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Mitt Romney Admits He Tied Family Dog To The Roof of His Car [Video]

Mitt Romney

But piss them off it has. In an interview with Fox News Romney, the front runner for the Republican nomination for President, admitted that he did it, and even more claimed that the dog really liked it.

He was confronted by the interviewer who said that in Romney’s own home state of Massachusetts the law is that you cannot (even in an airtight container) put your dog on the roof of a moving vehicle because it is considered inhumane.

Romney did keep his cool in the interview, and kept going back to his stock answer of “The dog enjoyed it, he wanted to be there, he got in willingly”

As you can see from the interview, the strangest part is when Romney tells the interviewer that the Kennel on top of the car was AIRTIGHT as if it is a good thing!

There has not been a huge backlash against Romney for the act (it was more than 20 years ago) but this week a protester in South Carolina strapped a stuffed dog to the roof of his car and hung a sign on the side of it saying “Dogs Against Romney”

What do you think about Romney tying his dog to the roof of his car for a twelve hour drive?

Watch the interview here

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386 Responses to “Mitt Romney Admits He Tied Family Dog To The Roof of His Car [Video]”

  1. Pam Street Wright

    Tell us how you really feel! i'm right there with ya!

  2. Elizabeth Fries Donaway

    Wow…he justifies this by saying the dog got in willingly. What an idiot.

  3. Dennise Harral

    What an effing idiot! 20 years ago or not, he obviously STILL thinks it was ok…because he's joking about it instead of apologizing and admitting it was wrong. I thought he was a dick in the first place – but this just seals the deal. If this douche makes it, I'm moving to Canada!

  4. Debbie Debra Patton Evans

    what the heck does airtight mean? Could the dog breathe?

  5. Gail Frohnert

    Yeah, a dumb thing to do, clearly – but I don't think there was any maliciousness intended. Said car was full and no place else to put the dog… and I think by "airtight" he meant that he wouldn't be in the wind since he was in a kennel. Still – I could never imagine putting any living thing on the roof of my car!

  6. Cecily Barker

    He also let the dog ride in the back of a pick up and wander around town. The kids noticed that diarrhea was running down the back window so Romney pulled off and hose the car, cage, and dog off at a gas station. He thinks its funny. Probably thinks that taking all the employees of a paper factory out to a 4th of July picnic, only to let them find out that the doors were closed and locked for good when they came back was a wonderful joke.

  7. Birgit Voluntarist Michael

    Cecily Barker Where did you find these tidbits….

  8. Lynn LaPointe Wiese

    What an idiot…what kind of person even considers that as a solution? Guess those Louise Vuitton bags take up a lot of room.

  9. Robert Prow

    "Said car was full and no place else to put the dog"? how about have the dog and the luggage switch places? I bet it was really expensive luggage though. This is the perfect metaphor for how we would run the country. Pamper the perks of luxury and let the "lesser" beings suffer the elements.

  10. Margaret Tyler

    Birgit Michael , that's info that was around four years ago when he was running. He told it as though it was funny. Most animals have diarrhea under severe stress.

  11. Lee Brown

    I don't agree with what Rommey did but when you campare it to Santorum who is in bed with Peta and HSUS I will take Romeny for something he did 20 years ago. I am sure he would not do this today.

  12. Tom Underwood

    Not a single person on here is any more of a dog lover then me.. I think that this was a horrible thing to do and I do not condone this at all but, If Romney is the nominee for president then I will have to vote for him so let's hope that he is not the winner.

  13. Mary Joe Vandiver

    This is like Vacation movie when they tied the dog to the rear bumper. Air tight? This is horrible. Maybe he thought the dog wasn't clean enough to sit next to.

  14. Patricia Minter

    I say let's put him in an airtight container and strap him on there for 12 hours. BET HE WILL ENJOY IT TOO!
    AND THIS MAN IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! LORD help us all if this dumb smuck wins the election.

  15. Melinda Gallup

    I found this interesting though I wouldn't have voted for him anyway. (And please proof read and edit your article. It made little sense with the typos and errors).

  16. Robert Prow

    He is real creepy the way that he thinks that he is saying something humourous or particularly witty when in fact he is actually giving everyone a glimpse of his ruthless disregard for the less advantaged.

  17. Angee Sylvester

    I think there are many details left out of the part of the interview we saw. He obviously misspoke when he said the kennel was air tight because the dog would have been dead if it were. I'm sure it's not the typical carrier we are used to seeing today (those would probably have ripped apart being on top of a car traveling at high speeds that long). I am a HUGE animal activist (ASPCA, PETA, WWF, etc…). Friends actually "unfriend" me on FB due to all my posts on fighting animal cruelty and my efforts to help with animal adoptions. I just feel a lot is missing from this story. I want to know more details before jumping to conclusions. I'm sure they didn't drive a straight 12 hrs. without stopping for potty breaks. One article said, "drove all the way to Canada as the dog defecated in fear". How is it known? I would never have done this to any animal in a million years. Mine are right next to me in the car always. We always took our dogs with us on vacation but how many people even do that now? I personally want more info to make an informed decision on this. The media does have a way of "glamorizing" and blowing things way out of proportion before sharing ALL the facts so I don't always believe everything I hear or even see (they do edit, folks) in the media. I'm just saying, don't hang the man over something we aren't 100% certain on.

  18. Margaret Tyler

    He says he did it, himself. What more do you want? And in this interview, he seems more bothered by the fact that it might be illegal than he has concern for the dog.

  19. Rhonda Snyder

    This definitely is wrong. The reporter who initially asked about this situation, probably was informed and instigated by the DNC. It's hard to tell how Obama's dog would travel with the family, if it's luxurious form of travel wasn't paid for by the taxpayers! I am not condoning Romney for this action, because it was cruel and inconsiderate, but let's consider all the angles, America.

  20. Angee Sylvester

    Margaret Tyler

    Yes, I understand that he said he did it. No one has ever said he didn't. We still have no info on what type of "kennel" it was because it's also quite obvious that it was not "air tight". Let's use our common sense here. I think he more embarrassed than bothered, hence the nervous laugh. I think his approach was what turned people against him. If he would have just said, "It was almost 30 years ago and I was uneducated to the fact that it was wrong and I screwed up." I think it wouldn't have gotten the publicity and outrage that it's getting now. People make stupid decisions in their lives. This was one of them but people have done worse and been forgiven.

  21. Margaret Tyler

    Wait. No one should ask about it because you like the guy? No. Reporters should ask all the questions they want, expose all that they can, about every candidate, so we can be an informed public. If you think how someone treats his pets isn't as important as other things, just say so.

  22. Luther L Smith-Dickens

    Can we tie you to the roof of a car and then roll said car into a lake or off a mountain top you douche bag!

  23. Kristie Davis

    Gail Frohnert This is psychopathic, cruel behavior. Sorry, but being a dumb ass doesn't cut it.

  24. Mark Richards

    This proves to me that Romney is incapable of empathy or in making simple decisions. Someone should strap him to the roof of a Boeing 747 and see how he likes it!

  25. Mark Richards

    @Rhonda – Really? This story has NOTHING to do with Obama and his family dog, so why even mention it? What other "angles" are there to consider? It seems you are implying that only people of the same political party should be permitted to expose someone's transgressions?? That's ludicrous. Your argument is invalid.

  26. Lisa Bannister

    put him on the roof for 12 hours! what a idiot he is! and really, that we would even for 1 minute think about having him run our country? god help us all!

  27. Linda Spitzer Moser

    I knew there was a reason I didn't like him, now I know why. Reminds me of Chevy Chase Family Vacation. He could have done what OBama did, send the dog in a separate car, or was that a jet? Maybe he should try a trip that way some time. Shows a serious lack of judgement.

  28. Rhonda Snyder

    @ Mark and Margaret….I didn't mean to indicate that I approved of Romney, nor his lame reasoning behind this situation. When I said that this is wrong, I meant the whole inhumane treatment of his dog and his light-heartedness of his excuses. This is why I don't like internet conversations, because conversations and their intentions get misconstrued. I will try to be careful during this post, and not offend anyone. That was never my intention.
    I don't approve of Romney, and frankly don't think he, nor any of the GOP candidates, nor Obama, can run this country. I am not saying I could, because I obviously couldn't, but I haven't heard anyone say, or do, what I think needs to be addressed for this country to survive, and I have a very serious concern for that. I don't know at this point who to vote for, when the time comes. I will vote, because it is my freedom and right to do so.
    And I'm not back-peddling here, because I don't disagree with my statement (however random, it may have been) regarding the Obama family dog. This whole Romney/dog story is random also. Some people may assume his actions as an indication of how insensitive he is. And maybe he is, I certainly don't know for sure, and I don't think anyone, unfortunately, does, except him, and if so, that won't be something that will willingly be brought forth. I don't think anyone, except our own person, truly knows what we stand for. Unfortunately, in the political arena, negative issues are highlighted, and should be, if they are relative to the issues. Everyone has their own opinion as to what is relative. I personally, would like to hear how to deal with our country's debt, and no one wants to address the issues of that, I feel, need to be addressed. Not how inhumane someone was 20 years ago. It all seems a little petty to me. And I love animals……but the seriousness of our issues in this country have far outweighed the petty and hurtful accusations that seem so childish to me; grown people acting as bullies – well, our "playground" has very serious issues, and I do feel strongly about the political scene. I won't deny that. But I won't go into my political stance on any issues because I don't want to, again, offend anyone. But then, politics is all about offending someone, isn't it? We all take every issue that pertains to us very seriously. We ALL need to work together to make it through this financial crisis in our country. It seems to me that sacrifices will need to be made on everyone's part – It seems logical to me that having something is better than having nothing at all, which is the direction this country is headed, financially.

  29. Cathy Smallwood Grace

    This man is clearly an IDIOT. Public Office? I don't think so! Anyone that would vote for him is as STUPID as he is. He laughs during the interview as if it's funny! Obviously, it was not airtight or the dog would have died on the way! Why do people keep making comments about that stupid comment! ANYONE should have better sense than this!

  30. Cherie Colley

    He just lost he election. If he would do that to a dog, wonder what he would do to a child, elderly person or anyone in the USA that did not agree with his opinion. Idiot is a nice word Cathy.

  31. Alan Wood

    Mitt Romney : “We had five kids inside the car, my guess is he liked it a lot better in his kennel than he would’ve liked it inside.”.

    How Evil are his kids?

    Mitt Romney : “We love the dog.”.

    What does Mitt do to dogs he doesn’t love?

    Mitt Romney : “This is a completely airtight kennel mounted on the top of the car.”.

    If he would have been in a completely airtight container you would have a suffocated, dead dog when you got to your destination. They don’t make airtight kennels. The companies making kennels would go out of business very soon if that were the case.

    Mitt Romney: “Seamus climbed up there all by himself.”.

