to Miley and other fans of hers… now do you see what my problem is…. it's not how she acts… it's how her actions have an effect that annoys me, not her… same with Snookie and a lot of other celebrities….

  26. MerciPour LeVenin Murray

    Allie Vinci-Versace that was quite hateful. she was giving personal experience not saying she was Miley Cyrus. i'm 17 and had to grow up fast, but i feel like i am a better role model than Miley. I've done some seriously stupid shit. it doesn't make her a bad person, she just needs to clean up, she needs to realize what age her fan base is and that no matter what she does she will be criticized, because she is famous. and people have a different past then you, it doesn't mean that they weren't a party goer when they were younger, and they got out of it and matured. it doesn't matter how young you are it happens. and yes regrets, i have lots of them. hell i'll probably add ten this weekend. you don't have to use your energy to party, use it to help others. oh and btw she was being illegal, she's not old enough to drink.. and look at what is in her hand.. alcohol. go Miley.

  27. Kim Bradley

    Miley is not a role model for anything other than "Here is what happens to a beautiful young lady who grows up without any parenting". It is a shame, because she had much potential and she has now lowered herself to the level of a "B" movie tool….and it is society telling everyone it is "No big deal" "She didn't murder anyone" which allows people to act like mindless moronic frat boys long before and after they should.

  28. Jeanne Lewis

    Will she show these pictures to her children? If not she has something to be ashamed of. Anyway, didn't she have the wrong genitals on the cake, assuming he is not interested in male body parts.

  29. Jason James Rubadeau

    Why?Because she is having fun. Going to clubs is just is. just wanna know where the cops(or her dad) are when this 19 year old is getting plowed drunk, or how she got into this club, which is 21 & over..

  30. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau my little cousins from ages of 2 and up, that's about 12 people right there, a bunch of my friends who are younger then me because they know all the things I've gone through in life, I used to suffer from depression and I am a suicide survivor… a few people from school because I stood up for what I believed in and didn't take people's crap and didn't care what they thought about me…. and a few people I met through theater and stuff because of my writing and stuff…. and there are a few people who I'm the one who helps give them hope to keep fighting a few of my friends would be dead if it wasn't for me… people make a bigger impact on peoples lives then they realize with as simple of a thing as just saying hi…. I knew this guy who was going to kill himself, and I said hi to him in the hall one day, and then I said hi to him in the hall everyday after that, one day he stopped me and told me that the first day I said hi to him in the hall, he had been planning on going home and killing himself that day, but me saying hi to him and smiling at him stopped him from doing so….

  31. Donna Kamm

    Unfortunately, she was a role model to impressionable kids who watched her show, whether she should have been or not. She enjoyed taking the money and should remember what, and who, made her "famous". Apparently she now wants to become as popular as she was when she had her own series and, partly because of our anything goes culture, now thinks that the was to get the spotlight back on her is to be seen smoking pot and getting photographed doing something just plain disgusting. If anyone is to blame for her recent behavior, it is her. Yes, maybe her mother let her get away with too much when she was younger, but she is her own person now. I'm sure her father is quite upset by her behavior now. He has tried talking to her but not much can be done by him now that she is no longer a minor. There's noone to blame except her for wanting to act like a skanky party girl now. Maybe the "real" Miley is finally showing.

  32. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman My only point is that being a screw up early in life does not make one a role model..
    Anyone can be one..believe me, I work at a nightclub..

  33. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman Actress, Model, oh my. How 'come I have never seen of or heard of you in the LA scene?..Why don't you "Re-Phrase that..try "I WANT to be an actress, model.." Hey, why not throw in Singer/Songwriter while you are at it..perhaps you can win a contest someday and become famous!!! With your holier than thou attitude, I doubt it, though..
    Oh, your a writer, too..It must be such a burden to be so talented(he says while laughing wildly)

  34. Nicollette Mahl-Jhinn Cline

    Miley Cyrus has a very nice voice. Shame on anyone who dares question her personal choices. She doesn't ask us to peer into her personal life and dissect her every joking (Or serious) action with a fine scalpel. Do it if you wish, but stop acting like Cyrus has ever asked you to look up to her. Stop acting like her personal choices hurt you. Unless she stole her man from you and sent those pictures to taunt, then you have no bearing or involvement here.
    In fact, shame on anyone who tells their children to look up to television/movie/music stars. If your parenting is so pathetic as to depend on the outside inspiration of a complete stranger you've hardly a chance of meeting in ten lifetimes you are a sad sad parent. Liking a star is different from idolizing them, and the world needs to learn this difference quickly.
    Realistically, I'm sure half of the teenagers on Facebook have much more terrible and degrading pictures of themselves posted and you don't see any articles written about them. Have fun judging a stranger for something that is none of your business.

  35. Erik Hopkins

    This seems tos how her true side and its up to each person on wother they see her as a role model and want her to be 1 or not and as for acting she is no actress I don't care how many movies she has been in ive seen better acting from monkeys.

  36. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau and my point is that when one sees that they have the power to be a role model they should do everything they can not abuse that power… when people look up to you you should make sure that you are worthy of them looking up to you…. if she wants to party and have fun that is fine, but people in general, not just her, need to be smarter about how they have fun, and need to work harder to keep their private life private…. people think that because people are young they are stupid and entitled to screw up, but that's not true, age has nothing to do with maturity, some people mature faster then others and some never mature… I just wish people would stop using age as an excuse, I am a month younger then Miley and because supposedly so many 19 years old act this way people assume this is how I act, and I hate that…

  37. Moon Ahmed

    lol you live in wisconsin ..not much acting goin on there…lol i hope you flying out here to cali every weekend for work..

