Mariah Carey Retire

Mariah Carey Audio Leaked: The ‘Elusive Chanteuse’ Should Retire Immediately

I’ll repeat what I said in the title: Mariah Carey should retire immediately.

If not retire outright, take a lengthy break from performing. And possibly suspend from any alleged activities that are causing her to lose her voice.

Saying that Mariah Carey is losing her voice is as generous as I can be about what I heard on the leaked audio.

For anyone old enough to remember when Mariah Carey could hit the highest notes with practically no effort, her voice is already gone. But once a diva, always a diva.

And no one can make a diva like Mariah Carey bow out graciously.

Usually, such artists linger until there is so much second-hand embarrassment even the delusional fans in conspiracy theory territory have had enough. However, it’s already more than enough. You’ve done enough, Mariah!

You’ve earned all kinds of Grammys and you were both unrecognizable AND amazing in Precious.

The sad truth of the matter is that if Mariah Carey has any regard for her legacy or respect for the fans that love her, she will go away until she can carry a tune again. And if that never happens…be honest about it.

There is absolutely no excuse for having people pay money to see you, to hear a quality performance, and they come away from…this:


The above features struggle vocals and blatant lip-syncing—things that even ten years ago people would never have guessed would be true of Mariah “Five Bleeping Octaves” Carey.

Sometimes it can be painful for fans, as must be the case with Mariah Carey fans, to admit what’s staring them right in the face. Or rather, hitting their ears like nails on a chalkboard.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“Mariah Carey still sounds better than all the other singers out today!”

“Mariah Carey is an award-winning singer, she can do what she wants.”

Of all those opinions, only one is grounded in fact.

Mariah Carey can do whatever she wants, retire when she wants, or even refuse to retire at all! After all, we live in an age where practically everyone who goes into the studio is helped (some to a rather embarrassing degree) to sound better.

But that means nothing when these artists have to get on stage and perform.

To lip-sync or pre-record vocals is to admit defeat at this stage of the game. At least, it is from the perspective of someone old enough to remember what a singer actually is.

Anyone paying money to hear someone sound the EXACT same way they did on a heavy edited single could (and should) save their money and stay home. But calls for Mariah Carey, a woman once prized for her stellar vocals, to stick to lip-synced performances is more than an admission of defeat.

It brings down the curtain on the era of reigning 90s divas, women who achieved their success due to an inarguable ability to SING.

It leaves us wondering if there’s anyone at all in the current generation worthy of a torch-pass.

Mariah Carey certainly seems in no hurry to hand it over to an enthusiastic impersonator with big eyes and reportedly a diva attitude all her own. Is it because Carey is waiting for someone who can enunciate in addition to hitting notes?

I sincerely hope so.

Because there’s simply no logical reason aside from this for Mariah Carey to continue to make these embarrassing appearances. And before you get your hopes up, I can assure you will it only get worse with time – Mariah Carey has had issues for a while.

It’s just that this latest performance blew the lid off of what many of us have been willing to acknowledge for awhile.

Mariah Carey is long past due to put down her microphone and call it a day.

[Image Credit: digitalfreaknyc]