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Priest Caught With Pants Down In Adult Theater

Father Mark Stewart Bullock has been removed from duty at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Boston after he was caught in a porn shop with his pants and underwear completely off as he exposed his genitalia to shoppers.

When police arrived they filed an official report in which they he was sitting on a couch “his pants completely off” and “was not wearing any underwear and [was] exposing his penis.”

Bullock was arrested immediately following the incident. In a letter to the churches followers Rev. Joseph Barr said Bullock had been removed from his post and that the church removed his “faculties to function as a priest and initiated an investigation to learn more about the incident.”

The priest will not undergo psychological evaluation and is no longer allowed to celebrate Mass publicly or to present himself to anyone as a priest.

“He will no longer reside at the parish rectory and is not permitted to attend or participate in any parish or school functions.”

“I realize this information may be shocking and painful for you to hear, which I sincerely regret,” Barr wrote. “However, in the interest of transparency and out of an abundance of care for this parish and our community, I wanted to share this news with you directly and ask for your prayers for Fr. Bullock and for our parish.”

The particular porn shop where Father Mark Stewart Bullock has been drawing more traffic then normal in recent times and has drawn the ire of local citizens who have been reporting suspicious activity to police.