    Really Mitt, your dog had the intellectual capacity to understand that he would be locked inside of a kennel on top of your car for a 12 hour road trip? Or did the dog go into his kennel based on his habit of going into a kennel at home? Unbeknownst to him, he would be stuck in there secluded from his family (which maybe was a good thing) but nonetheless frightened and stressed out for a long time.
    I’m beginning to think that the Irish Setter Seamus is smarter than Romney.

    Mitt Romney: “All I can tell you is that I didn’t know there was any problem with that, in terms of the law.”.

    Well Mitt, Some people don’t need to be informed of laws to know how to treat animals humanely. I guess you aren’t one of those people.

  32. Dieter Zerressen

    What's missing? He says he did it, period. Why excuse this kind of behavior? There is no excuse and its a perfect metaphor for how Romney thinks and believes in "lesser" being, you and me included. Very pathetic. If he would have acknowledged that it was wrong and sincerely apologized most people could let something like this from 20 years ago slide. However, he thinks it was funny.

  33. Chester Armitage

    He is laughing about it that is what really pisses me off! Then the Kennel was air tight come on ass hole! 1. if air tight how was the dog going to get air, 2. what kind of a jerk puts his pet "that he loves?" on top of a car.

  34. Angee Sylvester

    Dieter Zerressen
    We all have our opinions on this matter and I, for one, can forgive an ignorant choice a human made years ago such as this. I'm sure he would never do anything even remotely close to this again. And, BTW, I am a Democrat so my feelings on this issue are not "party" related. I just feel this man knows what he did was wrong and I'm not going to judge his entire character on this incident.

  35. Sally Trefes Sorensen

    He's a Republican what more do you need to know?

  36. Tim Wyatt

    And I bet all their kids under 8 were not in Government approved child seats either, for that matter I would bet their car didn't even have seat belts! Better find out what what kind of a car he was driving and sue that manufacturer for not complying to 2011 laws!
    11 minutes ago, It's the same as letting the dog ride in the back of a truck! 20 years ago us kids would ride in the back of and loved it, the police would wave to us and smile! Times have changed as has everything has to be politically correct! Let's all go back 20 years and judge everyone on things that were OK then but now is considered illeagle, we all would be jail. So……. Much ado about nothing!

  37. Rhonda Johnston

    I think that if he was stupid enough to tie a dog on his roof 20 years ago, then continue to defend it in the present, the man is not a good candidate for presidency. He had the chance to say that he made a stupid mistake back then and then apologize and maybe do something good like donate some cash to his local shelter. But no…he comes back with, "my dog liked it?". Enough said, Romney.

  38. Eric Becraft

    The media are pulling their punches, they have more on this guy than they are letting on. Wait till Obama vs Romney, then the real stories come out.

  39. Heidi L Schlatter

    It's the best indicator of who he is in the core of his being. It also shows a lack of intelligence as well. Yes, Robert – it is a clear parallel of how he would view his "subjects" as president.

  40. Buffy Turner


  41. Stephanie Dorman

    Ummm… just throwing this out there, but isn't it more probable the dog shit himself because he ate people food? I've had a lot of dogs and never had one defecate on himself because he was scared. Every single dog I owned liked to stick his head out the window or ride in the back of a truck bed though.

  42. Karen Penrod

    Uh it is illegal to have a dog in the back of a truck too because the dog could jump or fall out.

  43. Mary Bemis

    I am willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. This did happen 20 yrs ago, we allllllll did stupid things 20 yrs ago. What needs to be investigated is how he votes and stands on amimal issues now. Animal rights, agricultural farming issues, wild life protection. So everyone get off of your highhorses, stop acting so sanctimoniously and get the facts on those issues. This is not a left or right issue, it is a humane issue, so if you are a left leaner and want to skewer him because of any political agenda, I am at the place in my voting position, if a candidate is a strong animal advocate, has a positive voting record in favor of alllllllllllll animal issues and especially their rights to protection, they will most likely have those same positive attributes towards humans and their rights. If not, and to them an animal is just that, an animal, then I personnally do not want that person as my President. Don't care what side of the aisle they sit on. Now think on that and stop pontificating.

  44. Nadith Schuster Werth

    Angee Sylvester the fact is that to this day in that interview, he hasn't admitted that what he did was WRONG! So, his character is very much in question.

  45. Terry Carlin

    When the dog got into the crate "willingly", did he know he was about to embark on a 12 hour trip on top of the car? I think not. I think Mitt Romney is an idiot and not deserving of the office of President.

  46. Margaret Tyler

    I agree, we can all think of things we would do differently now. The point is, he still doesn't seem to think it was wrong. Or if he does, he can't admit it and say, simply, "I wouldn't do that again." So his judgment is still bad. He's laughing. Why can't the man admit he made a mistake? I don't want someone like that to have the power to put us at war.

  47. Margaret Tyler

    It's not about the law. It's about common sense. My mom never let me ride in the back of a pickup out on the road. In the field, around the farm, OK. In traffic, no. And that was more than fifty years ago.

  48. Mary Taylor O'Connor

    Angee Sylvester – Why are you "sure he would never do anything even remotely close to this again"??? He's laughing about it now and shows no remorse. So why are you falling all over yourself to make excuses for him when he hasn't even acknowledged that what he did was wrong??

  49. Dieter Zerressen

    Then how do you propose to judge someone's character if you don't use defining moments in their history to do it? Are you going to let him TELL you how wonderful he is? Actions speak louder than words. He's not sorry and he continues to lie about a lot of other things as well. So, there's his character for you – same as it was 20 years ago.

  50. Barbara Warren

    I am not a Romney fan, but I do remember back in the 1960's there were animal carriers specifically made to go on the roof of a car. Different standards – neither I nor any of my friends wore bicycle helmets, no one owned baby car seats (my mother carried my baby sister on her lap) my siblings, friends and I spent hours playing unsupervised around the neighborhood — all things that would cause people to gasp in horror today.

  51. Martha French

    I have to agree with Mary, we must take a united stand in this country against all forms of animal abuse. How could an intellegent human being think any animal would want to willingly get in an airtight container and stay there for 12 hours. He did it because, like most of our pets, he wanted to please his owner. And if the Romneys love their pets so much, why was so much of Sheamus' time spent in a kennel in the house? Wake up America, and stand up for all of your beliefs, not just the convenient ones!

  52. Karla Lodge

    I agree, Angee, i couldn't have been an airtight kennel, maybe shielded from the wind. And dogs like to be in the backs of trucks and stick their heads out car windows, so I can't say the dog was necessarily traumatized, probably no more so than alone in the cargo hold of an airplane, but it's not the safest place to put a dog should the tiedowns come loose (hence the law against having them on the roof…akin to illegal for humans to be in a pulled trailer too). Unrestrained in the back of a truck is not safe either. Seen too many pieces of fur on the freeways.

  53. Brook Fugate Kornegay

    I am 40something and born and raised a republican. I am also a huge dog lover. The guy lost my vote. Not for just for doing it but also making excuses about it and saying a dog loved being up there which is dumb as any animal would be scared out of their mind going 60mph down the Interstate. If he can do this to something he has close personal ties with and then lie about it, what makes him fit to run my country?

  54. Lizabeth Osterholt

    OMG! REALLY? The dog liked it so that makes it ok? And this man wants the LEAD and REPRESENT US? I've always believed you could learn so much about a person's morals by seeing how they treat animals in their care. I for one will vote for ANYONE BUT ROMNEY FOR ANY OFFICE HIGHER THAN UNION STEWARD. This behavior is beyond my ability to overlook or forgive.

  55. Shirley Krentz

    Why the heck didn't Romney go on the roof, and the dog inside where its comfy. 12 hrs without water and probable hard to breathe being airtight. Hope the dog made it. Who wants an ars whole like that being President. Guess where all our dogs would be when traveling. No votes from me, they all lie and promise you the moon anyway! Plus they act like babies on their debates…….they all suck!

  56. Bolton Peck

    @Tom Underwood so you'd "have to vote for him" why? Because your party tells you so? I have plenty of other issues with Romney so this is icing on the cake for me in terms of proving his unfit status for running the country. However I have to wonder about anyone who would vote for someone cruel enough to do this because he's your party's nominee. Not too bright. There are lots of independent candidates you could vote for, I mean if you really think Obama hates America that bad ;-).

    As a kid we went on road trips with two dogs. The luggage and cooler rode on the roof, dogs rode inside, in the back seat with the kids. However unlike Romney, my Dad had enough self control to limit his family size to one he could afford..

  57. Pat Mohr

    Back in 1983, putting a large dog in a kennel on the roof of your car would not have been considered cruel. However, after the dog defecated all over the car roof (and they had to stop and hose the dog and car off) putting that poor, frightened animal back on the roof for the rest of the trip was animal abuse! How cold and unfeeling can you be? I don't want this person leading my country!

  58. Glenda Davis

    The dog climbed up on the roof and got in the airtight carrier all by himself? Lord this man will lie to anyone about anything, please save us from people like this as a President.

  59. Shannon Thier

    A HUGE animal activist? You lost credibility right there, because any animal advocate knows that the ASPCA is a corporate entity running under the guise of an animal rights organization. Furthermore, the man strapped the damn dog to the roof of a car. What more details do you need than that? How DARE you call yourself an activist. You're a joke, and should be banned from commenting on the internet.

  60. Carol Davidsen

    Another reason confirming he is a d-bag. The dog liked being in an air tight container. What a donk.

  61. Marti Summers-Beben

    Who in their right mind would put any animal in a crate on top of the ROOF OF a CAR? Use Common Sense! You just wouldn't do that! What an idiot for doing that back then. And what bothers me the most he wasn't even remorseful! Kick his *^# out of here!

  62. Tucker Peterson

    “The dog enjoyed it, he wanted to be there, he got in willingly” You could give the same answer if you get arrested for using drugs, hookers or anything else illegal as long as someone "enjoyed it". Moron.

  63. Lillian Orr

    go back in your life and put a spotlight on the last twenty years and see if you all shine so bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I"M sure there are a lot of things you would do differn't. and judge not less you be judged by the same .

  64. Judy Dorfner

    Well..think about it people…an AIRTIGHT container for 12 hours? Logic would say that this is impossible. The dog would be dead. I think the airtight statement is mis stated or in error. As for being on top of the car, dogs ride in the backs of pick up trucks all the time. They LOVE it. Just try and leave the truck riding farm dog at home! I've had mine in the back of my truck in dog crates also. It's cooler and far more comfy back there for them than inside my vehicle. I think this is just a statement being blown way out of proportion.

  65. Carol-Cece Murgo Corrado

    Absolutely no excuse for this conduct even if it was 20 years ago. He seems to excuse the ramifications of such an act. Any dog would be fearful. I've actually reported someone for doing the same thing on the highway. I agree that if the container were air tight the dog would be dead; but to say that the dog liked it is ridiculous. Dogs eat their own barf – doesn't make them smart! They depend on their owners to make right decisions for them. I'm concerned he might justify the deaths of our military — they signed up, they like being shot at? They wanted to die because they went? Come on people! I'm all for a Republican getting into office, but this guy isn't experienced enough as a politician (just like Obama) and needs to learn a bit more about empathy or it will be hard to think he is doing what is best for the betterment of the citizens of the USA (that he doesn't know – seeing that he wasn't all that concerned about the dog that he did know)!

