Jenelle Evans teases pregnancy.

Is Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Her Third Child?

Jenelle Evans of reality show fame has endured her share of rumors. There was a time when the “troubled” Teen Mom 2 star had to deal with daily rumors about her life and relationships. While her life has seemingly calmed down since giving birth to her second son, Kaiser, the rumors haven’t stopped swirling. The newest rumor that Jenelle has been faced with is that she is expecting her third child! Could the reality show star really be pregnant again?

The rumors started when a photo of Jenelle celebrating her birthday showed up online. The photo was taken from behind, and it appeared that the reality show star had put on some weight. Of course, this had some fans believing that she was already pregnant with another child after giving birth a short six months ago. Once Jenelle heard the rumors, she took to Twitter to address them,

In the photo, Jenelle bares her belly and asks fans if they think she is pregnant. However, they didn’t have too much time to answer as Teen Mom Truth quickly revealed the truth about this pregnancy rumor.

According to the site, Jenelle Evans is not pregnant, but has simply put on “some healthy holiday weight.” Of course, in the photo that Jenelle shared on Twitter in which she bared her stomach, she did not look like she had gained any weight, but that may be because she is trying to lose any extra pounds that she may have gained over the holidays. It turns out that her and her boyfriend, Nathan, will soon be traveling to St. Thomas, and since Jenelle plans on spending a lot of time on the beach, she wants to look her best.

Of course, Jenelle Evans isn’t the only Teen Mom to endure pregnancy rumors. It seems that every month, another rumor about one of the cast members emerges. However, these rumors are seldom true — except in Maci Bookout’s case, who is indeed pregnant again! This is a rare occurrence, though, in which a rumor turned out to be true.

Aside from dealing with pregnancy rumors, Jenelle has also been slammed for reigniting a feud with Amber Portwood. According to the Inquisitr, Amber is dating a man who would often watch the show and tweet about the stars. However, he was not kind to Jenelle, and often tweeted some not so nice things about the mother of two. As a result, Jenelle took aim at Amber on Twitter, but it was Jenelle who ended up being criticized for the attack as Amber’s father recently passed away.

As it stands, Jenelle Evans is not pregnant, and doesn’t seem to have any plans to have another child anytime soon.