Palestinian Hamas 'How-To Stab Correctly' Terrorism Street Guide In Israel

Palestinian Hamas’ ‘How-To Stab Correctly’ Video A Terrorism Street Guide In Israel

An instructional “how-to” video has emerged in showing how to effectively kill Israeli Jews with a knife in a graphic step-by-step fashion. The video has been attributed to supporters of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, in Israel a Palestinian terrorist threw acid at a Jewish father and his four daughters while they were inside their car. The family were offering a ride to a hitchhiker when attacked.

In the video, titled “How to stab correctly,” aspiring attackers are shown how to stab their Jewish victims in order to inflict the most deadly injuries.

The instructional video — a form of social media terrorism — was posted on YouTube and is also being circulated between Palestinian activists via Facebook and Twitter, the Times of Israel reported Sunday.

Hamas How to stab correctly demonstration
The terrorism instructor showed a variety of stabbing methods, approaching the victim from different angles. (Image source: YouTube)

The video depicts two masked men — one holding a knife and the other playing the victim — and demonstrates how to achieve maximum damage in target areas such as the neck, abdomen and heart. The video depicts a number of different techniques in different circumstances, including how a would-be attacker could stab Israelis and walk away.

Hamas How to stab correctly demonstration
Another method promoted by the chilling Hamas-supporting video was to walk by the victim in an unsuspecting manner, then swiftly slash his throat. (Image source: YouTube)

The clip comes to end with the text, “What are you waiting for / Rise up and stab.”

On Friday, two Israeli police officers were stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City, while last month, four Israelis were axed and stabbed to death when two Palestinian terrorists stormed into their synagogue during morning prayers. An Israeli police officer was killed during the subsequent shootout in which the terrorists were killed.

That brutal attack was captured in this security camera video.