  66. Elaine Elizabeth Carey

    While I am a Dem & love animals, many of us did stupid things years ago before we actually realized we did something stupid-rode motorcycles w/o helmets, drove after drinking, unprotected sex, kids rode in backs of pick ups/jeeps, no seatbelts, etc, etc, etc. Strapping a pet with a pet inside a carrier to the top of a car may not have even been illegal 20+ years ago. However, Romney needs to be humbly regretful about it, which he hasn't been. Stop the jokes, be contrite. My pets are my family, so they would have been INSIDE the car, not on top. But that's just me. So can we now focus on the real issues of the presidential race PLEASE!

  67. Darlene Gadow Wheatley

    No common sence! Just what we need in the next President.

  68. Michael Berumez

    ya'll need to get over it…it happened 20 years ago…reading these post, I see people reading into it…"air tight" be real it wasn't "air tight" in the real sense..if it were, the dog would have died. get a life people…

  69. Gail Cortese Reardon

    See that was my reaction as well, if he had apologized and said it was a mistake I would have felt better. But to try and justify it is unacceptable to me!

  70. Michael Berumez

    riding around the farm and in the field WAS sooo much safer then riding out on the road….

  71. Pam Evans O'Brien

    Let's put him a box, strap it to the roof of a car and drive him 'back' to Mexico..the Mexican, Massachusetts, Morman, Misogonsitic, Monstrorous, MORON!!

  72. Gwen Rendina

    What a lying scumbag! I saw a previous video in which he claimed the dog "enjoyed the fresh air" that this 12 hour road trip provided. Also part of the story is missing here, the part about the dog loosing control of his bowels and Romney having to stop and clean it off! I won't go into further details here. You can look it up on youtube.

  73. Juan Timer

    If he should win the republican nomination, this alone should be able to bury him against obama.

  74. Bob Rose

    If you do move to Canada Dennise, be SURE you don't put ur dog in an 'airtight' kennel on the roof of ur car! (i know u wouldn't, ever!)

  75. Christine Gilliar


  76. Chris Erbland

    I think Romney is due for an extended stay in an airtight kennel. Might do the idiot some good.

  77. Katie Wells

    So now that he has admitted this does that mean he will be prosecuted for breaking the law? I find it hard to believe mr. governor was unfamiliar with his own state laws.

  78. Dennise Harral

    ha! My husband or I would sit up there before we'd subject our babies to it :) They're awfully spoiled like that! They get mad when they can't sit shot gun! lol

  79. Chelica Hiltunen

    If he had apologized and recognized his mistake, I could understand. We all do extremely stupid things. But to justify it. Shame on him. Also, where was his wife when this occurred? Further, he claims the container was air-tight…seriously…who puts a living being in a air-tight container and then brags about it being a correct choice.

  80. Marc Rainville

    Everyone says it was 20 years ago, just go back three years and see all the short comings of your current elected representatives. Sure, Mitt's a real tool for doing this to his dog….agreed! What cracks me up is how this was turned into a left- right , big people vs the little people, dem vs. rep argument. The sheep are being led right where they want them, ignoring the fucked up mess we are ALL in as a country at the moment and blaming and pointing fingers at each other. They want us at each others throats, so no one's paying attention to the big picture. WAKE UP PEOPLE…..we're ALL Americans, we ALL make dumb decisions, we're trillions in debt and the economy's about to take a more massive dump than any of us have ever seen, and none of us are perfect! If you are and can fix this mess…hell I'll vote for YOU in 2012!!!!!

  81. Marc Rainville

    that was before we became a country of the "so easily offended" and all this PC crap was shoved constantly down our throats, and the gov regulated our nation into submission!

  82. Shannon Thier Cpdt-ka

    Lillian Orr Most logical, caring humans would NEVER strap a living animal to the top of a moving vehicle, 20 years ago, or 20 years from now. And YES, judge away, folks! You'd be stupid NOT to judge the idiot who could potentially end up running our country. In fact, if you prefer to refrain from formulating an educated opinion, please stay the hell away from the voting booth. Sheesh.

  83. Marc Rainville

    no Elaine, unfortunately we can't. The media puts a spin on everything, for this very reason. To keep us so blinded by hate and rage against each other, to really pay attention to what is going on in DC! Sad actually!

  84. Sharon Cooper

    A man who is oblivious to the suffering he's caused a member of his own family, which is what MOST Americans view their pets as, is someone who should NEVER become our President- someone who is capable of directing policies that affect millions of people and families in this country. I think he's an empty suit without a clue about nor any empathy for others.

  85. Marc Rainville

    Eric Becraft You said a mouthful there! No bad spin on the Messiah…ever….shit we certainly don't want to offend anyone or be labeled as racists now do we?

  86. Danielle Yoho

    How do you spell IGNORANT? Stupid Ass….Yeah my dogs always climb up on the roof of my car. I think he needs to start thinking about a NEW JOB!

  87. Kathryn Kimbrough

    On its face I detest it. I'm NOT a fan of Romney. BUT – I think there are some things left out. They COULD have left the dog in boarding. They fixed a windshield for the carrier so he wouldn't get too much wind, which may be what he means by 'air tight' – since if it was truly airtight the dog would not have survived. I say this with discomfort, as I've been working to save dogs in perilous situations – through rescue and transport.

    On the plus side, he didn't sign a bill okaying horse slaughter in the US or lift the ban on hunting whales, lik, bue our current president has done.

    NEITHER are my choice, but at least Romney isn't advocating slaughter of sentient beings. And think of it – most dogs LOVE sticking their heads out of the car to get the wind in their faces. I don't condone what he did. I'd never do it. But I truly think he's better than the alternative if he gets the nomination. I would much prefer Santorum I miss Herman Cain.

  88. Renee Chris Fagan

    Holy Crap People…It was twenty years ago! Just a few years before that my mom drove us kids home from the hospital in a basket laying on the front seat of the car…I love animals..but you all need to re-evaluate your priorities and what you base your opinions on…you all sound like idiots :) and I mean that with all the respect in the world. God Bless.

  89. Tammy Spain McBee

    He says the dog got in willingly.. REALLY MIT! you were his owner/parent… he looked to you for love and security and food.. what else do you think your pet would have done.. Tell me was is the AIRTIGHT CONTAINER ON THE TOP OF THE CAR OR A ROPE AROUND HIS NECK AND TIED TO THE BUMPER! You are such a JACKASS!

  90. Nuria Rodriguez

    He said the dog got in willingly. I'm sure he didn't realize he'd be riding on the roof of the car, you idiot!

  91. Dave Cohn

    Character. Speaks to the man's character. Did ppl care leases about dog's 20 yrs ago. Were the standards different then? I must have missed that. Typical of you though…. Constantly filling in the details as you go in order to seve your pre-determined paradigm. Or just ignoring details should they go against what u want to believe. Your lack of objectivity is stunningly resilient… it's quite impressive, I must say.

    Not trying to get you riled up. Merely an observation. And if this was an Obama plight… would you extend him the same leniency?

  92. Dave Cohn

    *blight…… Damn, it's hard to type outside in winter while walking a dog who I would never tie to the roof of a car because I'm not a uber-wealthy & completely disillusioned prick.

  93. Cathy Sparks Frost

    This is pathetic. And instead of apologizing for it, he tries to explain it away! "The dog got right in? The dog liked it?" Good Lord…and to be so aloof as to try and say it was "OK"….he's a sicko. If he has no empathy for his "beloved" pets…he definitely will have no empathy for people. And saying it was "airtight?" Ummm doesn't that say "smother the dog?" This guy is a fool, and this just totally tells me what kind of person he is. He will NEVER EVER get MY vote! People like this make me sick!

  94. Shirley Patterson

    I just can't add a comment because it's not nice to curse that much on Facebook. All I can say is let's put him in an AIRTIGHT container on the roof of the car and drive for 12 hours. What a idot.

  95. Dani Jo Peterson

    Thanks for the information Chelica! How cruel can someone be?

  96. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Gosh, I hope you never do anything that is okay albeit not fantastic in the 'now' and then have someone challenge you on it 30 years later. You'll look JUST as silly. I know the type of carrier he is talking about. I knew a guy whose dog also loved it. Heck, as kids, we thought it would be cool to be 'above it all'. Hindsight is always 20/20. I'm not saying he was 'right' in today's world. BUT your attitude is that whatever is appropriate NOW should be retroactive to 30-40 years ago. Not really rational or logical.

    Check out the actions of our current president – the things he has done in the last year. He has lifted the ban on whale hunting (that means murdering whales), he has okayed the slaughter of wild and domestic horses in the US (he signed the bill) and he has said he can detain whomever he wants – whenever he wants for however long he wants, regardless. I'd rather have Romney (even though he's way down on my list of candidates – like at the bottom with Newt) than Obama any day.

  97. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Um that would be common SENSE, Darlene. And while Romney may not have had much common sense 30 years ago, I suspect even then he had more than our current boy-king, Obama. I don't care for Romney, and he isn't my first or even 5th choice (I miss Herman Cain) but if it's a choice between him and the current regime, I'll hold my nose and vote for him.

  98. Kim Shelton

    "He was a good friend of the family"? My dogs are members of my family, not "friends". Sure as hell wouldn't let him dog sit my babies! What was he thinking? or should I say smoking?

  99. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Um, Glenda – did you maybe do a few things 30 years ago that were considered okay then that are considered verboten now? No? Gee, then you're perfect. I don't like Romney, but I knew of those carriers and as a kid thought it would be cool to be above it all and see for miles like that. A neighbor had a dog who DID love riding in such a carrier. I always thought it was different, but not inhumane. I got older and saw so many people go on family vacations and dump the dog at a vet or something where they sat in a cage most of the day, with sick dogs/cats in and out, yippy dogs, yowly cats – causing all sorts of stress and, yes diarrhea. I would prefer another candidate, but the one we have now has authorized slaughter of whales and horses, spent money worse than a drunken sailor (drunken sailors quit when they run out of money), gone seeming obliviously on lavish vacations while many in the country are in financial hell, and shunted Bo off to parts unknown because he was 'too much' to handle. The boy-king has also said he could pick up anyone (even you) and detain them without due process/cause indefinitely just because he chooses to. THAT is the type of president I will vote against, even if it is for Romney.

  100. Pam Basler

    Kathryn Kimbrough maybe mr romney should have thought of these reprecussions before his bid for the presidency. this is about his mistreatment of his dog. it has nothing to do with obama. im sure the rest of the people on here are disgusted by obama recent presidential actions. i know i am. so choose the lesser of the two evils?

