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Kathleen Edward, Child Made Famous By Neighbor Who Mocked Her Terminal Illness, Dies

kathleen edward NJ death

Trenton, MI- Out of all the strange, wacky and depraved stories that the internet has made viral, certain standouts are the type of tale that you remember every so often down the road due to their sheer implausibility and impact.

One such story is the bizarre and unspeakably cruel bullying of a terminally ill child in Trenton, Michigan by an adult neighbor following a family dispute. It’s difficult to imagine a more vulnerable victim than a child with a life-threatening illness, but as details unraveled about the harassment of Kathleen Edward, the situation was revealed to be even worse. And sadly, Edward succumbed last night to Huntington’s Disease at the age of nine.

Edward’s neighbor Jennifer Petkov emerged as an uber-villain in the scenario, and it emerged that the woman- who was 33 at the time of the bullying- had posted images of the dying girl with a skull and crossbones to Facebook to anger her neighbors. Petkov had also taunted the family over the death of Edward’s mother, who also succumbed to Huntington’s at the age of 24. But what did Edward’s family do to so anger Petkov? Apparently they’d hosted a party with a bounce house in the front yard, and when Petkov texted to ask if her children could attend, Edward’s family did not reply quickly enough. (In the clip below, Petkov brags to a news anchor about the harassment and says she did it for “personal satisfaction.”)

Eventually, social services intervened due to Petkov’s harassment, and children living in the home were removed to the custody of their father. Family friend Michelle Yerigan confirmed Kathleen’s passing last night to CBS, and said that the girl would be reunited in heaven with the mother she lost at the age of six. Yerigan said that the story had gained traction worldwide:

“This little girl touched a lot of people’s lives and not just in Michigan, but across the world. She has friends from Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, people all over the world have reached out to this little girl and the world is now a sadder place without her in it. But, I think she taught us a very strong lesson in that faith, hope and love can just do amazing things.”

Edward’s family is planning funeral services for the little girl.

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105 Responses to “Kathleen Edward, Child Made Famous By Neighbor Who Mocked Her Terminal Illness, Dies”

  1. Gwendolyn Walker

    There is a special place in hell for the woman who did this and I Hope it's at Lucifer's feet….for eternity….

  2. Caitie Mastafiak

    What a B****! Way to go to the reporter for remaining so professional. I would have definitely socked her.

  3. Debra Kline

    This woman is obviously very mentally ill…She seems not to understand, right from wrong. It's just a shame that this poor family was targeted by her.Her behavior shows that she's a threat to society.

  4. Brandi Lepper

    Wow! That is unreal! I'd of been fired & went straight to jail over that answer if I was that reporter! She must have a black heart! R.I.P. Kathleen!

  5. Dani Moore Bryan

    What a hateful woman. Huntingtons disease is the one of the worst illnesses out there, I have never heard of it taking someone so small. That poor girl…the poor family. I do not care what this family did to piss these people off, how in the world do you get "personal satisfaction" for making fun of, not only a dying woman, but her dying child. ANY dying child. ick, how sickening.

  6. Karla Moeller

    This woman can't be right in her head. Either way… she needs a thorough beating!! What a monster… how is it in any way satisfying to tease this little girl over her illness? An illness that took her life. This really makes me sick and furious!! She will get what's coming to her, I hope Its slow and agonizing!

  7. Deborah Hoff

    Wow, if she ever gets arrested for violating those PPOs, the judge needs to see to it that she is required to participate in a full psychiatric evaluation, including taking the MMPI test, GAF and GARF evaluations. Then psychological and therapeutic treatment needs to begin including medication management. Drug testing should also be required. In the meantime, the familly should file suit for harrassment. They owe it to their the child to do so. If they can't afford it, I'm sure many, many people will donate to the cause of finding an attorney. Back in the day this woman would have been locked up an assilum, but due to least restrictive environements, she and her husband walk among us, which she should be free to do after she gets the mental health aid she and her husband need to keep her from harrassing others.

  8. Jaime Slim Goody Johnson

    I can't imagine the pain this family is suffering. First they lose this little girls mother to Huntingtons, then 3 years later, they lost the little girl to the same disease. My heart goes out to them. That had to be the hardest three years of their lives. This trick deserves to burn in the hottest spot of Hades.

  9. Carmen Nicole Lipinski

    Are you kidding me? Apparently this woman must be on some kind of drugs…all this to get "personal satisfaction"? WTF? All because they didn't respond to you quick enough? Grow the hell up woman! My condolences to the Edwards family!

  10. Tweetie Carol Thompson

    It amazes me how evil, cruel people can exist in this world and never have anything wrong with them. I hope with everything I have that there is a special place in Hell for them! My deepest condolences to the Edward family.

  11. Amy Hicks

    I think that woman should be arrested for this! How could an ADULT be so cruel to a deing child and their family? Don't want to be her on Judgement day!

  12. Allison Craig Smith

    What I don't get is WHY is she doing that? What is her purpose? Just to be mean, is she trying to make a point with all her malicious intent? Good grief!

