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4chan /b/ goes after cat abusers, wins


Rule 1 and 2 of the internet prohibits me from mentioning their name, but sometimes praise should be forthcoming.

A video of two men abusing a cat surfaced on YouTube late last week, and members of /b/ took it upon themselves to bring the sickos to justice.

The video was quickly narrowed down to prime suspects, primarily through the help of /b/, and local authorities arrested the men.

Many have been quick to criticize /b/ in the past, but today at least you can’t doubt one thing: they love cats. Before the arrest, the forum was full of in memory of the cat posts, pictures, and even threats to do to the cat abusers what they did to the cat.

Here’s the SFW local news footage:

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35 Responses to “4chan /b/ goes after cat abusers, wins”

  1. someanon

    WIN, who said we did not care about cats? Cain of command: raptor, cat, robot

  2. Duncan Riley is a rape victim



  3. Paul Paulson

    I got one little fight and my mom was scared, she said: “You movin with your auntie and uncle in bel-air!”

  4. amos

    This is an amazing accomplishment. Thousands of anonymous internet users and internet detectives banded together and spent hours upon hours datamining to rescue a cat that was mildy abused. Let us all thank the brave soldiers at the pedophile haven known as 4chan.

  5. anon

    at /b/, we hate everything and everyone, except cats, WE FUCKING LOVE CATS! and to do that on caturday was a grave crime which set the legion upon. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

  6. Proud to be Anonymous

    It makes me laugh to see all the little kiddies from /b/ taking credit for this after the event. “Rules 1 and 2″, “we don't care about abuse, we're just doing it for the lulz” etc. The actual people who put the work in to find this cat actually did give a damn about Dusty, as you would know if you'd have been in the catraid channels piecing together the evidence and looking for clues.

    I'm happy to go uncredited for my part in saving the cat, but one of the prices that must be paid for saving the cat is that I have to now watch little 15 year old retards with their boring memes taking credit for something I did, and imposing their own stupid philosophy on my work.

  7. Anonymous

    No mercy for the cat abusers !
    Never under estimate the power of the Net !

  8. A Non E-Moose

    Power of anonymous.

    Well will not forgive…. we will not forget.

  9. A-non-E-moose

    lol you're a massive hypocrite. If you didn't care about being credited for your part, why the hell are you stroking your own ego you faggot? Anonymous is legion and like or not, if one part does something the rest can and will lay claim to it. Stop trying to set yourself apart from newfags; you spend just as much time doing nothing as they do.

  10. Joe Chambers

    clearly in the weird part of the internet again I came here from a article about wondering jews.

  11. Katy P Bauman

    Don't know why this is funny…abuse of any kind, especially towards animals and children, is not the least bit funny to me.

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