  101. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Lee Murray I don't like him much either, but I'm sure for different reasons. The ones I detest worse are partisan hacks that try and pass themselves off as journalists and boy-kings that try and convince people (many who are gullible enough to buy into his crap) that he's all about hopey changey and will be a really GREAT president. No one checked the guy out – or too few did. They just heard "free stuff" and voted their 'Messiah' into office. He has okayed the killing of several animal groups (horses, whales) and has now said he can detain – INDEFINITELY and WITHOUT DUE PROCESS – ANYONE HE CHOOSES TO. He can additionally eavesdrop on anyone and everyone. Welcome, Big Brother. You like THAT guy? I haven't even mentioned the millions his family spends on luxurious vacations while people in this country are on the edge of homelessness, starvation or both. Please – DO YOUR HOMEWORK and don't just jump every time you see a partial story – or one that is ancient history. Knee-jerk reactions with no foundation are just stupid.

  102. Pam Basler

    Margaret Tyler have to agree with you. the whole point is his light-hearted treatment and his inability to see his mistake

  103. Marc Rainville

    I think Kathryn Kimbrough said it best, "I would prefer another candidate, but the one we have now has authorized slaughter of whales and horses, spent money worse than a drunken sailor (drunken sailors quit when they run out of money), gone seeming obliviously on lavish vacations while many in the country are in financial hell, and shunted Bo off to parts unknown because he was 'too much' to handle. The boy-king has also said he could pick up anyone (even you) and detain them without due process/cause indefinitely just because he chooses to. THAT is the type of president I will vote against, even if it is for Romney." If "anyone" is your way of saying Obama would be a better choice, then you ma'am, are in denial and
    mentally deficient!

  104. Cindy Hobson

    I am so surprised that the dog even survived! I love the way the protester in SC expressed his opinion…very creative and it got peoples attention! LMAO

  105. Renee Chris Fagan

    i think that as society has degraded, people have come to value animals more than humans…I absolutely believe that there are many more self loathing human haters that would rather see a baby die than a feral cat with rabies. I also believe that people are are a work in progress..and that "character" is built on one's failure's and mistakes and how they handle them ~ a concept much lost to the those on the left that view those on the right are demon's that need to be destroyed if they make one mistake..but never hold the same standards to themselves…ever. So the evalutation of character is quite dependant on the evaluator. Still love ya dave..and I am so happy you finally got a dog :)

  106. Chad Brandenburg

    OMG people are you all that stupid or what, I love dogs and cats as well but what you are all forgetting is that this was in 1983, hack back then it was nothing to put a baby on your lap and drive across country UNBUCKLED, maybe even put the kids in the back of the pickup truck the whole way. Things that are not allowed today were not seen as bad back then. In today's views yes it would be a bad thing, and no people don't and shouldn't do it today. But we are talking 29 years ago!

    This type of crap is why we have Obama in the white house right now. You people need to grow a pair and quit butting into everyone's business, and quit trying to save the tree, save the bee's, save the whales, and save the snail's. The United States is a heading to be a communist country right now because of stupid people thinking they need to tell everyone else how to live. We have no freedom's in the US today, our military fight to make the US more Free, while the people elect people into office to make the US more communist.

    So if you refuse to elect Romney just because 29 years ago he put a dog on the roof of his car back when it WAS acceptable. Then you really need to really think long and hard how well you are going to have it when the US is more communist than even Russia was. Because that is the road we are heading down and people that want to bitch about something 29 years ago is the same people taking us that direction.

    Should a dog be on the roof, NO. However back in 83 it was not seen as a bad thing. Also the container was NOT airtight, if it was he would have died!

    Oh wait, we better not put any dog in a kennel in the back of the truck now days, we better sit the wife in the back and put the dog up front with the seat belt, soft bed, and all the food it can eat. We don’t want to have someone report you for animal abuse! Get real people and grow a pair!

  107. Cathy Sparks Frost

    Kathryn Kimbrough
    We will agree to disagree on Romney. We are entitled to our own respective opinions. And I am not happy with the things Obama has done/is doing either. Just because I don't like something about Romney, does not mean I'm an Obama fan. I had hoped that he would make some decent changes…I am anywhere from disappointed to appalled at things he has done or enforced. Right now, it seems to be the lesser of evils no mattter WHICH candidate you look at…the future of this country is a frightening thing to me.

  108. Cathy Sparks Frost

    Kathryn Kimbrough
    And also let me say, I see putting a pet in a precarious position, on top of a car, in an "airtight box" as animal cruelty. It doesn't matter how you explain it, what other name you give it, or what era you put it in….wrong is wrong – and putting an animal in danger is ALWAYS wrong. And I won't back down on that.

  109. Pam Basler

    Cathy Sparks Frost you put your reply to kathryn kimbrough the way i meant to say it. so kathryn, here is another way to state my feelings.

  110. Baloo Lightning

    If the crate, kennel, or whatever he chooses to call it had been 'air tight' the dog's diarrhea (caused presumably by fear and the stress of his situation on the roof) would NOT have run down the back window of the car causing the stop to hose the dog and car down before continuing the trip in the same manner. Read the original Boston Globe article. If Romney is lying through his teeth about something that easy to fact check it's pretty clear the rest is a crock as well. He didn't care then & he doesn't care now. Disgusting!

  111. Chris Nicolo

    This guy is a great example of why we should be testing products on some people rather than animals, he obviously has no use beyond that.

  112. Jeff Blevins

    No wonder Mitt could campaign in a pick up… his campaign manager was probably tied to the roof.

  113. Margaret Tyler

    Marc Rainville , I hate it. And he admits he signed it reluctantly. Why do you suppose he signed it? Was it, perhaps, attached to something else by someone else? If you look at the bill, this is what it's for: To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2012 for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military
    construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes.
    He doesn't have the right to strike just part of it. My guess is he's hoping that part will be found unconstitutional, and the rest of the appropriations will stand without another fight.

  114. Mareaux Furchins

    If this man is stupid enough to do that to HIS "BELOVED" FAMILY DOG can he be trusted with weapons of mass destruction? What a buffoon. Did the dog survive the trip? I'll vote for Mitt Romney if he goes willingly into an airtight container and lets me drive him to Canada…

  115. Nick P Variety

    This politically corrupt PIECE OF SHIT! I'd like to put his ass up there for a 20 hour car ride with a mussel!

  116. Dan Sherman

    I hope Romney gets nominated. It will make it easier for Obama to get reelected. Is it just me or is Huntsman the only Republican candidate that doesn't come off as a total self absorbed Douche?

  117. Glenda Davis

    Kathryn Kimbrough ;good…because you sounded just like Willard Romney in that post. So I say God save us from people like Mitt Romney and Kathryn Kimbrough.

  118. Terri DeAnzo

    Come on Griff, for those of us that love road trips I can't tell you how any times I stuck my dog on the roof and hopped in for a twelve hour drive… Well wait, I can..

  119. Jennifer Leonescu

    Kathryn Kimbrough I'm going to try to point out your misstatement every time you post so maybe you'll stop repeating it. Obama did not lift the ban on whaling. He cannot do that. The International Whaling Commission controls the moratorium on whaling. There are 89 member nations to the Commission. The moratorium is still in effect but because it's voluntary, there are countries like Iceland, Norway and Japan who routinely kill whales. Not the United States and not the President.

  120. Elaine Brown

    How about we strap this asshole to the top of a car and see how he likes it! And people really want this no conscience idiot in the White House!

  121. Jennifer Leonescu

    Missed one-President Obama did not sign any bill lifting the ban on whaling.

  122. Maritza E. Vazquez

    Kathryn Kimbrough just curious, why do you keep repeating it was 30/40 years ago when it was clearly 20? You don't sound credible when you insist on altering the facts. And even thou it might of been "ok" to do this whatever years ago, the fact that he jokes about it, provides shady excuses in place of regretting his poor judgment towards the family "friend (???)" is utterly more disturbing! I accept that not everyone, unfortunately, regard their pets as family members (he ended up giving this poor dog away to his sister), but the dubious explanations this man offers are a clear indicative of his true (dark) colors!…..And I'm NOT talking about politics here, no need to…..actions speaks louder….

  123. Maritza E. Vazquez

    On the plus side- Super rich non empathetic arrogant Romney does not have the power to sign any US bills, he is a president wannabe but he certainly IS NOT! And may it stay that way!!

  124. Debbie Debra Patton Evans

    he seems a bit arrogant about the whole thing, He has never said he was sorry he did it. He just made excuses. Arrogant like Michael Vick about all of the dogs he murdered, he never said he was sorry either.

  125. Michele Sebesto

    what an ass. Let's put him in an airtight kennel, put it on the roof of the car, and drive cross country. Let's see how comfortable he is. stupid ass.

  126. Cindy Davidson

    Well he just lost my vote, not that he had it in the first place

  127. Renee Chris Fagan

    i can't help but think that dog could very well have been safer in the cab on the roof then in the car..If your on the highway going at least 55 and there is an accident..things aren't going to pan well for the dog least in a cab he won't go thru a glass windshield … Just think of all those animal transported by plane, in a box, some drugged up and covered in darkness to reduce panic attacks…REmember the scene in Nat'l Lampoon's Vacation when Grizwald tied the dog to the bumper and forgot? I haven't been able to get that image out of my mind? :) The lefty's today would have given Grizwald a pass before Romney :)

  128. Thomas Curtiss

    God people are so stupid. Who cares if that idiot put his dog on a roof? I am sure that if it wasn't completely secure, he wouldn't have done it. Atleast in a kennel on the roof, the dog could be suppliied with food and water. Inside of a full car it would be cramped up and become anxious, and in turn could become a liability. And for those of you who will jump me for saying that, I said COULD. Now granted. This guy is a complete idiot douche bag, with plenty of issues that justify attacks, even of a personal attack. But lets face it, this dog thing is ludacris.

  129. Andrew Smith

    so its not ok to have a dog ride on your roof? but its ok to slaughter and eat cows and chickens? its ok to spank your kids but not your dog? quite frankly I just hit and eat anything that moves it makes much more sense.

  130. Sevastian Winters

    I hate Romney as much as everyone else in the Republitard party, but to be fair, if the container was airtight, What, REALLLLLLLLY is the difference between strapping that kennel to the roof vs. putting it inside the car? The dog would still be in the kennel, no more safe…. just removed from his people for the ride. Some dogs LOVE car rides. I've been given no reason to believe that this dog didn't love his kennel ride too. Are we going to poll the other candidates to see how many of them ever let their dogs ride, untied, in the back of an open pickup? You people act as if there's something worse than his politics on the table for discussion. There isn't.

  131. Hope Frischman Nielsen

    let's put mitt (rhymes with sh*t) in an airtight kennel on top of a car for 12 hours and see how he likes it.. he says his dog likes it? does he know the dog whisperer? what a moron… I'm really a-seamus of him. peta –go get him… and everyone else needs to vote for anyone else in the primaries! inhumane is an understatement. he broke his own state laws! saying the dog liked it? amazing….. I agree @robert… just what we need, a president that abuses dogs/pets. it's inconceivable to think someone would do that…. but his money makes everything go his way.. he needs to know just how awful and disgusting and inhumane what he did. his interview shows him sort of enjoying the story and saying the dog liked it? he ain't the dog whisperer, just a filthy rich not on the normal person's planet… ugh.. it makes me sad for seamus.

