Xbox Live lineup announced

Xbox Live January Free Games Lineup Announced

The Xbox Live free video games for the month of January have officially been announced, and at least one of the offerings on Xbox Live appears to be directly tied to an impending release. Much like Sony, Microsoft is attempting to pick up the pieces from the attacks from Lizard Squad over the Holidays. While Sony is advertising what’s coming to the Playstation 4 this year, Microsoft is just letting people know what games they can expect on the Xbox Live this month.

For the 360, as has been the case since gamers were able to get titles free on Xbox Live, there will actually be two games made available over the course of the month. For the Xbox One, Live will only give users one free title, though the title has quite a bit more recent release than the 360 versions. The first offering for Xbox Live Gold subscribers is available now until January 15. MX vs. ATV Alive is now in the offing, and for those who are fans of this genre it really is quite a deal considering it normally sells for $19.99.

The other Xbox Live offering for the 360 is the one that seems directly tied to a big release later this year. While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt isn’t due out until later this spring, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can play one of its predecessors starting on January 16-31. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is going to available during the end of the month.

This means that starting on January 16, players will be able to remind themselves of the story and get back into it until they can play the next chapter. This kind of offering isn’t something Microsoft has done very often, and it sounds like a pretty good way to reward those for ponying up the cash to keep the Gold subscriptions going. When it comes to the current generation offering, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die will be available to download all month long. This is a game that was released for the Xbox One just in September and will normally cost you $14.99 to download.

While the game isn’t one that got a lot of hype when it was released, it is one that has been met with critical acclaim the longer its been out. Now, all Gold subscribers will get to be able to try out the newest game from independent developer Access Games. All in all, a decent offering when it comes to the downloadable games for free through Xbox Live.