  38. Moon Ahmed

    being in the public eye is a choice you make when you decide to become a singer/celebrity..all the eyes in the world are watching…sorry bud but that looks tacky as f*ck even though people do it all the time…bachelorette parties, etc…especially since millions of peepz is lookin at it…besides would you want your daughter having a pic like that up for millions to stare at…keep it real bruh…

  39. Violet Rose Heckman

    Moon Ahmed Shows what you know, there is a lot of acting going on also modeling, and Chicago has a lot of things that happen there as well, I mainly do community theater because I love acting its a way of life not a job to me, I have been in a movie before though and I did some modeling, but right now I am doing it just for me, not for the money, and even when/if I do start making big bucks through acting or modeling, it really always be for me and not for the money.

  40. Moon Ahmed

    everyone says that its not for the money..good for you tho..sorry 2 hear about your past drama..good for not tryna hate on you.

  41. Violet Rose Heckman

    Moon Ahmed no it's really not for the money, if you get into acting or modeling for the money it will end in disaster you really do have to love acting and modeling enough to be ok with being a starving artist, which I do… acting is what saves me, acting , modeling, ad writing, if I did have those things I would be gone… when I'm not acting I'm writing songs and poems or working on a book… I don't plan to make money off of any of these things I really am just doing it for me….

  42. Brandon Elms

    Violet Rose Heckman Yeah, I have to say, I've never once heard of you. Actress, model, and writer? What is something you have acted in? It's easy to call yourself a model, so I won't even bother with that one. Also, what have you written. You see, you claim to be able to stay out of the papers and everything but it's easy when no one knows who you are. She's young, she will do things like that. You only know about it because she is famous, otherwise, no one would care. Kind of like if you went out to a club and licked a penis cake…

  43. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau why don't you stop judging someone for one comment, and no I am an actress and a model, I do local things here in WI and I hope one day to perhaps make a career out of it but if not I don't care because it's what I love to do… I write songs and poems and I am currently working on a book, I have had some of my work published in different things school papers, essay entries, a book of poems… I don't think I am holier then anyone, I don't care what she does I really don't , what she does with her life is up to her, all I care about is the effect that peoples actions have on the world, not just hers but people in general, I saw the course my actions was leading me down and I made a change for me and things started going better….I don't care if she wants to party, all I care about is my cousins and the girls I know who look up to her and see her as a role model, I wish they wouldn't because these actions here are not what they should be seeing, I understand she is successful and gives to charity and I applaud her for that I just wish that was what people saw, not this…. And for people to say she is just being a typical teenager ticks me off because not every teenager acts this way but because people say it is the typical teenager thing to do people assume I act like this too and judge me for it…. all I am saying is peoples actions have reactions and people need to be aware of that…. I'm not judging anyone, just saying it saddens me to know that this is all a lot of people see from her and people my age…. and it is effecting everyone…..

  44. Jason James Rubadeau

    Moon Ahmed I agree..Billy Rae is a terrible father;But that is what happens when your daughter is also your BOSS, with your (working) fate in her hands…he allowed that situation to develop, which is totally improper;Also, giving a CHILD free reign to "make her own decisions" at age 12 is just plain irresponsible. This is your CHILD, not your "Buddy" or your boss..

  45. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau I don't have a holier then anyone attitude, I know I have made mistakes but I wanted to be a good role model so I changed my behavior, and I am an actress and model locally here in WI don't do it for money I do it cause it's what I love to do, and as for being a writer I write songs and poems and I have had a few things of mine published in different things… I don't care what people do what I care about is the effect peoples actions have on the world, and because people think this is how typical teenagers act I get judge because I am the same age and that is not fair… my cousins look up to her and this is what they see so they want to be like her… I wish people would show the good things she does like charity and more things like that bob dylan cover, because those are good things…. you miss judge all my comments thinking that I am hating on her for her actions which I am not, I am saddened by the effect negative actions have on everyone and I am saddened by the fact that negative things seem to be all that people see in the world now a days….

  46. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman Alot going on out there in the sticks, eh? Well I live in Los Angeles, and work at a nightclub frequented by REAL actresses, singers, models, etc..Yea, Long Beach is cool..a little expensive..I live 30 feet from the beach, but my rent is 900 bucks a month, so you have to make some bread..luckily, nightclub work pays well. I see girls like Violet every day..they are popular in their high school out in the sticks, so they think they will come out here and be a star..and most are just like her, but very attractive, and all of them end up back home within a year or two. Some do get lucky, like Katy Perry, and sleep with the right people(She moved in to live with a producer she met at a club 1 week after they met..he is the one who produced "teenage dream") but 99.999% find out the hard way that Hollywood is now a family business, with most new movie actors coming from famous families..also, most television stuff is shot in Canada now, so some Canadians are getting into TV….It is a good thing she isn't in it for the money,'cause she 'aint gunna' get any..

  47. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau dude you don't even freaking know me…. and for your information I wasn't popular in school at all, I had to strive every day just to get by and theater was what did that for me. for you to say I'm not a real actress because I am not famous is very rude of you. you don't have to be someone to other people to be someone… I love acting and writing and modeling here in WI because I get to meet new people and talk to people and meet people who I get to make a difference in their lives…

  48. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman Yes, she has a 5-14 year old fan base..then why is she trying desperately to be known as being a sleaze? I'll tell you why..She doesn't WANT that fan base, she wants the 18-35 demographics, and those people want to see sleazy, young, yet developed girls , and this is the character she is trying to create..out of nothing. This is a kid from the Midwest that is trying to act like the queen of Hollywood, and the industry is laughing..she appeals to Midwesterners and Southerners, mainly. People who truly see her as a fine girl, not some chick trying hard to be a slut…if only in image. She may be huge in Wisconsin, but you would be hard pressed to find even a 10 year who will admit to liking her..

  49. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman Hon, I don't WANT to know you, and, as I work in Hollywood, I am SURE we will never meet…and hon, there IS NO acting in modeling in Wisconsin, save for Community theater and amateur photographers..I just am amazed at how well you handle the burden of being SO multi-Talented..I'm sorry, this is just TOO funny…please, keep going!!

  50. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau I'm done talking to you, you are obviously very immature and not worth my time, and you work at a night club in Hollywood yes but sadly sir you wouldn't know talent if it came up and asked you if you would buy it a drink, I find it funny you had to say you are amazed with how multi-talented I am when you nothing about me or my talent… I hope you have a wonderful day, but this is where my conversation with you ends.

