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David Letterman may surpass Johnny Carson as longest running late-night host


David Letterman is reportedly in talks with CBS to extend his contract for at least two more years into 2014, which would make him the longest running late-night show host since the 30-year run of Letterman’s idol, Johnny Carson.

The news comes from a report by the New York Times, who says that executives involved in the talks between CBS and Worldwide Pants, Letterman’s production company, confirmed that a deal for the Late Show host to remain on the air until 2014 is “imminent”.

Craig Ferguson, host of the “Late Late Show“, is also in the middle of similar talks to extend his contract with CBS as well, CBS said in a statement.

“As would be expected at this time, we’re having conversations with both Dave and Craig about future years. There are no further details to announce at this time,” the network said.

When Letterman renewed his contract back in 2010, there was talk that once his contract runs out in August of this year, he would be retiring. Over the past several months, however, reports from people “close” to Letterman said that the late-night host was considering sticking around for at least a few more years. Going by NYT’s report, that does appear to be the case.

Do you want to see Letterman stick around as the host of The Late Show?

Source: New York Times

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