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Dita Von Teese Unveils 1950s Inspired Lingerie Line

von follies

You won’t be able to buy it until 2012, but you can look at it now. Dita Von Teese has unveiled her new line of lingerie, which according to the burlesque star, is “meant to be seen.”

According to SMH, Dita Von Teese’s new line of lingerie will be available from Target stores in Australia in February 2012. (You can also shop on their online store.) The new lingerie line, titled Von Follies, has a vintage feel and features high-waisted panties, corsets, garter belts, and over-wire bras.

Von Teese said:

“There are so many vintage lingerie pieces I love that I haven’t been able to find in all my years of collecting. I wanted to design pieces that are tributes to my vintage obsessions… I’ve had a long-time fascination with the 1950’s era over wire bras. It’s something that has been quite a task to create, but the end result is so chic, and so unique, I’m very proud of it. It’s a statement piece meant to be seen.”

dita von teese

Von Teese also said that it was important to her to develop a lingerie line that will make women of all sizes and shapes to feel and look sexy.

“Size range was one of the first things I asked when I was approached to create this collection. It was important to me to accomplish the task of making these beautiful things in sizes that can make any woman feel sexy and glamorous.”

According to the Hindustan Times, this isn’t Dita Von Teese’s first foray into the world of commercial lingerie. She teamed up with Wonderbra in 2008 to create two lingerie lines.

dita von teese

What do you think about the new lingerie line from Dita Von Teese?

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12 Responses to “Dita Von Teese Unveils 1950s Inspired Lingerie Line”

  1. Stephen Pseudonymous Smith

    50's glamour, full cut panties, sexy bras have it all over the thong and bikini boredom.

  2. Raquel Starace

    Makes a great picture, but practically speaking it's to much underwear for the 21st century. Nice bedroom wear, though.

  3. Doug Milliken

    The knowledge that you consider this too much clothing makes one stop and think.

  4. Sophia Cordelia Jenner-Ludbrook

    I don't think "up to an E-cup" is really all shapes and sizes. What about F? FF? G? GG? H? HH? J? JJ? and even K? Where do they fit in?

  5. Stephen Pseudonymous Smith

    Bump for unpractical yet sexy bedroom wear. And Dita von Tease, omfg, this gorgeous hottie of a woman actually spent a few years with…Marilyn Manson? I blame drugs.

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