  51. Anonymous

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  52. Taylor Evans

    When you star on a children's TV show for half a decade, and make millions of dollars from an image you helped cultivate, you ARE a role model whether you like it or not.
    She was packaged and branded by Disney, who payed her handsomely for that image. Now she's sexting, doing bong hits while friends film it, liking penis cake, and drinking underage. It's not a sudden thing either. She was dating a 20 year old underwear model when she was 15, who used to stay overnight at her house with her dad's permission. There is something wrong in that family.

  53. Taylor Evans

    Tim Terrell A grown man obsessed with a teenage girl? Is your name really Tim, or should we call you Humbert Humbert?(I'm sure I don't have to explain a Nabokov reference to someone with those sex offender glasses) lol

  54. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman You don't do it for money because NO ONE WILL PAY YOU TO DO IT..let's be honest, here, for a change; And get off the throne of self importance, girl. You are one of MILLIONS of girls living in some hick town, wanting to come to Hollywood..nothing please, spare us the self righteous stuff, You may be a role model for your close family, nothing more..everyone else sees you for what you are..a CHILD with an attitude..maybe rednecks go for that, but out here, people would hear one sentence, laugh, and walk away..P.S.- I see you ARE indeed a singer songwriter, gosh, I wonder how I knew that without ever meeting you or even bothering to read any of your laughable, self-indulgent posts? Once again, you have me laughing at my seat..damn, and I thought today would be boring, with nothing planned and all..I think I have found a career you could pursue..COMEDY

  55. Jason James Rubadeau

    Never seen someone try so hard to have others think she is a sleaze..way to go, Miley. P.S.- You should be licking the OTHER END of that thing..It is true..wealth and money are 2 independent things.

  56. Nancy Young

    Jason James Rubadeau : Why don't you go suck that cake? I'm sure by being such an important person in California, nobody would mind.

  57. Jay Lovejoy

    Pretty sure she was at a private event with friends. It's not like she sold the pic, y'all. Someone did…blame them for being greedy. Leave the kid alone, she's just messing around. And even if she wasn't, just because you spend the money for her music or movies or whatever doesn't mean she should grow up or live her life how you would expect or want. It's actually none of your business. Shocker, I know.

  58. John Del Rosario

    Anyways, Violet Rose Heckman who cares what you do in life. Jason James Rubadeau, you shouldn't shun people for what they like to do or aspire to be. People like Violet Rose Heckman keeps the community theaters alive. Community theaters and the Hollywood scene are different. It's true that now a days in Hollywood you need connections to become famous and it seems like it's been monopolized.

  59. Moon Ahmed

    lol james what club you at? lol my boy ricky runs the bar at icon ultra lounge where mylie cyrus was at. By the way 900 bucks is not expensive rent at all lol. I live in san fran bruh that shit is cheap as F*ck out here.

  60. John Del Rosario

    I don't think Miley would want this picture publicized either. There are a lot of females that are allowed inside clubs under the age of 21. You can't control yourself when you drink alcohol inside a club. All you'd be thinking about is having a great time. I don't think any father would just allow his child to make their own decisions at age 12. Miley grew up in Disney Channel. Now she's transitioning into an adult and like most girls. Miley is exploring her sexuality.

  61. Danielle DeSousa

    Listen up, Miley Cyrus isn't a disney girl anymore. she's moved on from that chapter of her life. I think parents should get over the fact that she isn't a good "role model" for their kids anymore. Make them watch something else. It isn't rocket science. Maybe parents should stop relying on television programs to teach their kids morals.

  62. Jason James Rubadeau

    John Del Rosario It has been..I mean, don't get me wrong, every now and again an outsider will get lucky, ala Sam Worthington..but the majority of newcomers are people like lily Collins, the daughter of Phil Collins, etc..Same thing with the set crew..most are relatives of former employees who "handed down" their job to a son, nephew, etc..Hollywood, for the last 10 years or so has moved in that direction..I mean miley herself is a perfect example..Nancy, I would tell you to go suck on one..but people generally want ATTRACTIVE people to do that, so I'll just tell you to beat it..Damn rednecks

  63. Cindi Carlisle

    except when MY granddaughters think she is the greatest thing that ever lived….there is no since in being vulgar, it's called being a lady, and acting like one in public, it's called acting like Princes Diana not Lindsey Lohan……no matter what SHE choose to be in the lime light.

  64. Brandon Elms

    Violet Rose Heckman Doing things locally in WI doesn't not put you on the same level as her. You don't have people following you around with a camera trying to get pictures of every little thing you do. So please, for your sake and everyone else's, stop trying to compare yourself to her. This is only in a negative light because she is famous. If you were to do the same exact thing I'm sure nobody would care.

  65. Violet Rose Heckman

    Brandon Elms I'm not trying to compare myself to her…. I'm saying that even on a small scale everyone gets attention… the people that notice when I miss behave are people who look up to me…. those same people plus more notice when she miss behaves and I know it's not fair but they do because she lives in the public eye, and I don't care what she does I only care about my cousins and the fact that because they look up to her and see this we have to tell them this is naughty… and if I did the same things as her yes people would care, they are called my parents…

  66. Brandon Elms

    Violet Rose Heckman Well, maybe you cousins' parents should try being role models. I don't know about everyone else here but when I was a kid, yeah I thought famous people were cool and what not, but I wanted to grow up and be like my dad. Maybe we should start blaming parents for not stepping up to the plate instead of some 18 year old who's just trying to have some fun…

  67. Violet Rose Heckman

    people are really miss understanding me, my point isn't that I'm trying to tell her to stop doing things, that's for her to decide and the people who love her to have that conversation, my point is I wish it wasn't in the public eye every time she acts up… and I also wish people would stop saying she is just being a normal teenager because not every teenager acts like this.

