Crocodile Eats Little Girl in Indonesia

Sharks aren’t the only animals attacking people lately. A crocodile in Indonesia ate a 10-year-old girl while she was playing in the Wailolong river. It is the second crocodile related death to occur in the Wailolong in the last month.

The AFP reports that the little girl was swimming with her brothers in the river when a large crocodile appeared. The croc swallowed the girl instantly and disappeaerd beneath the water.

Viktor Mado Waton, Lembata district head in East Nusa Tenggara province, said:

“They only found the girl’s clothes three hours after the incident, some 200 metres (650 feet) away from the attack site… Her father saw this shocking scene as he was only a few feet away in the water.”

According to the AFP a 12-year-old boy was eaten by a crocodile in early December. Officials have warned locals about swimming in the river and are working to close down the area to avoid a future attack.