Paul Rudd yearbook

Paul Rudd’s Big Band ’80s Hair Revealed In Yearbook Photo

Paul Rudd is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is he ageless, but before he was an actor he lived a life that seems like it was destined to give many of his adoring fans cuteness overload. There was that one time where he admitted to DJing at bar mitzvahs, and, as if that wasn’t enough, he could line dance pretty well.

The next hidden gem uncovered from Paul Rudd‘s glorious secret life is his college Sigma Nu fraternity yearbook photo at University of Kansas. So what’s the big deal about Rudd’s yearbook photo? Well, the actor took his picture with an ’80s metal hairdo that has us simply howling.

A Reddit user uncovered the photo and, now that it has gone viral, people are reacting to it in the best of ways, by taking their thoughts to social media.

Other alumni include Harrison Ford, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Mike Posner, Bob Barker, and Eli and Archie Manning.

So far Paul Rudd hasn’t commented on his fabulous college hair.

[Image via Reddit]