  132. Sevastian Winters

    I dunno, Linda. In 1983, most people still put their animals in the back of pick up trucks and let them ride loose in the car. It's hard to judge a man's choices yesterday in the light of today's wisdom.

  133. Cynthia Dixon

    Sorry, I would never think to strap my cats' travel cages to the top of my car. Inside the car in a cage or boarding in a kennel. Or – how about a pet sitter? There are other options for a 12

  134. Karen Hirst

    I am not voting for Romney for many, many reasons! This inhumane dog on top of the roof of his car is a main one. Animals have heartbeats too.

  135. Lee Marsh

    The more I know about this guy the less I like him. Makes me wonder what other skeletons he has in his closet. He is beginning to give me the creeps.

  136. Michael Frank

    awww….. that's too bad. Cause i'm sure it would have been interesting…

  137. Melissa Severance

    Seriously 20 years ago we didn't use car seats we carried babies in our laps n sseatbelts wereent mandatory nor we're bicyclle helmets. Im pretty sure this isn't something heed do now justt like many things people useed to do out of pure ignorrance.

  138. Claude Miller

    the man is just different. too different. no one can relate to him on anything. obama seems like a normal guy no matter how much the right has attacked him. when it comes down to it, romney is going to seem "too weird" to be president.

  139. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Glenda Davis – um…..if I can have his net worth and his head of hair, I'll say thank you. otherwise, that was a nasty comment, which I'm getting used to from some here. Name calling must be in style.

  140. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Marc Rainville – thanks much for the kudos. Seems most here get off on name calling and nastiness if you dare to disagree with them. Ah, well, fortunately, time lends some perspective – usually.

  141. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Now THIS I agree with, for the most part. Mitt did some screwy things while in the governor's mansion in MA and I would NOT vote for him as the GOP nominee. BUT another 4 years of what we have now? no way.

  142. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Brook – I agree in principle. In practice, I will vote against the current regime. It has shown total disregard for the people of the USA at almost every turn, while saying the equivalent of "I am the great and powerful OZ. Don't look behind that curtain!!"

  143. Terri Bradford StClair

    He appears to consistently make bad, uninformed decisions. Is that who we want for our next president?

  144. Jane Blattner

    I want to know how the hell he knows the dog liked it? Did he and the dog have a conversation about it? Sure the dog went in willingly because he didn't know he was going to be tied to the roof.

  145. Brook Fugate Kornegay

    Kathryn Kimbrough I just wish the GOP had another front runner. I do a lot of volunteer animal rescue stuff. I have come face to face with people who neglect and abuse their dogs. The vast majority of the time they have extremely bad character traits and are selfish and self centered. Had he felt bad for what he did, if he had apologized and said he now knows differently then he did back then about dog care, had he redeemed himself in any way I could over look it. It seems like he is proud of the fact he abused his pet and that I just don't have in my heart to vote for.

  146. Cyndi Reeves

    He makes me sick – how did he know his dog liked it? What kind of president would he make – no compassion for animals? Would he have any compassion for those without jobs and homeless too? He would only be in the White House to make the rich even richer – we don't need more of those politicians in Washington.

  147. Marc Rainville

    Margaret Tyler Oh I'm sure of it, because he's not an egoistical narcissistic sob at all is he? Hey, since you believe what nice people tell you…..I'm nice and I've got some beautiful beach front property in Nebraska you really should have a look at. I think you would absolutely love it!!! I have many rescue sites on my page and that's how I ended up over here, but after reading and arguing with you fine folks, I've come to the conclusion that I landed on a totally left wing, GOP hate page. I could care less about your political affiliations, as I think they're all as crooked as the day is long. To me it's just a matter of a lesser of the evils. I can't believe how snowballed and brainwashed the majority of this entire forum is though. Blinded by hate by your party and the media, what a miserable way to have to go through life. I've conceded to the fact, that I'm fighting a battle that can't be won, that trying to get through to people, that everything that you see, hear, and read in the media is not gospel, is sadly a futile attempt. There is no trying to reason with you folks! I won't bother you again. Margaret, best regards, I'll send the Corona right over so you can enjoy relaxing with your feet (and head) in the sand! Cheers!

  148. Marc Rainville

    I do what I can to bring awareness to the plight of abused and neglected animals in my community and I completely support my local rescues every chance I get, so make no mistake about how I feel about the mistreatment of innocent furbabies. Most of you people are so blinded by political hate, it wouldn't matter if it was Lance Armstrong running for office. If he was on the GOP ticket, you'd find a reason to hate him as well. It's very draining on the mind, so I'm done beating this dead horse (no pun intended)! Instead of being so up in arms over an incident that is done and was "acceptable" 30 years ago, PLEASE focus this much attention on animals in need now! Don't like Romney, don't vote for him, but give it a rest already! Do something productive with your time, if what he did truly offends you and you're not just chiming in because you hate all Republicans! There are plenty of poor babies that need your help right NOW. Rescue or foster an animal today, or volunteer at your local shelter. How about writing your local representatives to ban tethering (that means chaining for you rednecks out there), abolish kill shelters, and the horrible and cowardly act of dog fighting! Did any of you know there's an app for your mobile phone that shows dog fights for your entertainment…..REALLY, I kid you not!
    Get your animal rights asses over there and give them hell! C'MON! WHO'S WITH ME?

  149. Gayle Aalderink

    we would be very wise to look at what he as done for pets in his own state. I am not impressed with his response at all.

  150. Debi Casserly

    Is this the best the repbulican party can come up with in this country? I mean really – is there no one better than Mitt Romney – the repbulican party is turning into a joke. I would NEVER vote for this man. Make him the republican nominee and you're pretty much handing the white house to President Obama again. Actually, that will happen if ANY of the republican nominees run against Obama. What a sad state of affairs when that is the best they can come up with. Romney is a total IDIOT! and obviously has no clue how abusive he was to his pet…..

  151. Joel Johnson

    What kind of excuse is "because he likes it"? Romney doesn't even consider the act to be animal abuse? He didn't feel remorse for it? Folks, this is real psycho stuff and a real tell-tale sign of mental illness. This is only one of many reasons I won't vote for Romney anyway. Even IF I did supported him, this surely pisses me off enough to gladly take my vote elsewhere. Not the kind of leadership we need in the highest office.

  152. Margaret Tyler

    Actually, Melissa, I don't know of anyone else who put their pet on the roof of the car, legal or not, 20 years or 50 years ago. Some things should not be a matter of law. They are a matter of decency, of kindness, of consideration. Clearly, Mitt Romney didn't, and doesn't, feel about his pets the way many people do.

  153. Skeeter Frazier Blaisdell

    This waas 20 year ago, Get Real! You people will pick at anything to discredit Mitt Romney or any other Republican.
    Get a life people, and if you think Obama cares about you forget it, he's a liar, a socialist and a muslim. Wha do you think about that?

  154. Rosemary Landry

    All I know is, that no living creature, human or animal, would like to be on top of a moving car for 12 hours in an airtight container. Shame on you Romney.

  155. Pam Basler

    so because hes a liar, socialist and a muslim, he doesnt care? that sounds like pretty prejudiced to me. do any americans feel that any candidate is on their side? they woo us with all their rhetoric and eloquence, only to take office and be swayed by the different interest groups. i personally would not want the job of president. even if you truly desire to be effective, the other party and the opponents will force compromise upon the administration.

  156. Angee Sylvester

    Wow! There is some seriously hate filled people on here. I never realized this would stir up so much hatred.
    God Bless each and everyone of you.

    "Ye without sin shall cast the first stone." John 8:7.

  157. Marilyn Johnson

    Unbelievable this lefyt press, bigger article about this than John Edwards getting another women pregent while his wife was dying of cancerl.

  158. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Pam Basler – oh my goodness, I can't believe it. We agree on something. Not the part about accusing someone of being prejudiced. I find that PC and self-righteous. The rest of it is dead on though.

  159. Kathryn Kimbrough

    NORMAL guy? Obama? In his million dollar home from Tony Rezco who is still in prison? Or the 4 million dollar Christmas vaca in Hawaii on the taxpayers' back? Sorry, nothing about Obama is 'normal' to me. That said, Mittens is a 50 or 60-something Ken doll of a guy – very plastic. I honestly don't like any of 'em.

  160. Jason Morris

    give me a break! I love animals but why bring up something that happened 20 years ago? oh, that's right…the obama administration is SCARED that they will LOSE!

  161. Maritza E. Vazquez

    Kathryn Kimbrough -No he's not actually. Unlike Mitt, our president has presented is income taxes for the world to see. Pres Obama had a worth net of $400k before entering the white house, he then released a book that earned him a couple of millions. That is not super rich and he earned it, unlike Mitt who fires ppl for a living and banks on their retirement funds REMEMBER!

  162. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Maritza E. Vazquez – gee, then how did he acquire his multimillion dollar home from convicted felon Tony Rezko? Hmmm? How did he pay for his education? Oh right – he registered as a foreign student. Great guy. He's a millionaire – you'll figure it out eventually – maybe.

  163. Gene G. Saadi

    Now that's impressive judgement! Wouldn't you want someone with that good a judgement in the presidency, in charge of our future's, our kids future's, our armed forces, and our nuclear arsenal…….N O T.

  164. David Wagner

    NO matter when it was it was against the law and I am sure that you your self would not want to be to be tied to any roof of a car so why would you treat a dog the same way wake up people your lucky that a officer did not take your dog to a better home because I would.

  165. Leatha Slauson

    This makes me so mad! This guy's a douche bag! Some one tie him to the roof of a car for 12hrs in a small airtight container! See how he enjoys it!!!

  166. Jessica Naomi

    Maybe Mitt Romney would enjoy being in an air tight container tied to a roof for 12 hours on a highway & that's why he thinks his dog liked it.

  167. Tamara Barnes

    This shows a serious lack of judgement on Mitten's part. Of course the dog went in "willingly" dogs live to please their people. Yeah the dog loved it so much it had diarrhea – what an A-hole this guy is. I also read that he gave the dog to another family member because it kept getting out and running around. What a crappy pet owner. How about with all that damn money, buying a vehicle big enough for everyone, including the dog?

  168. Janet Reasoner

    My grandmother taught me to look to people who are nice to animals and wait staff. I've known many people who are nice to other humans who they can get something from, but who treat service workers and animals with neglect or contempt. Needless to say, they are not part of my life for long.

  169. Patricia Curry

    the dog climbed up there willingly, he says and he didn't know there was a law against it.