  13. Annemarie Keeler

    That woman is flipping brain dead. Cant explain it in any other way. What a waste of space. Hope her kids get taken away for good. Cause a " MOTHER " would never harass anyones sick child. Hope she also gets an asswhoppin in this life and in after life just to make sure she will never forget what sort of C*nt she is.

  14. Carole Gouger

    Sick people in this world , disgusting, RIP Kathleen, my condolences to her family, you had a little angel. There will be a special place in Heaven for her and her family I am sure.

  15. Randy Morris

    Everyone but this woman can see the broken thought process and reality detachment she exhibits. Unfortunately, I see this same display over on the Huff Post with many of the ugly comments defending the Marine "Special" Ops Pee Platoon story.

    Vengeful and snide take on new low depths when hurled at a dying child. This made me physically and mentally ill.

  16. Lois Cantore-Riti

    This is a truly sick family. They need therapy & FAST! How could u get personal satisfaction from bullying a lil girl? If that me I would of kicked her ass along time ago..

  17. Cheryl Stotler Miller

    I have never known such cold hearted hater in my lifetime. I wonder how she will deal with herself when she GROWS UP. Just remember you horrible woman….what goes around…comes around. I guess you feel no responsibilities toward your own soul….Don't you believe in God? If you don't I am sad for you…..If you do I feel sad for you as you obviously haven't learn the lessons taught there. Hate thy neighbor..hate…hate…How can you be so low? You would have to dig up to get out. Satans got you by the hateful ass you are. How can you do that? Fraking low bellied snake! AURGH!

  18. Brenda Rivet Gonzalez

    OMG who would do such a cruel thing to anyone, let alone a child. She is sick and the words I have for her can't be written in FB.

  19. Sonia Grant-Cadogan

    I just don't understand how this behavior can bring any kind of personal satisfaction. It's just plain wrong! Not to mention how cruel and heartless it is. A family is going through a personal hell and they have to deal with this disgusting neighbor who doesn't even think she's done anything wrong! Heartfelt prayers go to Kathleen's family. God is with you. Stay strong. And to that evil woman: "Rot in hell you stupid piece of crap!"

  20. Melissa Tebbe

    The last time I checked, bullying a minor via social networking sites sends you to prison! So, when does she go? I think the people of Trenton, MI will be better off without her presence!

  21. Bill Martin

    I'm a grown man but I weep for this little girl. I cannot believe such hateful people as that girl's neighbor exist. It's some form of mental illness that the woman must have.

  22. Cj Jacob

    What is wrong with people? This was a child being harrassed. Anyone who has this horrible disease has my sympathy, but if you are so small of a person that you can pick on a child to make yourself feel better, I truly, truly feel sorry for you. And all of this is over a stupid party with a bounce thing in the front yard? Really?

  23. Deborah Hoff

    Sheri Kio: I'm a mobile therapist (I drive to people's homes to do therapy with families) and I deal with that on a daily basis. Welcome to my work world, LOL!

  24. Deborah Hoff

    Sheri Kio: Nursing is paradise compared to what I have to endure. I don't have the "luxury" of doping them up on Haliparidol when they "get anxious". I have to work through all major goals using behavioral techiques, family and multisystemic therapy. And I hate when nurses try to do therapy and even set up practice. It's like a plumber working on your car. Good luck with that!

  25. Sheri Kio

    Deborah Hoff Im a director at a large assisted Living.We dont have the means to ever dope some one up.What im trying to say is that is so deep that im not sure therapy would ever change it unfortunately.She apparently have a severe personality disorder.

  26. Latrice Britton

    That precious little girl is at peace now… Its sad that people will do anything for media attention. She should join the Phelps camp at Westboro Baptist.

  27. Chris Knoderer

    To me, the wrong person got cancer…. Karma… I keep deleting what I really want to post. At least the girl is in a better place where petkov can't and will never be able to go. RIP sweet angel…..

  28. Christopher Alaimo

    so many words for this woman, and not a one that won't get this comment deleted. #Letsgivethisbitchhuntingtons

  29. Sandy Myers

    Petkov, remember what goes around comes around & in your case hopefully 10 fold. I mean really, attacking a dying child and her mother who's already gone? We are to teach are children respect & caring for others, not your cr**. Hopefully your kids dad will teach them thes things.

  30. Josh Kloes

    I have never heard of anything more hateful and cruel in my life…clearly there is some sort of evil thing surrounding that woman. what normal human with any regard for their fellow human acts that way in good conscience?

  31. Michael Hayes

    I hope she, and her husband get what they truly deserve (hopefully slowly and painfully)… and I hope the police remember their unfathomable cruelty when they "investigate."

  32. Wendi Speigle

    seriously woman, this all stems because your kids couldn't play in their jumping baloon thing? my god. Buy your own and stop thinking the whole neighborhood should be able to join in a PRIVATE party for a child. you my girl are a heartless witch and I hope the neighborhood kicks your butt out far away from other people. you cant play nicely, you shouldn't play.

