‘Squashy’ The Sasquatch Found By Ohio Family

A family from Delhi Township, west of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been on the hunt for one special Sasquatch for days and their effort has finally paid off.

The Spence family is well-known in the area for the special “family member” they proudly introduce to the other locals. Squashy the Sasquatch has been a member of the family for a few years and he has gained quite a reputation throughout the area, according to the Associated Press.

The Sasquatch weighs at least 400 pounds but never eats a single thing. He is well-behaved and normally stays in the yard without disturbing anyone. It isn’t because Squashy is a well-trained Sasquatch; it is because he is made entirely of concrete.

Squashy the Sasquatch as he appeared around Easter.

Ralph Spence, the 61-year-old owner of the concrete Sasquatch, explained how Squashy became a part of his family. His two sons bought the statue for him years ago and the family joked about how well it fit into the family.

Soon the Sasquatch became something more sentimental to the family, and they even took to unusual activities with it during the holidays, according to WKRC.

“My sons bought it for us. Like a prank really at first. After we had it a while it kind of grew on us, became part of the family. We used to dress it up,” said Ralph Spence.

On Saturday, the Spence family discovered their Sasquatch statue was suddenly gone. Knowing the 400-pound concrete display didn’t just walk away, the Spence family called the police. Someone had stolen their beloved Sasquatch, even though it was hard to believe anyone had the power to just take off with him very easily.

Lt. Joe Macaluso of the Delhi Township police admitted, “First thing I thought was it’s a scavenger hunt. But the reality is I think this is going to be 4 or 5 individuals who would have to lift this thing up. Maybe somebody planned this a little in advance.”

Ralph pleaded with the kidnappers to bring his concrete buddy home.

“Just bring it back. If they just bring it back, I’m happy. Just bring him back. We want Squashy home. No charges. Bring Squashy home, that’s all we want.”

The family and local police searched for the Sasquatch but did not find a trace of him. Then suddenly on Tuesday, Ralph received a phone call from a friend who spotted Squashy in a field nearby.

Sure enough, the Sasquatch spotted in the field was the 400-pound missing member of the family. A note left with the heavy statue was humorously signed by “the body building bandits.”

Ralph Spence and his family were happy to have Squashy back, and they acknowledge the concrete Sasquatch is “a legend around here in the neighborhood.”