  170. Elaine Nash

    Just wondering… How is a dog riding in a protective crate on top of a car roof any different from a horse or cow riding in a stock trailer? Not stating an opinion. Just asking. Wouldn't a dog that loves to travel with it's head out the window also love the ride up high where it can see all around? If the temperature was nice, how's this dangerous?

    (If Obama had put their dog on the roof of a car and taken a trip, would that have been considered 'cute' by the people now blasting Romney? Again, just asking. Seems to me it's human nature to find fault with the person in the party you oppose, when that same act would be acceptable if done by your candidate. Seems unavoidable to me.

  171. Elaine Nash

    Obama buried himself with animal welfare advocates when he signed a budget that included funding for inspectors for horse slaughter plants, thus breaking a campaign promise and opening the doors for horse slaughter in the US again, after being closed down for seven years. That trumps carrying a dog in a crate on your car roof any day.

  172. Margaret Tyler

    No, you are wrong about the horse slaughter thing. Most real horse people see the need for it. Horse rescues are full; horses are much more expensive to keep than dogs are; death is not the worst thing that can happen to an animal. Horses are being turned loose on public land to fend for themselves, and they are starving to death. They also get out onto the road and get hit by vehicles, generally requiring that an official of some kind comes to shoot it, after the suffering of the humans involved is dealt with. Euthanizing a horse is far more expensive than for a dog or cat. In many places it's illegal to bury them, because they could contaminate ground water. Much as I have loved my horses, I cannot fault anyone who says it's better to slaughter them here, under supervision, than to send them on a long, foodless, waterless trek to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

  173. Lena Diana

    Are you F'ng kidding me? There was no room in the car? So you strap your dog to the roof and drive 12 f'ng hours with this poor animal scared to death and you joke about it? What a sick fuck…..this is not a person who should be a leader of a country……….

  174. Elaine Nash

    Trying to convince me that there are benefits and justification for horse slaughter? I don't think so! Please note, friends, that Margaret Tyler's only reason for NOT using the only humane process for killing a horse- sedated euthanasia, is based on COST. So, for Margaret Tyler, the price of animal cruelty is somewhere around $200.00.

    Here's the deal, short and simple: If a person who owns a horse that needs put down, can't afford to do the right thing by it and give it a peaceful death when the time comes, that person should never have had the horse. Period. End of story.

  175. Margaret Tyler

    Elaine Nash, sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes life throws them a curve ball, and their lives change drastically. Maybe you have no sympathy for people like that, or their animals? Your solution is just "So what? You are bad people. Your horse can starve to death?" I've known too many to be so judgemental. And since horses do go to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, involving a long ride in a livestock truck or trailer, which they don't unload so the horses get no food or water until they get to the slaughter grounds, the ride among strange horses who are not friendly is basically torture. I guess that's fine with you, as long as we don't kill them here? Clearly, you have NO idea of the cost. It costs over $1000 to euthanize and hire someone to come get the carcass where I live. It's not legal to bury the horse, but if it were, you'd have to hire someone to bring in equipment and dig a hole deep enough.
    None of my own horses ended up in this kind of situation, and if they had, after I sold them, I personally would have done what I could to help them. I no longer own horses, partly because of the expense. Not everyone can shell out that kind of money when they are having trouble making a house payment or feeding their kids. As I said, death is not the worst thing that can happen. Why is slaughter so cruel to a horse, but OK for a cow? While my own horses were pets, some are just livestock to their owners. That's reality. You choose to say, "No, I don't want it to be that way, so stop it!" I choose to say, "We have a problem, and if you can't take care of it humanely with rescues, then killing unwanted animals seems more humane than just letting them starve."

  176. Elaine Nash

    Unfortunately, as a lifelong equestrienne, I've put down a number of horses, both my own and those of friends who counted on me to handle it for them. Never have I paid remotely close to $1000 for the process. That's just not what it costs, even when you add in the rendering truck costs for removal.

    If those who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lobbying Congress to legalize/fund slaughter and campaign for highly profitable slaughter plants in the US, instead focused those funds on solutions that make being humane a priority, we could fund the sedated euthanasia of every horse in the country that needs that option. Slaughtering horses is not about the lack of funds to do the right thing. It's about the lack of profitability when doing the right thing.

    You don't know the difference in the process of slaughtering a cow and slaughtering a horse? Really? And you have had horses? Cattle are slaughtered with their heads restrained in a locked-in device, so that little can go wrong with the captive bolt process hitting it's target. When's the last time you tried to lock a horse into an immobile position by the head? Anyone who has tried it likely ended up with a horse with a broken neck, who panicked and fatally injured itself trying to escape.

    There is NO humane way to slalughter a horse. Ask renowned slaughter expert Temple Grandin, and she'll tell you that the process can be improved, but that horses are highly emotional and insightful creatures, and that the only way to kill a horse without any trauma is sedated euthanasia. Do you want to question Dr. Grandin, too?

  177. Margaret Tyler

    Elaine Nash are you saying the cost is the same everywhere? I suspect you are wrong. By the time you pay for the vet to drive to your place and humanely euthanize (especially if it's an emergency call) and then you pay for the rendering truck to come in and load, it's $1000 where I live, whether you like it or not.

    If you think people who spend the money on lobbying something that will bring them profit are willing to spend that same money on the horses for no return, you are simply not being realistic. I get to make those decisions for my own animals and my own money. I do not get to make it for other people who don't even own horses. We could do all sorts of good things with other people's money, but the reality is not so pretty. "The money is there"? If it isn't yours, you don't get to decide what to do with it.

    I absolutely know, from my own experiences, that horses are emotional and insightful. And no, they aren't as easy to kill as a cow. So we should load them up, send them on a waterless, foodless truck or trailer to Mexico or Canada, and torture them before they are killed?

  178. Elaine Nash

    Margaret Tyler No. That's your plan, not mine. Of course my plan does not include riding on a foodless, waterless truck anywhere- especially to your slaughter destination. My plan is that horses who must be put to death are fully sedated and then euthanized. Their truck rides come after they're dead, not before. Dogs and cats aren't slaughtered when we don't want them any more. No reason for horses to be, either. When greed is removed from the equation, the list of options gets much longer.

    Anyone who favors torturous slaughter of a horse over peaceful, sedated euthanasia is looking to pad their pocket, not do the right thing by the horse. It's a matter of having high standards, ethics, integrity, and decency.

    How much time have you spent fundraising for a sedated euthanasia fund to help those who need it? None? Why not? It's a matter of priorities- and mine is to not brutally, barbarically slaughter horses. And, by the way… back to the original point…. Obama made campaign promises that he would never allow horse slaughter in the US, and then signed the budget that removed the de-funding of inspectors for equine slaughter plants- the one thing that made slaughtering horses her not possible.

  179. Margaret Tyler

    Elaine Nash , no, it's not my plan. My plan is not to have an animal I can't afford. But I don't get to control other people's plans, or lack of them. If you do so well at planning and fundraising for others, why is there a problem? And there is a problem, and I'm well aware of it.

    It is truly a matter of priorities. I choose to do what I can to rescue and rehome dogs.Before I retired, I worked with children. And while the slaughterhouse isn't the end I chose for any of my horses, and I was truly horrified when I found (after the fact) that it's what a father chose to do to his 12 year old daughter's horse that was becoming blind and medically expensive, it's not my decision to make.

    I think this President has learned that there is a vast difference between hope and necessity. We do what we can to narrow the gap. Sometimes, all we can do is narrow it from cruel to less cruel.

  180. Tracey Jennings

    It was 20 years ago! With this thinking my parents should be investigated for not having seatbelts on my brother and me and for allowing me to sleep in the floor of the car!

  181. Eric Russel

    How does he know the dog enjoyed the ride? I'm sure his tail was wagging in joy because it was over. I've driven home (100+ miles) because my dog was in the pouring rain in the backyard & he has a dog house.

  182. Isucrazy Nothappening

    Its more inhumane to put it in the airtight container there it would suffer from heat.I think he did a foot thing for the animal as long as the dog couldn't fall off.dogs like the wind in their face they always put their head out a window.but they can find a story like this from years ago.why can't y'all find a girlfriend from obamas past can't find anyone that knew him from school can't find any info on him from any time.what kind of reporting is this sounds one sided to me.

  183. Karin Papke

    Hi Brian. I saw you in Germany with your magic show and your songs, maybe 1981. The town is called Würzburg and I enyoued your games really in this old days. I was so happy to find you here in the world wide web. My English is very teribble and so I can't really express what I want to say. First of all I hope you are fine and I wish you all the best.

  184. Bob Minelli

    How is there even a contest here.. Ron Paul for President…period.

  185. Margaret Tyler

    People who are unwilling to compromise need to learn to do the work and raise the money themselves, because they don't get to tell the rest of the world what to do and how to think.

  186. Ann Marie

    When I read the article, it nearly broke my heart. How could a person do this to an animal? I can't believe he is telling everyone that his sister has adopted the family dog, but Romney's sons are telling another story….and it seems like more of the truth….The dog ran away after it got to its destination and never came back…Now he's out there fending for itself =( All because MITT ROMNEY is an ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Robert J. Tezak

    Jesus! Lets be Small Minded! Get Used to It He Will Be Here for 8 Years! and We Get Rid of This Moron That Caused What We have Today!

  188. Marsha Fagnani

    No room for the dog in the car? I think even back in 1983 Romney should have known better. Who straps a dog in a carrier on the roof of a car for that long of ride?

  189. Lee Jean

    What? Is he a total idiot or what? What sane person would do that to their dog? So go ahead and vote for the loser. It was so sad for the dog. Doesn't matter if it was years ago. Makes no difference at all. He is a real empathetic person to run our country. Maybe he should try riding on top of a car in an airtight container and we will ask him how he liked it when the ride is complete. So insane!

  190. Janice Brown Kelton

    I can't imagine doing this to my dogs, why wasn't there a place in the car?

  191. Debbie Hill

    Really? Our dog loves to ride on our motorcycle. What's the difference? You stop, let the dog eat, drink, run… get back in his comfy house (or on the motorcycle) and ride. People, get a grip. Don't we all love the wind in our hair? I'd ride in a seat on top of the car, even better, a house!

  192. Carol Shor Harrison

    The fact that this was abominable behavior has been established. I'm wondering about the term: airtight. That would mean the dog was killed, since any air in the container would soon be used up. What are they talking about here?

  193. Laura Trojan

    I remember reading about this several weeks ago, and aside from being absolutely disgusted I was floored that he had the unmitigated gall to attempt to dismiss it as if it were the most normal thing in the world. In fact, he almost seemed bewildered by the fact that the entire world didn't endorse and embrace such a thing. What a buffoon.

  194. Carol Shor Harrison

    Laura Trojan, he is of the same mindset of those many people that are okay with it, and liken it to being in the back of a truck, not precariously perched on top of a speeding vehicle for 12 hours.

  195. Laura Trojan

    Carol Shor Harrison Indeed he is. And as someone who spent her youth as a show dog handler, I can tell you that his mindset is beyond the pale. AND… as someone with no handling experience but simply a heart, his mindset is despicable. Des. Pic. Able.

