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Dancing With The Stars 2009 Cast


Update:The Dancing with the stars 2009, Season 9 lineup is at this link.

The eighth season of Dancing with the Stars premieres in March, and this years cast has been revealed.

The list: Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, country singer Chuck Wicks, model/actor Gilles Marini, Denise Richards (ughhhh), mogul Steve Wozniak, 80s pop star Belinda Carlisle (win win win), rodeo star Ty Murray, singer Jewel, comedian David Alan Grier, rapper Lil Kim, Lawrence Taylor, Jackass star Steve-O, and Access Hollywood correspondent Nancy O’Dell.

Julianne Hough returns, dancing with her boyfriend Chuck Wicks.

Dancing With The Stars starts March 9 on ABC.

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26 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars 2009 Cast”

  1. lori

    are you kidding nasty of this article to say ugg about denise richards..give everyone a chlance.. maybe belinda carlisle you could hlave put who?? oh yea old has been!!!!

  2. Jennifer Dees

    I love dancing with the stars. I watch it all the time. My favorite star is Juliane Hough and she's also a great singer. I can't wait until the new seasom starts.

  3. Jennifer Dees

    I agree, they couldv'e had a better cast but I'm still looking forward to watching it and see what happens.

  4. Pattie

    I love Dancing with the Stars…… seems like the STARS are getting less interesting. OH WELL…I'll still watch!!!

  5. sherrie smith

    I find this a very interesting, diverse cast. Don't understand the negative comment about Denise Richards…at least she will look hot in the outfits. Although entertaining…at least we don't have any old foggies. Always look forward to the show and would love to see Antionto Sabato Jr. on it…talk about hot, hot, hot.

  6. shannon

    i dont get why everyone is saying that they dont like the cast, its the same as always, the only difference is that is DIVERSE! and there is nothing wrong with it. but im actually looking forward to this season…i've only watched 3…so im pretty happy that there are people i like in this season. so we'll just see whats ganna happen

  7. LOola

    i agree with Shannon!i luv the cast!!!i'm really looking forward to seeing Steve-o,was he having mental problems?i've never watched dancing with the stars before but this will be my first since Steve-o is gonna be on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LINDA

    I agree with the coment that the stars are not as famous or as interesting as those in the past . This maybe the first season that I do not watch every episode. SAD SAD SAD

  9. Lizzy

    301 Shawn Johnson +250
    302 Chuck Wicks +400
    303 Gilles Marini +450
    304 Lil' Kim +550
    305 Lawrence Taylor +650
    306 Denise Richards +750
    307 Jewel +750
    308 Nancy O'Dell +750
    309 Belinda Carlisle +1000
    310 Ty Murray +1200
    311 David Alan Grier +1800
    312 Steve-O +1800
    313 Steve Wozniak +6000

  10. Mel_Mel

    okay so basically i started watching last year. it was awesome.
    i sort of agree with everyone about how odd the cast list is this season
    but i'm excited about Steve-o because that is going to be hella bomb!

  11. Vera

    I'm so disappointed in this years cast. I have watch Dancing with the Stars from the very start and have enjoyed every week. I recently attended the tour show in Orlando and it was great. Hope it will come again. Anyway, I will watch this years show and hope to be pleasantly surprised with the cast.

  12. ;)

    lmfao you are so damn lame. how can you say something like that about denise richards. shes one of the most beautiful women in the world. and she is the prettiest woman thats ever been in the dancing with the stars.

    you are such a hater! i bet your even fugly!

  13. Renee

    Everyone loves a diverse cast, but and exconvict yuck ! Give me a break. All the remarks about her supporting cast at the Federal Pen, enough is enough. What are the producers thinking ?

  14. Sparkle*Dream

    ewww shawn johnson r u kidding me? she rocked in beijing 2008 as a small-town star, now a woman in a slutty dancing outfit? its just plain wrong. and the STARS r gettinhg less and less intresting

  15. Lynn

    I would love to see Ricky Martin on it…. I wonder if there is a way to suggest people to them> Does anyone know ?

  16. Don Wiggins

    hallelujah amen praise jesus on high and forever!!!!!!!!! jesus is awesome! speak in many tongues!!!

  17. Bobbie Spears

    ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a lion!!!! reor kitty kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Gloria

    I like Melissa the best . I think that she has been the best since the first night. Little Kim has been good since the start also but my favorite is Mellisa. I would like to see John Trovalta on next season . I've watched it since season one.

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