  68. Brandon Elms

    Violet Rose Heckman Just so you know, a lot of teenagers do act like that. Maybe not in WI (although, I have friends from out there and I have been to parties where I have seen similar if not worse) but in all the different states/countries I've been to, teenagers will do stuff like that. They are just being kids… And it's kind of hard to misunderstand you when you are comparing yourself to her… You may have not meant it like that but you should probably be a little more careful how you phrase things next time. You should know about context… you know, being a writer and all.

  69. Violet Rose Heckman

    Brandon Elms My cousin's parents do step up to the plate and tell them the things thy do aren't right and they listen, but my cousin is 5 she didn't understand that what Miley was doing was wrong and we had to tell her it was, when someone looks up to someone and wants to dance and sing and do the things they do and decorates their room in all things that person, it's really hard to tell them that certain things that person does they shouldn't do… and I get it she is 19 and wants to have fun, I don't care about that, I care about the fact that it gets more attention then it deserves and people say she is just a typical 19 year old… a lot of my friends who are also 19 don't like the fact that people keep saying she is being a typical teenager, because then we get judge like we do these things too and we don't, I just wish people would say what it really is, she is an adult and she decide to have fun in a wild way, her age has nothing to do with her decisions it is alll up to her.

  70. Violet Rose Heckman

    Brandon Elms No I understand context and how it could look like I was comparing myself to her, but I wasn't… I was pointing out that I am the same age as her and have found small scale success that I'm not just some dumb teenager that feels like putting in my two cents. To show that I understand slightly how when eyes are on you some times you might find a change is necessary. And I get that SOME teenagers party like this, but again it has nothing to do with age, it has to do with the person and what they see as fun and the people they hang out with and what is variable to them.

  71. Brandon Elms

    Violet Rose Heckman If your cousin is 5 then it should be even easier… Her parents should be able to filter what she sees, for example, Miley Cyrus licking a penis cake. Also, you are switching up your story… You are very inconsistent. So that being said… I'm done with you!

  72. Anais Karim

    I think if you are looking for Miley Cyrus to teach your child values, then YOU are not a good role model for your child.

  73. Gordon Campbell

    Tim Terrell She is just contributing to the vulgarization of this nation and you are as well with your self righteous liberalism.Would you want to see a picture of your daughter,mother,niece or sister doing that?Didn't Think so.

  74. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman You got a lot of growing up, Daisy Mae. You might be popular at your little Midwest high school, but here's the are one of 100 million little girls with a dream, nothing more. So spare us all the false arrogance, please…and comparing yourself to ANY celebrity. There is a reason you are not getting paid for your "work"..and it is not due to any choice you have made(Once again..laughing wildly) it is because, regardless of how YOU see yourself, the camera doesn't lie, as they say. Do us all a favor, little girl GIVE IT UP!(almost falling out of my chair laughing) Taylor Swift…CHRIST, what a laugh..But please, continue…Between you and a little weed, you are an evenings entertainment!! Hey, here's an idea, tell me about your "Career" as a singer/songwriter..

  75. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau seriously dude you are an idiot, you now nothing about me nor do you want to you're seriously just being a dumb ass if you new me I might care about what you have to say but you don't there for I do not, and as I have send early I wasn't popular in school, never have been, never will be, never wanted to be either… and you're right I am a girl with a dream but to become a famous actress, model, writer isn't my dream so just drop it

  76. Violet Rose Heckman

    Jason James Rubadeau like I said you don't even now me nor do you want to know me there for what you say about me doesn't matter… and i was never popular in school nor did I ever want to be… and you're right I do have a dream, but it's not to be a famous actress, model, writer, I do those things because its what I love to do and I have a talent for it, but that's not my real dream so just drop it and move on with your life and stay the hell out of mine.

  77. Jason James Rubadeau

    Violet Rose Heckman You weren't popular in High School..Now THAT is the first thing you have said that I believe..Yes, have a dream..heard it a thousand times, night after night.If I had a buck for every hick chick I have met that has the same dream..well, I wouldn't be working, thats for damn sure. Stay out of your life? As YOU point out, I DONT KNOW YOU, and I certainly am in NO WAY a part of your are a source of laughter, nothing more. So put away the FALSE arrogance and realize that no one cares enough to mess with your come on..tell me about your "Career" as a singer/songwriter; And pull your head out..Miley Cyrus had a famous dad. Taylor Swift had a wealthy dad that underwrote her entire "dream", from paying for demos and the like..forget about that story of an 11 year old girl that went around shopping a Karaoke tape. Complete MYTH, created by her record label..
    So come on, tell me about your career as a singer/songwriter/actress/model/poet/writer..oh God, here comes the laughter again…PEACE

  78. Moon Ahmed

    john Lol there are plenty of females under 21 that snuck into a club bruh…or sucked off the bouncer to get in…Pretty much what the jist of what your saying is…CELEBRITIES ARE ABOVE THE LAW…because their celebrities lol and underage girls who get into the club are also above the law because their just exploring their sexualities…Lol i dj man…ive spun a lot of clubs in sf, la, and vegas, and yes there are plenty of broads who get in underage but their also easy to tell…because there usually the retarded girls who are far too drunk to be inside, lets be honest, these broads dont have a tolerance and dont know how to drink….these broads also try hard to get doods…because everyone is OLDER…lol i can keep going…at the end of the day…its wrong…and just because you a celebrity dont mean your above the law.

    the club scene is far too overrated and filled with wanna-bes..anybody whos anybody gets paid to be at a club…lets keep it real. people who make money are out figuring out new ways to make more money…not being at a club every weekend trying to score. Our society puts too much focus on nightlife for real..dont mind making money spinning beats tho..its easy.