  33. Wendi Speigle


  34. Keri Foxon-Cifaretto

    What a piece of trash! May she rot in hell! How can ANYONE be that cruel? Especially to a little girl? That bitch is lucky I'm not her neighbor, because I'd be in jail right now!

  35. Shawna James

    A very sad story, my condolences to Kathleen's family. Rest in peace now angel. As for Jennifer Petkov, it's unfortuante we live in a world where there are people with this type of mentality. She's sick, in her head and in her soul. Hopefully, Petkovs children do not suffer the sins of their mother….

  36. Margaret Bailey Chandler

    At first glance that woma.
    n is pretty, until she opens that mouth and you see how ugly and sick and scary she really is. I hope that someone treats her in the same manner that she treated that little girl. Pay back is a B**** and I would hate to be Ms Petkov. Doesn't she know that the "Sins of the Parents" could one day fall on her children.

  37. Margaret Bailey Chandler

    What I don't get is why the other scary ass neighbors don't get together and run this psycho out of the neighborhood. Don't mean to be racia, l but if she was another color their would be a burning cross in her yard about now!

  38. Stella Caira Kilcheski

    Is the woman's home address 666 Lucifer Drive ! What a heartless, sickening, cruel thing to do to a helpless, innocent, suffering child !!!!! What is wrong with her and her husband? Kathleen is now with the angels and reunited wither her mother………My heart an prayers go out to Kathleen's family…..

  39. Sarah Anderson-Stange

    Theres a new angel in heaven….. That hateful woman needs to remember 1 word… KARMA!!!!!!!

  40. Phillip Kozer

    What's the matter with most of you commenters? The abuse is an OLD story. This should NOT be about Petkov but be about Kathleen Edward! Your thoughts and prayers should be around HER. Not that evil woman Petkov. All I see are comments about Petkov. this is NOT her story but Kathleens. It's like she passes and no one notices.

  41. Dani Moore Bryan

    I have just never heard of adult bullying a small dying child. she must be quite the pansy to bully the helpless…she ought to be careful, she could bully the wrong person and find herself eating cement. what a sick demented woman.

  42. Sarah Anderson-Stange


  43. Sarah Anderson-Stange


  44. Cindy Forster Chambliss

    Bless the Father who endured the terrible loss of both a wife and daughter to this terrible disease.We know the Mother and daughter are reunited in heaven and the Father and his new wife have given care that has been noted by the angels. AS for Petkov, I like to imagine the scene in ghost when all the ghoulies come for the evil doers. Mrs. Petkov, do not look for the light when your time comes.

  45. Bonnie Doman

    Real mature, lady. Pickin on a little girl! I bet she is.real popular around town & she looks over her shoulder, ALOT…

  46. Diane Tragesser Long

    I've been a RN for 20 yrs and I can say that this (and I use this term loosely) woman is a BiPolar/Schizophrenic. She has no regard for human life whatsoever. Her own kids were taken away from her and I'm sure she doesn't even care. She is delusional beyond belief. Her husband is soooooo whipped he doesn't know which end is up. Lock her up and throw away the key. As for the dad of Kathleen…….I do not know how he kept his composure but I expect he did it for his daughter……I would have ripped that woman a new one. I applaud him and am sad for his losses……

  47. Steve Miller

    I'm sure that your Mom is waiting for you in heaven. She loves you and that's the reason why she wants you to be with her. God will provide you everything there.

  48. Nancy Parry

    maybe she will get hit by a car or something ,how is it that people like this walk the face of the earth

  49. Abbie Sleppy-Tharan

    What a complete sociopath, AND SHE HAS CHILDREN HERSELF! I hope her neighbors have run her out of town by now; and then I hope something really awful happens to her…something really REALLY awful! She deserves nothing less.

  50. Anonymous

    That just shows how awful and spiteful someone can be. This woman Petkov was cruel. I mean seriously, just because your kids didn't get invited into a bounce house? She made fun of Kathleen and her mother for having huntington's disease. That kind of behavior is not tolerated! Karma will continue to bite you in the ass! This woman is just plain stupid.

  51. Anonymous

    Well there is a big slice of WHITE TRASH if I ever saw one…..(BTW- This is Not a racist comment as I am caucasian…Trash comes in all colors. I am just calling it like I see it!)

  52. Amanda Ross Troutman

    She's purely ignorant. She looks like a young woman. My bet is that she has children or will have children. Karma has its way of making you pay for your indiscretions. There is nothing that little girl's family could have ever done to justify that kind of behavior. What a sad view on Americans and American women. Keep your family strong little Kathleen, watch over them they will need your strength with that kind of presence still in their lives and hovering over their mourning.

  53. Anonymous

    My condolences to a family and friends for the loss of their mother and a little girl.
    Always remember that the life on earth is temporarily for all of us and one day we will be all together again.

    To Petrov family ——- GET HELP AND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I would suggest to start with reading the Bible, but I would not want you to touch it actually. Just admit yourself to psychiatric hospital A.S.A.P.

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