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Institute For Human Continuity: the end of the world imagined by Sony


2012 the movie may have been delayed from release until November, but that hasn’t stopped Sony’s online viral marketing efforts.

The latest is the Institute For Human Continuity, a site pretending to be dedicated to human survival after the world is plunged into disaster in 2012.

According to the site, the IHC has determined there is a 94% chance that the world will face disaster in 2012, and demonstrates various scenarios including death by sun spot, Planet X and something called “crustal displacement.”

It’s a slick site, and if you didn’t know it was a ploy for the movie, you might actually believe it was real, and in some ways that’s what’s wrong with it. This site plays into the hands of the real kooks who do believe the end is nigh, and it doesn’t really make anyone that more interested in the movie.

You can visit the Institute For Human Continuity here.

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10 Responses to “Institute For Human Continuity: the end of the world imagined by Sony”

  1. Spooky

    It is unfortunate that YOU view anyone who acknowledges the legitamacy of real threats to this world a KOOK ! Maybe whats wrong with you, is that your so afraid of your own mortality you can't accept an opinion about the fragile state of this planet that isn't peachy. your Kooky little friend Spooky

  2. Identity Free

    Dear Duncan,
    It is not possible to end something that never actually began. However, a shift of global conscienceness and thus a big change is occuring now and likely to accelerate as 2012 draws closer. The people that are aware of this change will be more able to adapt and thus will have a greater chance of survival.

  3. Jason

    This whole 2012 thing makes me laugh. Some of these people are making a killing though off others phobias and susceptible to their thoughts of their own mortality.

    The only thing that is going go come of this 2012, aside form the truck loads of cash some are making, is that by 2013 there are going to be a LOT of pissed off people! lol

  4. Michael

    Bad news, folks…scroll down and you will see it is copyrighted by Sony…

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