  79. Jason James Rubadeau

    Moon Ahmed Hey, Hey..I'm one of those bouncers..The problem that gives us the most trouble now are the "Scene Queens"..14-16 year old girls who have overly developed WAY to's hard to tell, as some of them really pull it off well..I don't work the door(that is another skill entirely) but last weekend threw out a 13 year old..with D-cups..I mean, given a good fake ID, how can one tell? Don't get me wrong, I have been into the club scene since I was 15..I have worked in LA(Key Club), New York(Amnesia), Miami(Club Space) and Ibiza(DC-10..wish I had never left, but you can only be in that environment for so long)..I lasted 2 years in Ibiza, and had to go. When you live in a place where you can have ANYTHING you want(wink wink) one tends to indulge. Got to meet some cool DJ's, though, Carl Cox, Bad boy Bill, Tiesto, Kioki, Boy George(total drama queen cokehead) was a good time. The one thing I noticed? In the last 8 years or so, the music sounds EXACTLY the same. I could(well, I couldn't, but I could someone that knew how to DJ)play a tune from '02 and yesterday, and you would not know the difference. European-style house hasn't changed a bit..I would have liked to do the DJ thing, but I like talking to people, and guys like Carl Cox really WORK..forget that "doing lines on the turntable" stuff(except Boy George) guys like Tiesto and Cox earn their 6 figure salaries for the same reason a movie star does, they bring people in..And you are right..not being able to hold their alcohol was always the best "Tell" in finding a minor. You are wrong on one count..the club scene is just have to find the right place..Go to Ibiza and tell me it's 'Overrated"..

  80. Anonymous

    She has to realize that she is unlike other 19 yr.olds in regard to acting goofy.Just like this pic.shows, even though it is no big deal it will be splashed all over to let everyone put their two cents in.She should go ahead and enjoy life but be careful who is around her with a camera.

  81. Robin Ray

    Violet Rose Heckman People really do look up to you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was funny!

  82. Betty Miller

    Why would you get a guy a penis cake? If he indeed wanted a sexual themed cake wouldn't he want one with female sex organs (assuming he's hetero)…OOOOHHHH he's bi-sexual! I get it! lol

  83. Courtney Thurston

    Aren't you friends with your mother(tm) on Facebook? Kathleen Wendorf

  84. Anonymous

    Tim Terrell i agree hear Miss perfect blabbering her mouth have fun miley

  85. Evan Tonkin

    Thank you for this James. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know that Miley Cyrus is licking penis shaped/oriented cakes!

  86. Dianabel Morejón

    Violet Rose Heckman Im 18, i behave myself but there's times when your at a party and your just messing around. I bet if the cake was another form she wouldn't be in such trouble? and as far as you go, if your so mature than why not stop trying to change people's thoughts and just have your own. No one asked for your persuasion, its great that you've got it all together, but there's people out there that are not like you! stop this back and forth crap and just go back to doing some writing, modeling, or whatever it is that you do. People will act how they please, and its their life, they dont care what you or i think. Let's all just grow up a little. thanks.

  87. LeAndra LeLe Breanne Pearson

    I think that
    Iley is held to higher standards because she is a celebrity but she needs to realize that and start taking responsiblity because whether she likes it or not little girls looks to her for more than just pop star advice. But being a celebrity can't be easy I think that she also is being a regular girl and if were doing the exact same things no one would care.

  88. Brittany Nicole Ponseti

    It's absolutely ridiculous, the comments on here. I'm 19 and I know a LOT of 19 year olds who do exactly these things. I know NUMEROUS kids between the ages of 16-25 that would pretend lick a penis cake. It's FUNNY! It's a JOKE. Lighten up! I'm sick of all the people saying, "Oh, her fan base is pre-teens!" Did you ever think that she's not trying to be Hannah Montana any more? Perhaps she's trying to be Miley Cyrus now, a 19 year old girl, who just maybe wants to change her fan base to people her own age. Britney Spears had to go through this same scrutiny when she was switching from pre-teen fans to more adult fans. Let them live their lives! It's so easy to judge someone else…

  89. Martha J. Schultz

    Violet Rose Heckman – if you are an actress what roles have you played – any proof – TV shows, movies? Modeling – where are your pictures published? Can't be a lot of runway work in WI…If you are a writer, where are you published? If you were even slightly successful in these three professions – there would be a paper trail. Sadly, I think you are only successful in your own mind. Not much of role model there.

  90. Jason James Rubadeau

    That's the point..she doesn't WANT your aunts kids as her fan base, she wants 18-25 year old GUYS as her fan base; as the article said, she has been pushing the "Sexy Bad Girl"(read:slut)image..HARD lately. This is someone who is desperate to be seen as a sex symbol..big problems, though. Scarlet, Angelina(assuming she starts eating again)Kirsten,Rachel McAdams, Penelope Cruz, Paz de la Huerta, Megan Fox,etc,etc,etc…all make her look like the child she is.

  91. Jason James Rubadeau

    Her father? She is his BOSS! She got him on her show, and revived what little career he had. He doesn't have shit to say to her..and hasn't since she has been 12 years old and began making more money than he ever dreamed of..

  92. Jason James Rubadeau

    Really? How? because she sings. So do alot of people. You want a role model..go down to your local fire station and introduce your children to the firemen. These people save LIVES, Taylor Swift plays(crappy) guitar.

  93. Jason James Rubadeau

    Not much of anything anymore..not on TV, not in the movies..but, you sound like you 2 are good buddies.Do the world a favor..tell her it's OVER

  94. MerciPour LeVenin Murray

    Dianabel Morejón stuck up? no it's called responsibility. I'm not saying she's not allowed to live, but when you have a couple million CHILDREN looking at her she needs to take precautions. i get she's young and i get that she has a right to live her own life, but if she's going to be a roll model to kids she needs to think about who is going to see the picture of her drinking, who's gonna see the picture of her smoking weed, and who's gonna see the picture of her licking a penis cake. the kids, and by that they think it's ok to do that. i'm sorry if i offended your thinking in any way i was just pointing out that sadly this is how roll models act now… if only kids today looked at Teddy Roosevelt the way they look at Miley Cyrus.

