Monkey Tased by police

Police Taser Monkey: Primate Attacks Kids During Chocolate-Fueled Rampage

It’s commonplace to hear of incidents involving human suspects being subdued by a stun gun during interaction with law enforcement. However, when police Taser a monkey, it makes headlines news, as in this case of a chocolate-loving monkey who attacked school children during a chocolate-fueled rampage in France recently, according to a Mirror news report.

A North African macaque is recovering after French police showed no “merci” when they cornered the tiny chocoholic and jolted it with a Taser on Monday. Reportedly, the monkey had eluded police over a dozen times in the past, but officers managed to track it down after it attacked a group of kids in the Castellanne area of Marseille.

Tased monkey resting after attacking children.

Law enforcement officials captured the monkey after callers claimed it was “causing bedlam” among residents. Before it was Tased by cops, the monkey bit one of the officers, who suffered minor injuries.

A police spokesperson was quoted by the Local, who about the elusiveness of the monkey during their hunt for the cacao-loving primate.

“We were given the location but by the time we turned up, it had disappeared. It happened every time.”

Evidently, the furry creature was hopped up on Kinder chocolate, which was given to it by locals. Police believe it was the animal’s only source of food for weeks. They also believe the exotic animal was kept as a pet — which is illegal in France — and later abandoned by its owner. And when it found an easy source of food, the monkey returned to the area seeking the treats, as opposed to foraging in the wild where the competition is stiff.

Investigators say the monkey appeared to show signs of undernourishment and abuse. Accordingly, if the owner of the macaque is located, they may face charges of illegal possession of a wild animal. The good news is that the rogue monkey was not seriously harmed, after police used a Taser on it. Moreover, officials say when it recovers, it will be turned over to a zoo for safekeeping.

A poll was conducted to determine the best course of action police should have taken. Readers were given the following three choices to make about the Tasered monkey (percentages shown as of this writing).

  1. Taser it: the monkey was out of control – 46 percent
  2. Tried to capture it without causing harm to it – 35 percent
  3. Let it go: the poor thing meant no harm at all – 19 percent

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter]