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Secret Chinese Warship Photographed By Denver Satellite Company


China insists the aircraft carrier is being developed for research and training, its development raises eyebrows in Washington due to China’s increasingly advanced military and their aggressive posturing towards Taiwan and other areas of the South China Sea.

China has been increasingly aggressive in the pursuit of getting Taiwan to rejoin with mainland China, a move which most Taiwanese people reject. Taiwan has been developing missiles capable of striking an aircraft carrier. China has been slowly rising tensions with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam and South Korea which all have the explicit backing of American Naval power in the area.

China has defended its carrier program as other countries are far more advanced than them in their development or have just purchased carriers from other governments. Regional rival India purchased US carriers more than a decade ago. While in the future China’s carrier program could be a threat to the United States Naval Power it will be many years before they can pose a significant threat. The US currently has 11 carrier battle groups which stand on the cutting edge of military technology.

Russia started building the carrier before the collapse of the Soviet Union. It called the carrier program the Varyag but never completed its development. China bought the ship from the Ukraine, which had acquired it from Russia in 1998 and spent years building it. The Varyag had no engines, weaponry or navigation systems when China first purchased it.

Do you believe that China’s Carrier program poses a threat to US interests in Asia?

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15 Responses to “Secret Chinese Warship Photographed By Denver Satellite Company”

  1. Tom Hodgson

    If you spelled Satellite correctly in the title, and the tag, this article would have more impact.

  2. Bruce Vaccaro

    Yes! China is absolutely a threat to world security, and to all national republics. Do not forget they are a Communist nation, one of very few remaining. Their alliance both with North Korea and Iran adds even further instability. WATCH 'em!

  3. Theodore M. Seeber

    Scott Allan Hallinan The article is a fake, the picture isn't. It's really an amusement park, based around an old Australian aircraft carrier. But I thought it made an excellent joke punchline to this utter non-threat. We've got 11 active aircraft carrier groups, this makes three for them.

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