  95. MerciPour LeVenin Murray

    i bet that alot of teens on FB do have some stupid pics, BUT they don't have millions of kids looking up to them, and sadly that is society. don't blame the parents unless you want to blame yours, i bet growing up you had more than one celebrity roll model you looked at and said i wanna be just like them. so next time you go on a "let's justify stupidity rant" think about all the angles. if you think i missed her angle look at my other comments and you will see that i defend her in some right. but i still think it's wrong.

  96. MerciPour LeVenin Murray

    Allie Vinci-Versace Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B Anthony, Martin Luther King JR, Princess Diana, Henry Ford, Helen Keller… do i need to go on? there are people that need more recognition, they are the roll models that my generation need, that any generation need, but UNFORTUNATELY we have society that pushes people into the spotlight for reasons other than greatness. yes these people all made mistakes, but in the end they showed what a true celebrity should be. Miley will die out of fame and we will just get someone else.. just like most teen celebrities. it's society, they make their idols out of people then tear down the pedistol WE put them on. it's how we work. as a society we have decided that once we grab a nice, young person and throw them onto the stage, that they obviously were not ready for, we can take a scalpel to them. their lives are like politicians lives are, nothing is secret and the eye of every person sees you. once they crack (Lindsey Lohan) we blame them for everything. and in the next cycle we will see a celebrity just like this later…. it's just the way of SOCIETY. not life, but society.

  97. MerciPour LeVenin Murray

    Jason James Rubadeau i couldn't find the reply you made to my post :( after seeing all of the insults i was kinda looking forward to see how you judged me :( dang…. oh well if you want to reply to this one and tell me that i have no life or what eve i'll be happy to listen :) but if you were agreeing with me about something THANKS :) anyways, i truly am curious about it so Reply :)

  98. Blu Cheeze

    @ violet rose heckman, your pics are sub par. No professional head shots anywhere and you live in the middle of nowhere. Stop posing and do something with yourself.

  99. Blu Cheeze

    @ violet rose heckman, your pics are sub par. No professional head shots anywhere and you live in the middle of nowhere. Stop posing and do something with yourself.

  100. Priscilla Em Kay

    Violet wasn't toting herself as the greatest actor or person of all time. Some of your responses are cruel and unintelligible. That guy who's claiming "us here in Hollywood"…he doesn't even work in the biz…look at his profile…and my whole family does…and i would NEVER imagine to condescend to people in other parts of our country in such a white trash, high and mighty, internet TROLL BULLY manner. grow up and stop attempting to crush spirits, he who shall not be named.
    Violet – I know what you mean, you have to look at how your actions affect and embarrass your family, your friends, your future spouse, your future children…i have to look out for my nieces. it's called personal responsibility and COUTH. that pic will haunt her forever…if she were to have one ounce of shame…she's no artist…just a shock jock…has a good future getting felt-up on Howard Stern's show…

  101. Priscilla Em Kay

    Allie Vinci-Versace yes, they do. this picture was not what i was looking for. i can't imagine young girls seeing this in their role model. no wonder everyone's 16-and-pregnant and women will pose nude for any bit of accolades and fuck any director for a gig. whores

  102. Priscilla Em Kay

    Jason James Rubadeau people can act somewhere other than l.a., you twat

  103. Priscilla Em Kay

    Martha J. Schultz you're a jerk. she didn't say successful or famous. she said, she acts and does not resort to petty pandering to the lens. some people are MORE successful in acting and the arts, because they don't sell out for all "your" attention and mighty wisdom…bitch

  104. Priscilla Em Kay

    Tim Terrell a young woman showing young girls that you get old gross dudes attention and approval for being a whore

  105. Priscilla Em Kay

    Allie Vinci-Versace i hope you have a daughter just like her. you'll never worry, cuz everyone's a ho bag these days, so…cheers!

  106. Priscilla Em Kay

    actually, she asked us to peer into her personal life when she made a fallacio-themed photo a public press piece, now didn't she?

  107. Priscilla Em Kay

    there are a few people who are impressed. they're called pedos. and yes, i know she's legal…bet you counted down the days, too….pedo

  108. Priscilla Em Kay

    Allie Vinci-Versace someone with talent. you must be related to her or something

  109. Priscilla Em Kay

    Dianabel Morejón you're dumb. young girls do not need to see her with a porn cake. once upon a time there was a penis cake on the show Friends…decorum…they never showed the cake. now we have episodes of 2 1/2 men called "Something, something, and SODOMY". Mommy, what's sodomy? Mommy, why is Hanna Montana licking a pee pee on my computer? ummmmmmm…

  110. Priscilla Em Kay

    Dianabel Morejón you're dumb. young girls do not need to see her with a porn cake. once upon a time there was a penis cake on the show Friends…decorum…they never showed the cake. now we have episodes of 2 1/2 men called "Something, something, and SODOMY". Mommy, what's sodomy? Mommy, why is Hanna Montana licking a pee pee on my computer? ummmmmmm…

  111. Priscilla Em Kay

    children can see this if they google "Miley". that's how the internets work, young child

  112. Priscilla Em Kay

    exactly! so she should definitely just do a sex tape, get a reality show, design some shit, snort some coke, burn down buildings, fuck young boys once she's cougar-age…because it's all about disney…once you're not disney…you can be as trashy and despicable as you'd like

  113. Priscilla Em Kay

    Jason James Rubadeau taylor swift is a musician who is a kind person, she respects herself, and she respects others. therefore, if someone wants a female WHO IS IN THE MEDIA to look up to taylor > miley. susan didn't say, taylor is the ONLY role model…just one of the million or so who are above this girl

  114. Priscilla Em Kay

    yeah, i know. if you're REALLY a rapist, pornstar, piece of trash, or pedo…but you're HONEST and REAL about being said piece of shit…that makes it alllllll okay

  115. Priscilla Em Kay

    Jay Lovejoy (in robotic voice) I am miley cyrus. I don't expect this picture to be leaked. I am only doing this for laughs. It is not perfectly crafted p.r. for someone who has no other value than shock.
    shocker, huh? i know.

