Pit Bull Attack

Chicago Man Attacked Like He Was A Piece of Steak

A Chicago jogger was the victim of an attack by two put bulls this morning. He was running at Chicago’s South Shore this morning when the two massive pit bulls found him and went after him.

Chicago resident Stanley Lee told Fox News that he had never witnessed anything like it before.

“They were just going after the man like he was a piece of steak,”

Lee had rushed out of his house when he saw the attack and tried to get the dogs off of the man with a baseball bat. He said that the dogs were biting the jogger on his head face and neck. He described the attack as one of the worst he has ever seen.

Police were called to the scene and found the dogs a short distance away from where the man had been attacked. They shot both dogs multiple times after the animals tried to attack them.

The police are searching for information about the dogs that committed the attack. Both wore identical collars and were un-neutered male Pit Bulls. They did not have tags or tracking microchips. Police think the dogs are probably from the same owner.

The fear is that the animals may have come from a home where they were raised to fight. If the owner is caught he could face criminal charges. Authorities explained that there is only a $300 dollar fine for letting a dog run out without a leash, but if the dog caused someone serious injury the punishment jumps to $10,000 and six months in jail.

Authorities are also concerned that the dogs were so vicious. Dogs very rarely attack people unless they are mistreated or abused.