Star Wars: The Old Republic reaches one million subscriber milestone

EA announced today that in the first week since the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the game has already gone over the one million subscribers mark.

The publisher wouldn’t say exactly how many subscribers SWTOR has, only putting the figure at “over one million”, which EA says makes it the “fastest growing subscription MMO in history”. To put that figure into perspective for you, here are some additional stats from EA:

· Logged 28 million in-game hours – roughly equivalent to watching all six Star Wars movies, two million times

· Averaged well over five hours a day playing the game

· Created more than 3.8 million characters; 510,000 Jedi Knights and 550,000 Sith Warriors

· Killed more than 2 billion non-player characters in the eight days since Early Game Access began

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most highly anticipated MMOs to come out in a long time, so it’s really no surprise here that we’re already seeing impressive numbers not even a week since the game was officially released. Whether it can keep up the pace and hold the players it has remains to be seen, however.

At least part of what will determine whether or not people stick around will come down to the end-game content. The leveling content is unquestionably great, but MMOs don’t end when the leveling does – and <em>SWTOR</em> will need to have enough max-level content to hold the interest of its players.