  116. Priscilla Em Kay

    Tim Terrell jerking it to this pic…defensive

  117. Priscilla Em Kay

    John Del Rosario right. but they could be WITH THEIR MOTHER googling their favorite actress…and see THIS. hoooooooopefully, mommy doesn't let them google "porn" right in front of her face. THIS could and probably did happen. and it's unfortunate. why can't people be upset and want more and ask more of each other? why can't we be responsible when fun? i've partied with Disney channel actors…that weren't as powerful as Miley…but still humble and showed respect for their fans and their own careers. cheers!

  118. Jason James Rubadeau

    MerciPour LeVenin Murray I have not read any of your posts, and as long as you are not some backwoods hick thinking,er knowing she's the next Tyra Banks its cool. And everything I said was in humor, that is why I said in the comments to Violet, "I'm laughing at you so hard I fell out of my seat"..until I realized she was actually serious, and kinda felt bad, but with her attitude..nah. Then I saw her profile picture and realized how absurd her whole scene is..a librarian looking model?…Hardly..and that added a whole new dimension when she posted her picture. Someone should tell order to be a must be ATTRACTIVE. As far as you are conserned, I have not read a single post from you, don't need to,'s cool..I grow tired of bagging on hick chicks…PEACE

  119. Jason James Rubadeau

    MerciPour LeVenin Murray- No, I did not. When you grow up in the Hollywood area..the whole movie star thing is wholly unimpressive, especially after seeing how many people attempt suicide, etc because they can't be a star..I mean, the preacher back home in Oklahoma told them they could do anything they wanted, why can't they be this? My heroes were real people. Firemen. Policemen…not because I neccesarily liked what they were doing, but it seemed exiting. I knew most of the people in the local LA bands, and I certainly did not look up to them, thats for damn sure; and as far as defending her..there is no excuse for arrogance and, more importantly, hubris. Got it, chubby?

  120. Jason James Rubadeau

    Allie Vinci-Versace OK, someone in the about someone like Dianne Sawyer, who broke through the glass ceiling to become a network anchorwoman, one of the first. Ditto for Katie Currick. Amy Goodman, host of "Democracy Now", has used her position for the betterment of the lives of the poor and downtrodden for decades..Singers sing songs. Period. These people are changing the WORLD

  121. Jay Lovejoy

    Priscilla, I work in PR, I'm well aware of the nature of the business. Thanks.

  122. Anonymous

    Tim Terrell – If you have a young daughter, I hope she starts acting JUST LIKE CYRUS! Maybe THEN you will understand!

  123. John Gudmundsson

    Just another Hollywood SCUM bag——————

  124. Nini Mackenzie

    What's the age limit for Club Icon? I'm guessing it's not 12 or 13. So who's worse, Miley or the people posting the picture who have no life?

  125. Riki Inked

    My question is this??..why woulda girl give a penis cake to her boyfriend?? I guess he likes the c*ck

  126. Riki Inked

    Lmao…its true tho..I think he bit the haed first…now thats gotta be ironic lol

  127. Anonymous

    Jeez….get factual. Miley knew what she was doing when she posed for those shots and it wasn't to sample cake. She's a publicity hound and was brought up to love the attention. As for the bit about "the pose" being OK because all other 19-year olds do the same thing at parties, etc., that doesn't make it right or wrong–everyone's responsible for their own actions. That said, I could care less which end of the cake she's on or what squirts out of the cake if she bites it! On to more important things!

  128. Teniyah Michelle Christian

    pleaseeeeee…. I hear everyone trying to stick up for her and say that shes growing up…but growing up doesn't mean you have to be a high class slut. She needs to suck it up and except the fact that she is one of the biggest stars in America and yes people are watching her. that comes with fame honey! I can name 100 disney stars who "grew up" but minus the slut stunts… miley just needs to really grow the fuck up.

  129. Christina Brennan

    And if this was anyone not famous it wouldnt be a big deal at all smdh come on for god sake its a penis CAKE not a real penis lmfao # make sure ur hands r clean b4 u judge :)

  130. Imani Mulholland

    Wow, I can't believe her…I think she's flipped out! Gone crazy! She's totally the next Britney Spears.

  131. Imani Mulholland

    She was my role model when I was 10, too. She was one of them! I can't believe I looked up to her. Lol I'm just kind of in shock…

  132. RV Jarlos

    Saoirse Ronan is the perfect role model for teenage girls.

  133. Sophie Warrington

    yes shes a role model for young girls but if people want to get on their high horse and have a go at her for acting like that and blaming her for their daughters acting the same… maybe you shouldn't expose them to it. these pictures won't find their way onto the disney channel, they're leaked online (where you should be monitering your childs internet access and putting on filters etc if they're that young) and on E news which won't broadcast this stuff til after 9pm (why would your child be watching E news at 9pm? because they're THAT young they shouldn't be watching it). So if your doing your job as a parent properly they wouldn't be exposed to this and they can carry on watching disney channel and love the innocent hannah montana they love so much while at the same time miley cyrus can get on with acting like a normal 19yr old in her own time. her life doesn't revolve around 13 year old girls. stop letting celebrities bring up your kids okay! also, people saying 'she doesn't keep her private life very private' why don't you go on TV, become really famous and try to keep your private life under wraps? its not easy but shouldn't prevent her from doing what she likes, after all shes an adult, not a little girl.

  134. Tanya Tilley

    Jason James Rubadeau Pays $900 for rent and thinks he's better then everyone, 'cause he lives by the beach Watch out guys, we're dealing with a badass over here.

  135. Tanya Tilley

    Jason James Rubadeau You are a very rude and immature person, and I hope one day that back fires on you. 1.)Violet never said she was to become famous, she just said she loves her career. 2.) Just because someone is not famous, doesn't mean they don't effect someone in a negative or positive way, and 3.) Before you judge someone solely on looks, you might want to look in the mirror, 'cause you're nothing anyone I know would want to be with, plus beauty is not only on the outside, even if you were half way attractive, you'd still be very ugly on the inside and the only people who would want to be with you, are sluts who only want one thing, and that's money. You better feel lucky you're rich, 'cause if it wasn't for your money, no woman would want you.

