Big Hero 6 Cameo By Stan Lee Has Marvel Comics Fans Abuzz [Video]

Big Hero 6, Disney’s latest cartoon effort, has moved to number two at the box office behind the latest installment of the “Hunger Games” saga. But the money that “Big Hero 6” is pulling in isn’t what comic book fans are talking about. What has them all abuzz is the cartoon cameo by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

According to Mashable, Disney had to salute the Marvel Comics background of Big Hero 6 by providing audiences with “a post credits stinger, and a Stan Lee cameo.” Disney obliged Marvel and Stan Lee fans by doing both. At the end of Big Hero 6, audiences get a look at what Mashable says is the first cartoon rendition of the iconic comic book creator.

Lee spoke to Mashable about his Big Hero 6 cameo, telling them,

“When I was a kid, Walt Disney was like my god. And to think that I’m now part of a Disney animated feature, I just can’t tell you how pleased I am.”

The characters in Big Hero 6 were created by the team of Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau in 1998. Even though Lee had no hand in Big Hero 6, Disney seemed to feel that his role in creating other Marvel Comics superheroes warranted his inclusion in the film. Lee says, “Big Hero 6 is so well done, that to have the feeling that any of it was inspired by anything that we had done at Marvel, is thrilling to me.”

TheInquisitr reported the writers of Big Hero 6 pitched the idea of the Stan Lee cameo to the director. They offered a suggestion that the character Fred, a comic book enthusiast, was rich, but nobody knew it, and that his father looked like Stan Lee. From that idea, the Stan Lee cameo was born.

The Big Hero 6 cameo is far from the first one that Stan Lee has done, although, as he observed, it is the first cartoon rendering of him. Lee has appeared in a number of movies based on Marvel comics, including Spiderman, Thor, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, among others. Whatculture provides a rank ordered list of every Lee cameo, from the worst to the best.

Doing the voice of Fred’s father in his Big Hero 6 cartoon cameo is right up Lee’s alley. He told Mashable,“There’s nothing more fun than doing voices.”

Big Hero 6 continues the Disney tradition of animated features such as Planes, Cars, and others that are designed to appeal to a wide audience. For Marvel Comics fans, adding a cartoon Stan Lee to the film is icing on the cake.

[Image via Disney/Mashable]