  196. Ride-Free Tours Sakowski-Motors

    First, I am not a Romney supporter. He embodies greed and exploting America at any cost. And, he might be an alien.

    But, this is pretty silly. Lots of dogs LOVE going for a ride on a motorcycle tank, in a side car of a motorcycle, in the back of a pick up truck, in a jeep with no top and wind blowing, hanging their head out the window with the wind directly blasting in their face, standing on the front of a motorboat for hours on end with the wind and spray blasting in their face and eyes. Give your dog a chance, you will find they would rather be windblown and stinky then cooped up inside like a trophy.

    People are treating their dogs like kids, but guess what. Your dog, most dogs, would probably be much happier riding on the roof of your car than being pampered by you. Wind blowing, looking around. Dogs love this sort of thing.
    And truthfully, lots of kids would rather ride up top also! If you don't believe me, ask one. Their eyes will get big like they can't believe you are going to let them… no, I would not let my kids ride up top…

    It is funny that the headlines say he strapped the dog to the top of the car. Like the dog was roped down and tortured.

    But really, he had a special container. Even built a windshield etc..

    Just because the dog had a bowl problem, does not mean that it was from riding on the car. That was probably completely unrelated.

    The airtight comment is taken out of context. I think that what was meant and the reality is that the container was made to block the wind so the dog would be comfortable.

    I don't seen any reason not to have special containers to transport pets on the roof.

    It is more secure and comfortable then riding in the back of pick up trucks.

    If you don't think dogs should get to ride in the back of pickup trucks, then we are just so far apart.
    When dogs can't ride in the bed of Ford Pickup trucks, maybe we should stop and reconsider our common sense and liberty.

    Next thing you know people will want to pass more laws so dogs can't ride in the back of pickup trucks….

  197. Ride-Free Tours Sakowski-Motors

    allegedly, he was wagging his tail and liked to ride. But I doubt it was too fun because it sounds like it was like being inside the car almost, not very open air. I am sure they also left out the part about the bathroom stops for the dog etc..

  198. Donna Kalstein

    I say put him in an airtight container and do the same to him….let's see his reaction then….if he makes it, that is!!!!

  199. Ron Hunter

    hey, i didn't complain when my dad lied me to the roof of the car. dogs also love the back of truck as i do.

  200. Carol Shor Harrison

    Ron Hunter, my daughter thought it was pretty funny when I threatened to do that. But Ron, were you in an AIRTIGHT box?

  201. Elaine Whiteford

    air tight? the dog would have been DEAD… can you live without air for 12 hours? I think not!

    but at least he didn't try to lie and say he didn't do it. like OBAMination would have done!

  202. Valerie Anderson

    Obviously you guys didn't live before the times of Craigslist and rescues to rehome, plastic dog carriers, and a whole lot of other luxuries that didn't exist back then – no internet or cellphones either!! Can you imagine living in the stone age like that?! He had a car full of kids and obviously cared enough about the dog to not take it to a shelter. Crates weren't plastic then – they were HEAVY wooden boxes that took a few strong guys to move. Life was MUCH different back then. So brainaics…with no room in the car, a wooden box that itself probably weighed a good 00lbs, (don't forget no zippy fastners – only rope) no way to rehome other than a shelter (possible death) or pay for an ad in the paper (which most people didn't do stuff like that then)….what would YOU do? Of course…. squeeze the dog in/on the five kids. If that's your answer, you obviously haven't traveled w four or more boys! They fight w each other over personal space…add a big dog to the mix?! Lol insanity!! Stop being such PETA tree huggers… he did what he could for the times and obviously LOVED the dog enough to bring it with them – NOT abandon it and make it someone elses problem like so many today – DUMPING them on a rescue!! Abandoning your pet in a rescue is IMO 294#3 than an inconvenient haul…. at least the pet isn't ripped from the family it loves and sits and rots in a group home for god knows how long!!!

  203. Rachael Nln

    Romney: He's a Jackass.. this simply tells me what this jackass is made up of.. WTH was he thinking.. oh I forgot… he doesn't think, he's a Jackass.. That was cruel and dangerous and I don't want someone like that in the WhiteHouse.. If he is willing to let us Strap his Ass on top of a car all the way to Canada, then I will reconsider My Vote.. "NOT"……. :p

  204. Rachael Nln

    If he thought this was "Ok", I would like to know what else he might think is 'Ok"? What an Ass! This might seem small.. but it speaks Big to me….

  205. Anonymous

    Here is why I'm changing my mind on this matter: He has 5 sons. I'd expect that at least 2 of them had a special fondness for the dog. If putting the dog on the roof was really unpleasant for the animal and obviously not where the dog desired to be, he would have had to deal with his children wondering why he was torturing the family dog. A 12 hour car ride with your young children worried frantically about their favorite dog on the roof? That would be far worse than a ride with the dog inside. Dogs often ride in the back of cars in covered kennels with no idea what is going on. This isn't really any different. We are mystifying the story because the "roof of the car" sounds terrible. In reality, if the kennel was secure, it's the same as any location. Dogs don't perceive things like we do "What the crap? I'm on the roof of a car!" Applying human values to the emotional inputs of a dog is what makes this story seem horrible. Actually, as I write this, I'm beginning to feel Romney might be my guy because he was able to look pragmatically and logically at the situation, removing feelings from the equation and coming up with a solution that was sound, despite being emotionally twisting from our human vantage.

  206. Janet Aguanile

    It's a shame anyone would vote for this man just to try and get Obama out of office…that's just as sick and inhuman as strapping a dog on top of a car.

  207. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Maritza E. Vazquez – How 'bout that Obama? I remember being told here that history and timing are irrelevant – well, what's sauce for the goose…… How about that? Obama ATE dog meat. I think that trumps ol' Mittens. As for riches – don't kid yourself – the Obamas are rich – AND bent on fomenting class and race warfare. If Mitt made money by working his butt off, more power to hiim.

  208. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Maritza E. Vazquez – How 'bout that Obama? I remember being told here that history and timing are irrelevant – well, what's sauce for the goose…… How about that? Obama ATE dog meat. I think that trumps ol' Mittens. As for riches – don't kid yourself – the Obamas are rich – AND bent on fomenting class and race warfare. If Mitt made money by working his butt off, more power to hiim.

  209. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Cathy Sparks Frost Fair enough, Cathy. So how do you feel knowing Obama chowed down on dog meat? All I hear is "he was a kid" and "it was cultural". Does that make the dog that was killed for him was any less dead? I'm thinking people are using one set of rules for the conservative folks (if we can really call Mittens conservative) and another for the liberal folks? Sure looks like it to me.

  210. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Laura Trojan – um, so how ya gonna dismiss Obama's more heinous act – EATING dog? Hmmm? I'm sure those who consider him above it all will do so.

  211. Kathryn Kimbrough

    I think both candidates are less than perfect. I just prefer the one who took his dog on vacation in a contraption on his roof to the one who ate dog meat. Sue me. Somehow the carrier pales in comparison to eating a dog someone killed and prepared.

  212. Kathryn Kimbrough

    I think both candidates are less than perfect. I just prefer the one who took his dog on vacation in a contraption on his roof to the one who ate dog meat. Sue me. Somehow the carrier pales in comparison to eating a dog someone killed and prepared.

  213. Carol Shor Harrison

    Kathryn Kimbrough – eating dog in a foreign country, as a representative of the USA, would be, if indeed he did do it, diplomatically appropriate, and a measure that most Americans would do if put in that position. The dogs that are eaten are not domesticated pets, but would be looked at more like a hunted creature or at best, a farmed animal. Dogs are eaten in many countries, including many Asian nations. Therefore, a large part of the population on the earth. So to call that a heinous act is also insulting to people from other countries who now live here.

  214. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Cynthia Dixon As a pet sitter, I applaud your suggestion! But I also can't fault Mittens for taking his dog with him on vacation. As for the carrier, most dogs feel BETTER traveling in kennels – the proverbial den animal, they feel safe there. I agree it would be stupid to do now – but then – well, times change as do mores. That is one of the reasons I am bringing up (ad nauseum) the fact that Obama ate dog meat. Now just like the carrier thing – it was many years ago. BUT was the dog any less dead? I'm just sayin'

  215. Kathryn Kimbrough

    I don't much care for Mitt either – but he beats the incumbent all to heck. AND, unlike Obama, he never ATE a dog. Obama did eat dog meat. So, which is more inhumane? Hmmm? Seamus was alive at the end of the trip. The dog in the Obama scenario wasn't.

  216. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Dave Cohn Well, Mittens cared enough about Seamus to take him with them on vacation. The incumbent cared so much about dog he ate them…………Seamus lived. The other dog? Dead, obviously. Now ya wanna talk about character and tell me it does matter what Mitt did 20 years ago but it DOESN'T matter what Obama did years ago? I don't THINK so!

  217. Kathryn Kimbrough

    Carol Shor Harrison So it's OKAY to kill a dog if it isn't in the US? Talk about double-speak. I was told somewhere here that the time and place don't matter – the ACT does. I simply apply that same logic to The Messiah. Does this make the dog any less dead/murdered? Nope. You get so het up about how Mitt transports his dog on vacation, but it's OKAY to murder a dog if it's in another country? Partisan double-speak.

  218. Sevastian Winters

    Kathryn Kimbrough The Lewis and Clarke Expedition in the early 1800's would have never happened but for the availability of dog meat which they bought for food along their route.

  219. Valerie Anderson

    Thanks Kathryn! I know my Great Dane would MUCH rather be sticking hishead out his own window, ears and lips flapping in the breeze, rather than being stuck with four squirming bickering smelly boys! Heck – there's times *I'd* rather be strapped in a box on the roof. Lol :)

  220. Ron Hunter

    mitt had a life long family companion with their dog. transport of any pet is the discretion of owner and it's well being. mitt loved their dog enough to bring along on family outings. mitt and family loved their pet. obama on the other hand ate dog for his survival in his up bringing. stop with this silliness and get down to real issues that face our nation and "our survival"!

  221. Maritza E. Vazquez

    Kathryn Kimbrough Yes, someone else in another country, killed a dog, cooked it (as their custom dictates) and fed it to a very young child, could of happened to you or to me… many, many cruel things happen to young children every day, they are so innocent and vulnerable. We should stand together and defend atrocities perpetrated on children, not blame/judge them for things beyond their control….if you were raped as a child, does that make you a bad person? Drugs are put into peoples beverages, unknown to them as they consume it, does that make them drug users?…Shame on you for judging a 5 yr old!!!

