Amanda Bynes is having twitter problems again

Amanda Bynes Goes On Tweeting, Deleting Spree: Talks About Caleb Pusey, An ‘Ugly Phase,’ Phone Theft

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter, and this time, she’s doing more deleting than tweeting. In between deletes, though, Bynes took time to talk about her sex life, once-purported fiance Caleb Pusey, and more.

When Bynes was reported weeks ago to be engaged to Pusey, he denied it to TMZ. Bynes herself denied it not long later, saying that Caleb wasn’t a good person and wasn’t even a friend — and that she couldn’t be dating him, since, she said, he’s gay.

Now, the one-time child star, who is well known for her Twitter rants and retractions, is taking some of that back — and deleting some of her take-backs.

First, Bynes tweeted that she had only insulted Caleb out of spite because he hurt her by saying they weren’t engaged. She also explained that she’s changed her number, and can’t contact Caleb since she lost her phone and his number.

Amanda Bynes Caleb is not gay

Amanda Bynes Caleb Pusey tweets

Amanda Bynes lost her phone

She deleted those tweets a short time later, though — followed by all her tweets back as far as November 10. (Yes — including the ones where she explained away the tape TMZ procured of Amanda Bynes talking about killing her parents.)

She quickly replaced those, though, with a new series, reaffirming the same message: She takes back her statement that Caleb is gay, says she slept with him, and that she’s sorry she can’t contact him to apologize personally — though she adds a bit to the missing phone story.

Bynes is becoming notorious for wild statements and elaborate retractions, and this latest one is very much in keeping with the usual type. She’s posted and retracted stories about her father, who she says sexually abused her when she was a child, her living situation, producers she has worked with, and more — and now Caleb Pusey’s sexuality is added to the list of tales told and and retracted.

Clearly Amanda Bynes is dealing with some difficulties in her life right now — her parents have a conservatorship over her, and are holding the purse strings, but it looks like no one is holding the Twitter strings.

Amanda Bynes screenshot in case of deletion

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