The Voice Eliminations Top 8

‘The Voice’ Unveils Its Top 8 — And Delivers Some Not So Shocking Eliminations

On Wednesday evening, America decided the fate of the remaining 10 hopefuls on The Voice.

And for those of us who paid attention to Voice iTunes sales on top of previous voting behaviors, the outcome wasn’t all that surprising.

Craig Wayne Boyd, Matt McAndrew, and Taylor John Williams were the first to be saved. Luke Wade’s save was also far from shocking as he’s been a consistent favorite and front-runner.

In fact, it has become rather clear by now that the seventh season of The Voice will most definitely have a male winner.

DaNica Shirey is a great singer, but she isn’t nearly as popular as a good portion of the remaining guys. At least for now, the stay-at-home mom with Beyoncé-esque vocals is safe.

When it comes to predicting the fate of favorite singers on The Voice, it must be said that iTunes sales matter. They matter far more than perhaps many Voice viewers realize.

The higher a Voice contestant charts on the iTunes, the stronger the indicator of their popularity that week. The more popular a Voice contestant is, the less likely it is that he or she will be going home.

Not one member of the Voice bottom three cracked the top 100 on the iTunes song chart.

A word for concerned Damien fans: It would appear he wasn’t in as much danger as the show suggested.

“You And I” sits at #70. The closest member of the bottom three to him was Reagan James with “Fancy” at #161!

As I stated, this week was going to test the popularity of the remaining women, since America has been unimpressed with the ladies of Season 7 for some time now.

This makes the second week in a row when America sent two women home. That’s not including the women who weren’t even voted into the top 20 this season.

With both Anita Antoinette and Reagan James eliminated, that leaves DaNica Shirey as the only woman still competing in this season of The Voice.

Before you start grumbling about teenage fangirls and their hormones, there were some pretty amazing performances by the guys, many of whom have been consistent and solid.

Of the women, only DaNica has enjoyed any consistency in terms of both performance and popularity. That much was clear when she was saved comfortably.

But next week is going to be very interesting.

As I said in the prediction article, even if Ryan Sill survived this week, he’s definitely heading back to the bottom three next week.

Unfortunately for him and his fans, it’s doubtful that the third time will be the charm when he sings for his life.

Ryan lags behind everyone else remaining on the show in terms of popularity. While ranking may change from week to week, at this stage, the front runners are locked in.

The women he was in the bottom with were not among the most popular Voice contestants at this stage and their singing was rather weak.

All Ryan Sill really had to do was give that dazzling smile and stay on key.

But next week when (not if, but when) Ryan finds himself in the bottom three, it will be with some very talented and charismatic singers.

Even if he does his best, the odds of Sill out-singing both of the people he will be paired with next week is slim to none.

Ryan Sill will be leaving The Voice next week.

Which member of the remaining eight on The Voice do you think will be joining him?

[Image Credit: The Voice Official Twitter]