  222. Cathy Day

    But Ron, this is food for the masses. God forbade that anyone should have to actually think about anything important

  223. Renee Chris Fagan

    Kathryn Kimbrough :) thanks for the back up…however, obama was raised in a non-american culture during his developmental years ~so it is hard to blame him what his father figure chose to feed him. I think it is the 4th most populated and has a pretty high poverty (not like our poverty) rate…so food is food. Pretty sure they eat rats, cats, ext… I, as much as am on where near an Obama fan..and feel the influences of his childhood are a negative to our country, I can not hold him eating dog against him…

  224. Randy Gaiero

    This guy puts his dog Seamus in an air tight cage to drive from MASS to Canada because the dog likes it. What an idiot. Him as president is a joke. Where's PETA? Why are we even thinking of the smuck who ruined Massachusetts a president? I know I lived there. The poor dog. And this guy is loaded. Couldn't someone in the family get on the top of the car. I bet they'd say thanks dad we love it up here. This guy is moron. Now he has friends? saying he was a bully? Bullying guys at school who are gay? Man if this moron gets in we are screwed. I hope no one has a dog who gets near muttney, we all know what he'll do to them.

  225. Randy Gaiero

    This guy puts his dog Seamus in an air tight cage to drive from MASS to Canada because the dog likes it. What an idiot. Him as president is a joke. Where's PETA? Why are we even thinking of the smuck who ruined Massachusetts a president? I know I lived there. The poor dog. And this guy is loaded. Couldn't someone in the family get on the top of the car. I bet they'd say thanks dad we love it up here. This guy is moron. Now he has friends? saying he was a bully? Bullying guys at school who are gay? Man if this moron gets in we are screwed. I hope no one has a dog who gets near muttney, we all know what he'll do to them.

  226. Randy Gaiero

    I hate this freaking idiot. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS IDIOT. If you do I hope he takes you for a 12 hour drive on the top of his air tight crate on the top of his rolls royce and Mutt, opps I mean Mitt, can defecate on you and then just hose you down and puts you back up there soaking wet. Wouldn't that be fun. I wonder if this is a family ritual. AND it just came out he's a bully too. Especially on the the gay community. This country is f&*ked Charlie was right. Spooky isn't it. You are an anima abuser. Read about him above

  227. Billy Hartig

    STOP DRINKING THE"DEMOCRATIC KOOL-AID" Check your facts they are all F'd up Not a Rolls actually Ford station wagon had five kids in car dog probably "safer on roof" and @ least he took dog w/ him and didn't send him on a private jet like that Muslim Obama does(Google this! ) A fact Muslims can't share "travel space w/ animals!

  228. Billy Hartig

    And Andy is right Obama admits to eating dog growing up in Indonesia! Hmmmmm isn't that country primarily Muslim!!!!!!!

  229. Billy Hartig

    Story about "bullying also F"d-up" "HATCHET JOB" by left wing media should read non biassed accounts(Google it!) of incident by the"kid's" surviving family members. You are definitely watching too much CNN(Communist News Network).

  230. Randy Gaiero

    Billy all you want to do is top any story that you don't like that I like pain in the ass. Obama grew up in a country that does that. Look what we eat. Pink Slime hot dogs, pork rinds, brains, snakes, but we're not running for offce. Sory boys but I am not voting for an animal abuser and a bully of gay people, like Patterson, Grasso, Vinnie or Vanessa. MUTT ADMITTED HE BULLIED GAYS AT SCHOOL, F*CKIG BULLY. HE' NOTHING BUT A PUSSY THAT SAYS" OH MY, I DID BULLY KIDS IN SCHOOL LIKE, CUTTING OFF THE HAIR, JUST A GAY BASHER. I remember I was with Patterson in Boston Haloween and you could dress up on that night (it was iillegal to dress up on any other night. The straight fuKJers hasselled those people who chose to be and was so brutal. This is America or is it? I have to go Billy don't be such a know it all cuz you don't. Maybe Charlie's right

  231. Brandon Edwards

    I hope he dies. In fact, I hope everyone in every branch of our government—county, city, state and up— dies so we can start over and do things right. But not Hillary. She's a bad bitch. And please, don't leave me hater comments. I just like the bitch's style.

  232. Flower Heather Dawn Love

    That man is pure EVIL. I'm throughly convinced…

  233. Amanda Marie Werden

    he says "he got in willingly". what kind of argument is that? a toddler will also get into an air tight container willingly. Doesn't mean you should allow it, let alone tie them to the roof of a car and drive 12 hours. 20 years ago or not, this is a huge red flag for me. People who abuse animals are known to be abusive to humans as well, also to be narcissistic. That's not someone who I would want to run my country.

  234. Minz Muralles

    This idiot. Is he seriously joking about those incident? So three dog has no voice and has to suffer in an air tight kennel. I can only imagine how much we would suffer if he was president.

  235. Minz Muralles

    This idiot. Is he seriously joking about those incident? So three dog has no voice and has to suffer in an air tight kennel. I can only imagine how much we would suffer if he was president.

  236. ManaDen Parker

    You all are morons 20 years ago we didn't even wear seatbelts and you could let your kids ride in the back of a pickup going down the freeway at least doesn't play with the interns and cigars

  237. Charise Beckett-Peyton

    Mitt's not playing with a complete deck of cards.

  238. Charise Beckett-Peyton

    Ooh and he has $30 million in Bain Capital funds in the Cayman Islands alone. Ha. In politics there is no saint or sinner. It's all relative.

  239. Kristin Stey

    Wow….Not really sure what to say about this besides the obvious.

  240. Jason Pulsifer

    It's fine. Didn't you see national Lampoons Vacation?

  241. Nick Ostler

    y'all need to just calm down nobody is perfect…just let it go.

  242. Marisa Zamora Walmsley

    every body is talking about Mitt Romney putting the dog on top of the roof, but NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT OBAMA EATING DOG! People should know that ALL THE FACTS BEFORE POINTING FINGERS! OBAMA ATE DOGS!

  243. Cheryl Alice Jones Frach

    Isn't there a warning on those containers that says don't put people or animals in there :S some people are amazingly stupid!!! How do these people have money and a job!! I have met homeless people with more sense than this

  244. Donna Ellison Flores

    I don't know where yall are from, but in Texas, its no big deal to let our dogs jump into the back of our pickups, and take off with us…20 years ago, with no tether. Yes…dogs LOVE to travel with their heads hanging out the window, it gives them JOY. The dog was not injured. He got sick from eating turkey… Get over it and worry about something important. You all laughed when Chevy Chase tied his mom to the roof of the car in her rocking chair…..remember?

  245. Donna Ellison Flores

    how many of you drive convertibles….please…..

  246. Donna Ellison Flores

    oh please…..How many of you drive convertibles, or motorcycles! You LOVE the feel of flying down the freeway with the wind in your face! Admit it! It doesn't hurt does it?

  247. Donna Ellison Flores

    this dog was no more freaked out than your dog is when you leave for the day to go to work….they think you are gone forever…they dont know you are coming home….

  248. Robin Carlisle

    My dogs know that I'm coming home. I tell them every morning when I leave from work!

  249. Rebecca M. Snitzer

    So what, It's funny. People make questionable decisions about their pets everyday. Are you going to criticize every person who has a fat dog or cat? That pet owner is mistreating their pet repeatedly over a long period of time, and for no apparent reason. At least this situation was one time, temporary, and necessitated out of circumstance. And the dog continued to be the loving family pet for many years. It didn't die young of a heart attack, or live miserably for many years, like a fat animal would. Would it have been more humane to board the dog over the length of the vacation? If that's the worst atrocity a person ever commits over their 65 year life time, they're more saintly than most of us, and certainly me, and I’m at only half that age. You can only speak about this issue if you are a strict vegan, have never ridden a horse, and have never been to a circus. Otherwise you’re a HYPOCRITE!

  250. Rebecca M. Snitzer

    So what, It's funny. People make questionable decisions about their pets everyday. Are you going to criticize every person who has a fat dog or cat? That pet owner is mistreating their pet repeatedly over a long period of time, and for no apparent reason. At least this situation was one time, temporary, and necessitated out of circumstance. And the dog continued to be the loving family pet for many years. It didn't die young of a heart attack, or live miserably for many years, like a fat animal would. Would it have been more humane to board the dog over the length of the vacation? If that's the worst atrocity a person ever commits over their 65 year life time, they're more saintly than most of us, and certainly me, and I’m at only half that age. You can only speak about this issue if you are a strict vegan, have never ridden a horse, and have never been to a circus. Otherwise you’re a HYPOCRITE!

  251. Paulette Lockard

    Come on you people don't you have anything better to do than dig up ooooolllddd crap. I bet everyone of you have a few skeletons in your closet that we can dig up from your past! GET A GRIP What he did 20 yrs ago has nothing to do with anything.

  252. Donna Lovejoy Brown

    He goes back to the same answer his dog loved it……ok well what if one of his kids loved playing in the road would he let him, just sayin'………who is the human with the adult brain here?

  253. Dennis Roth

    well I will the man credit the dog liked it lol the dog was happy that's what counts I like dogs a lot to admit to some thing like that showes honesty that's worth something remeber how bill clinton lied undr oath and would not step down from impechment he in dorces mr pres barrack huessin o bama could our country afford him again no we could not hussin obama wont even be public the media picked our president last time is media picking hussen obama again looks that way.

  254. Dennis Roth

    can we afford hussen obama again I don't think so does our vote even count any more the media wants hussen o bama remeber he cant be reelected again what wout the monster be like this time un stead of driving our country 4 trillion more in debt mr pres would probly double the amount rember he never showed any valid birth certifete his middel name is huessen rember that I don't feel the media should pick our president if there fair why cant they say barrack hussen middel name.

  255. Jake Marchione

    obama was a state senator for like a month abd he did a half ass job, and romney is a succeful million dollar bussiness man…whos better

  256. Aaron Brocx

    Romney made his money by destroying businesses, that's not my definition of a successful business man. Honestly though, the president doesn't matter because he doesn't make decisions. If you're looking for someone to blame for the decline of the U.S. look to Congress and the terrible two party system we have. Anyway, I'm a supporter of Ron Paul hahaha.

  257. Robert Gipson

    What I want to hear from are the Romney supporters who can't or won't allow themselves to forgive what Mike Vick did to his dogs even though he's paid his debt to society and showed remorse. How can you justify one act of cruelty and condemn others?

  258. Miranda Ar

    good luck with that, I'm thinking you won't get a comment from any of his supporters on any of his flip flopping or animal cruelty

  259. Anonymous

    while he had his dog the the roof, obama was busy eating dog! Romney puts a dog on the roof vs obama ate dog. see what they don't say! not much of a difference.

  260. Chris Kuehl

    Well if the dog died you could drop it off at any Mexican or Chinese restaurant .

  261. Corinne Nahrwold

    What a monster! Glad he lost. Bet God had a hand in this, after all, "God" is "dog" spelled backwards!

  262. Marilyn Kluck Edenfield

    We certainly agree that mistreatment of animals is sinful. But even worse than that, the abortions of 50,000,000+ unborn human babies qualifies as terribly monstrous acts, in our minds. So, two ways of looking at things – we're sorry that Pres. Obama was re-elected along with the Democratic platform.

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