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Futurama might return to Fox


Futurama may be set for a second coming to network television.

Actor Billy West, the voice of Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Brannigan and more told the audience at the Anime Supercon in Florida recently that due to the strong sales of the Futurama DVD’s, Fox is considering a 6th season for a show they once canned due to poor ratings.

I tend to side with Merrick at Aint it Cool News, who writes:

I have mixed feelings about this. I love FUTURAMA & am horny for more, but Fox mistreated the series the first time around…made it damn near impossible to find/watch, then pulled it per lackluster ratings. If Fox will give FUTURAMA the attention/respect it deserves & air it at a consistent time? Cool. Otherwise…the stability of direct-to-DVD/Comedy Central would be vastly superior, I should think.

Here’s Billy West February 10 with the news:

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22 Responses to “Futurama might return to Fox”

  1. Scott

    Fox had their shot at Futurama and blew it with the same idiotic thinking that persists today. I say it should stay on Comedy Centeral.

  2. J

    I'd love to see more episodes. Technically there were only 4 original seasons though

  3. A

    I don't care who does it or what time slot it is in, I will set my record function if I have to and record/watch every damn new episode. Sad that one of the best animated shows ever was treated so poorly by an even poorer excuse for a network, but I want it back so bad… DAMN.

    Good News Everybody indeed.

  4. Smurf

    The DVDs are the fifth season. They are most likely going to be chopped up, edited, and turned into 30 min episodes.

  5. Other Scott

    King of the Hill is airing its final season at 8:30 on Sunday nights. That would be a great time slot for Futurama to take over, provided Fox doesn't screw up again.

  6. feckineejit

    Can we stop playing King of the Hill and get back to Futurama, also American dad sucks balls too.

  7. Psytce

    I would love to have more episodes … the world needs more FUTURAMA.

    They should put Futurama right after Family Guy, that way we would have both of the show they cancelled back on the air and back to back!!!!!!!

  8. Anon

    I imagine that Groening and Co. will ensure that some sort of time-slot agreement is in place before agreeing to anything. After all, that little sin is exactly what (temporarily) killed the series before, and they sure as hell will want to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

  9. Chris

    Truthfully i dont think FOX deserves to run it again, not after the way they treated it, someone else should run the show, and im sure it would be popular as long as they leave it at a consistent time. But if Fox is the only one who will want to run it, i just hope they dont mess it up the second time around. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT FOX!

  10. Darga

    Personally, I would love to see all new episodes of Futurama, over and over and over…….., I say cancel King of Hill or American Dad (Either way works) and put it back on Fox. But if Fox dares screw up again…… Then they should bite Bender's shiney metal ass. Then move to Comedy Cetral. BWAHHHHH HAHHHH HAHHHHH!

  11. james

    assume your american fox is different to Australian fox. because in Australia as far as i know the comedy channel never had futurama.

  12. Majestyk

    It can stay on Comedy Central but since Fox owns the rights, they'll get dibs on the new epododes. They'll probably work something out like the arrangement they have with Cartoon Network regarding Family Guy and American Dad. Fox shows the new episodes first, then CN gets them the following week. Probably helps them foot the bill for production of the new episodes. Sounds pretty reasonable to me and I'd have no problem with doing that.

    I really don't care what channel they show new episodes on as long as they show them. My Tivo will fine them!

    Fox said they brought Family Guy back because of good DVD sales. While that may be true, you can bet that the ratings CN was getting for the reruns also had something to do with it. People are STILL bitching about no Futurama on the CN site. They were the reson why the 4 DVD movies got made in the first place. I think they seriously need to get back to work on these and find them I nice steady time slot. Hell, King of the hill is on it's last season. I think a new slot just opened up for Sunday night!


  13. AirForceOne

    Side with you. Futurama is great and should keep on Comedy Central.

  14. jordanhead

    I got mixed feelings with you, nice guy. You do copy work.

  15. newsmarked

    Even if they don't return, I think their Movies have been pretty successful

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