Camilla Parker-Bowles Hits On Hollywood Star

Camilla Parker-Bowles Hit On Hollywood Star: Actor Recalls Time Duchess ‘Squeezed’ His Buttocks, Made ‘Wistful’ Comment

Camilla Parker-Bowles allegedly hit on a Hollywood star some time ago and it’s just now coming to light. When the Duchess of Cornwall attended an event in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Prince Charles, she made physical contact with an actor at the White House.

According to an article by Woman’s Day, comedic actor Kelsey Grammer claims Camilla touched his butt and made a flirtatious comment. Grammer appeared at the Spectator Cigar Awards in London that was hosted by the duchess’ son, Tom Parker-Bowles. Grammer thought it was a good time to share an experience he had meeting his mum.

As the actor recounts, it was in 2005 when George W. Bush was president. He and his wife, Laura, were hosting a dinner for Prince Charles and Camilla. A number of big-name celebrities attended the event, but no one probably guess that the 59-year-old Frasier star would have such a tale to tell about that evening.

“I don’t want to embarrass our lovely host, Mr Parker-Bowles,” Kelsey remarked as the audience reportedly laughed. “Years ago I had a chance to meet his mum.”

Mr. Parker-Bowles likely had no idea what Kelsey Grammer was going to say next. It was a potentially very embarrassing situation for Camilla’s son to be in.

“I met Camilla at the White House about a decade ago and as I was taking a picture I felt a tight little squeeze on my right buttock. I turned and a woman, in a very wistful, little impish way, said to me: ‘So nice to finally meet you in the flesh.'”

It wasn’t mentioned what reaction Mr. Parker-Bowles had, but he reportedly didn’t respond to it once he introduced the evening at the awards.

A previous Inquisitr article touched on the relationship between Camilla Parker-Bowles and her son. She regrets sending him to boarding school when he was young, but she said it was “what you did back then.” The two have a good mother-son relationship. It wasn’t been easy for Tom Parker-Bowles when his mother was routinely made fun of by the press when word got out she was secretly seeing the Prince of Wales.

Camilla’s reputation has grown substantially better over the years. She has a warmer reception from the British people than she used to. Not long ago, however, a YouGov poll was taken about what her title should be when Charles becomes king. As KDrama Stars revealed from the poll, 58 percent feel that she should have the title “princess consort” instead of “queen consort.” When it came to Duchess Kate, the British strongly feel she fits the “queen consort” title better.

[Image via Woman’s Day]