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Sarah Burke Dies After Training Accident [Video]

Sarah Burke medical bills

Sarah Burke, the daredevil superpipe skier who helped get the sport on the map died today 9 days after a training session accident left her in a coma in Park City, Utah. she was 29

Test taken after the accident showed that Burke had “irreversible damage to her brain due to lack of oxygen and blood after cardiac arrest,” All of Burke’s organs and tissues were donated, as she had wanted.

Burke, a four time X-games winner, lobbied heavily to have her beloved sport added to the Winter Olympics in 2014, making it clear that no new infrastructure would be needed.

The game will be featured in the Sochi Games in 2014, it is likely Burke would have won a gold there if she competed.

Peter Judge, the CEO of Canada’s freestyle team said about Burke,

“Sarah, in many ways, defines the sport. She’s been involved since the very, very early days as one of the first people to bring skis into the pipe. She’s also been very dedicated in trying to define her sport but not define herself by winning. For her, it’s been about making herself the best she can be rather than comparing herself to other people.”

Burke’s death is also sure to re-ignite the debate over safety on the halfpipe.

“I’ve been doing this for long time, 11 years. I’ve been very lucky with the injuries I’ve had. It’s part of the game. Everybody gets hurt. Looking back on it, I’d probably do the exact same thing again.”

Burke is survived by her husband, Rory Bushfield, who is also a freestyle skier.

Watch one of Sarah Burke’s legendary wins!

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8 Responses to “Sarah Burke Dies After Training Accident [Video]”

  1. Candace Kellam

    In shock …..This is terrible terrible news. She was a huge leader for female athletes.
    Most influential women's skier EVER! You were a world wide icon and will be forever missed.
    Rest in Peace Sarah.

  2. Kathy Walker Caldwell

    so so sad…
    god bless her family…
    a terrible loss for the world..
    such a beautiful soul..

  3. Pam Frink

    You have to do what you love–so sad, though, for those left behind.

  4. Pools Portfolio

    I think Greece is going to also default Feb/March 2012 and the markets will have a massive sell off so bad that the VIX will spike. I say the shockwaves through the world will be worth putting your entire nest egg into a VIX ETF and if leveraged, even better.

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