Bruce Jenner and daughter Kylie

Bruce Jenner Sports Ponytail, Diamond Earrings, French Manicure In New Pics

Bruce Jenner has updated his look again, and his ponytail, diamond earrings, and French manicure are getting plenty of attention online after paparazzi caught him on camera during a December 3, 2014 outing in Malibu. The fashionable former reality television star was seen running errands in California, and he reportedly looked happy and feminine.

According to Hollywood Life, Jenner stopped at Starbucks while out on the town doing some grocery shopping, and his French manicure was on full display. His long, highlighted hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and he was wearing an obviously expensive pair of diamond studs in his ears. Jenner’s attire was casual: a pair of sweatpants and a black zippered hooded sweatshirt with a set of wings emblazoned on the front.

Us Weekly noted that Jenner looked like he was wearing tinted lipstick. Indeed, his lips seemed to have a lovely pink hue. When asked about whether her soon-to-be-ex-husband was transitioning into a woman, Kris Jenner scoffed and replied that those rumors first surfaced in the 1970s. However, unnamed family friends have been quoted as saying the track star truly wants to live as a woman, and his physical transformation is the first step toward living as his “true self.”

On the same day that Bruce Jenner was spotted in public wearing diamond studs in his ears and sporting a fashionable French manicure, his daughter, Kylie, shared a recent pic of her dad looking noticeably different from the hunky athlete whose face once graced the front of the Wheaties box. However, she quickly removed the sweet pic from her account.

Despite Kylie’s attempt to delete the shocking picture, the photo had already been copied and re-posted online multiple times. In the picture, Bruce Jenner looks happy and refreshed. His hair is pulled away from his face, although his ponytail isn’t visible in the snap.

The angle of the photograph makes it impossible to see whether he was wearing his impressive diamond earrings at the time the picture was taken, but it seems likely that he was. He was wearing gold rings on both ring fingers, and one neatly manicured fingernail can be seen in the snapshot. According to E! Online, one of those gold bands was his wedding ring. He and his wife, Kris Jenner, filed for divorce earlier this year.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bruce Jenner has been the subject of many rumors surrounding his dramatically changed appearance, penchant for Spanx undergarments, plastic surgery, and clean-shaven legs. One such rumor claimed that the Olympian’s gender-bending behavior was all an act for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameras.

[Image via Kendall Jenner Instagram]