  136. Tanya Tilley

    Allie Vinci-Versace I guess when your teenage girl is out partying and ends up coming home and 2 weeks later you find out she's pregnant, and you're taking care of her child, it's still going to be harmless teenage fun, huh?

  137. Tanya Tilley

    Allie Vinci-Versace I guess when your teenage girl is out partying and ends up coming home and 2 weeks later you find out she's pregnant, and you're taking care of her child, it's still going to be harmless teenage fun, huh?

  138. Tanya Tilley

    Brandon Elms Sorry, but I think you misunderstood what a kid is. A kid is someone who plays with Barbie dolls, and toy cars, and usually cry when they get a boo boo. An adult is someone who has responsibilities and learns the hardships in life. You can not compare a child to an adult. 18- up is considered an adult, 17-below to society, is considered a child. I would expect someone like yourself to understand the differences.
    A teenager who parties, has sex (Usually gets pregnant now-a-days), does what people would consider stupid, irresponsible, and immature things, are people who obviously have no positive reinforcement in life, and those are the people who usually end up screwing their lives up.

  139. Tanya Tilley

    Dianabel Morejón Are you an idiot? She meant lick it sexually. If they cut the cake up, and then she licked it, it would be different. Open your mind girly.

  140. Tanya Tilley

    Going to, or down hell? If you meant going to hell, then you're nothing but a hypocrite, and should read your bible more often, 'cause there is a verse that basically says that if you judge, then you will be judged more harsher,
    If you meant down hell, I refrain my last comment and would have to agree.

  141. Tanya Tilley

    She's not a young woman, she's a child that has a lot of growing up to do, as we can see in these photos, Considering this a "Young woman" offends me, seeing as I rarely ever partied when I was that age, and I actually live my life to the fullest. A young woman, wouldn't like the testicles of a "Penis cake", instead she would act like a lady, sit there looking pretty, maybe have a drink or two, and try not to make a fool of herself. This is not considered anything lady like.

  142. Anonymous

    Hope someone tracks down her daddy Billy Ray for a comment on this latest stunt of hers. He cant possibly be proud…her behaviour is more and more like Lohan's.

  143. Anonymous

    She looks like she has some experience on the penis- She can lick mine anytime.

  144. Scott Martin

    Miley Cyrus has just turned into a little bitch. She needs to grow up, but history, as we have seen with so many other teen pop stars, tells us that she has reached the point of no return. Miley, you are a horrible role model, getting to be a horrible person with one of the most snobby attitudes ever. Grow the hell up.

  145. Amanda Rahimi

    Violet Rose Heckman Wow, reading through the comments here you just managed to "casually" slip in that you're allegedly a model, an actress and a writer. Please, even if you are, you're an amateur. Hate to break it to you – getting a few of your things published might make you a 'writer', having your pictures taken professionally might even be considered modeling, but it doesn't make you as special as you seem to think and quite frankly, it's pretty annoying that you're using it in an attempt to garner the attention you don't get in real life.

  146. Jeremy Valencia


  147. Jill Jamison

    People you need to relax! She is young and you judge her shame on you. What were you all perfect when you were young? So what she is licking a penis cake. And how do you know Taylor swift has't licked a penis cake before? Take a chill pill.

  148. Anonymous

    Ladies and gentleman, you might be entertained by the antics of celebrities, but I do not think you would be applauding them if they were your kids. The other issue is whether these people influence others to do the same. We can say that we should not make them role models, but the fact is that kids do. Geez, look at how stunned we adults were at Tiger Woods. We had no business putting him on a pedastal and looked what happened.

  149. Anonymous

    Ladies and gentleman, you might be entertained by the antics of celebrities, but I do not think you would be applauding them if they were your kids. The other issue is whether these people influence others to do the same. We can say that we should not make them role models, but the fact is that kids do. Geez, look at how stunned we adults were at Tiger Woods. We had no business putting him on a pedastal and looked what happened.

  150. Anonymous

    Jay Love: She's an idiot if she thinks it was private. And also, it looks like she has her technique down pretty well. Predicted when she was 16 she would end up like this. Trailer park trash.

  151. Kacey Theultimatesweetie J

    Leave Mikey alone…its actually not her fault that people put her in the category of a role model!!! She just does what she loves to do…it's not like she was like "Hey kids do what I do!". In all honesty you guys (moms) did that to yourselves!! I'm 16 a regular teen…and I love Miley sooo much!!! I never said she was my role model…but I am almost 17 I could if I want. I love that she's living her life…just because she's on a screen or a stage doesn't mean that she can't be in a school,a relationship,or a house she paid for!! She can do whatever she feels right!!! Leave my girl Miles alone…unless all you say is positive. Thanks :)

  152. Emma Munoz

    Violet rose – This probably isn't normal for you but a lot of teens act this way . Many of them try to keep it away from their parents but she just doesn't seem to mind . Have you seen teen mom? Many of those girls were having sex since the age of 13 so it's pretty obvious that this generation of teens are veeeeeeery open to EVERYTHING. You and your friends have to be either living under a rock or living in the middle of no where . I think you would literally cry if you came to California . (We're "crazy" )

  153. Joel Yousaf

    Miley cyrus is blasphemous and bad. I want to say two words for you Miley cyrus that are we never forget Jesus but we foget you right here right fired..I thinks you are lame and I thinks you will soon bling without Jesus..Jesus loves you but you tweet "forget Jesus"..I hate I really hate you.Your thinking is very small..hey science is nothing without religion..America and Christian world that time is to wake up and ban Miley cyrus for blasphemous words for Jesus Christ..we should give Punish and Punishment to Miley cyrus..You are mindless Miley.

  154. Abby Bayat

    @violet Rose Heckman: Taylor Swift a good role model? Are you insane? She's had more boyfriends then we have fingers over the past few years. Every song she writes is about how men are evil, life is only about love or that it's one big fantasy world. I for one, believe she is one of the worst role models for women out there.

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