Bethany Mota Buys Derek Hough Sweet Gift, Explains Why She’s Done With TV

Bethany Mota and Derek Hough’s Dancing with the Stars days are done, but Derek has a pretty awesome memento to remind him of Bethany’s bubbly personality and adorable dimples.

Hough recently took to his Instagram page to share something he created using Bethany Mota’s gift, and you can check out the image and its caption below.

“@bethanynoelm got me a new camera to inspire me to get back into photography. Here’s a cool new technique I’m trying called double exposure. #zerophotoshop.”

Derek Hough Image

Bethany Mota and Derek Hough finished fourth place on Dancing with the Stars, and competing on the show may have played a part in Mota’s decision to stay off of TV from now on. According to Today, Bethany recently spoke at Business Insider’s annual Ignition conference in NYC. The YouTube star revealed why she’s sticking to making internet videos.

“When you do TV, there are all of these people — directors, producers — you have to go to for approval to do things. Online, I’m my own director, my own producer… I can make it happen without approval from someone else.”

Mota’s star became a mega star using the web, so why turn to television now? As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bethany Mota has mastered the art of using the web to make a living, and aspiring web stars should find her tips for making popular YouTube videos very helpful.

Bethany Mota’s distaste for TV will likely upset Team Berek shippers who would love to see her return to DWTS someday, but Derek Hough might not be there by the time ABC decides to ask celebs back for another Dancing with the Stars: All Stars season. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Hough isn’t sure if he’s going to return next season as a competitor.

If he doesn’t, at least he enjoyed working with his final partner. In his TV Guide blog, Derek Hough gushed about how proud he was of Bethany Mota’s final performance.

“I’m glad that is the last dance people will see of her on the show because it captured her journey and who she is — this awesome, fearless, revolutionary young woman.”

You can relive Hough and Mota’s last dance below.

As Derek pointed out, Bethany is “revolutionary” for using the internet to become a celebrity, and the web definitely seems to be the future of entertainment. There are numerous other YouTube stars making a good living off of their videos, and more and more original scripted series are starting to pop up on online platforms like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Dancing with the Stars YouTube videos, like the one above, can rack up hundreds of thousands of views, so if ABC ever decides to quit airing the series on TV, who knows? It might even end up on the web.

It would be hard to argue against the idea that the web is the future of entertainment, but some Dancing with the Stars fans still might be upset by what Bethany Mota said about the reality TV competition. She revealed that she only did the show to “gain more mainstream exposure,” and she basically said that her YouTube videos are better than DWTS.

“I look at YouTube and what I do online as more powerful than that.”

What do you think of Bethany Mota’s comments about TV?

[Image credits: Derek Hough/Instagram]