Cat killer arrested: Yonkers 25 suspect accused of animal cruelty

Alleged Cat Killer Arrested After Morbid Surprise Discovered Hanging From A Tree

A cat killer is under investigation after the discovery of a grisly sight in Yonkers. Rene Carcamo allegedly killed 25 cats, put them in plastic bags, and hung them from a tree near his home.

The 60-year-old’s morbid work was discovered by public works employees last April and led to Carcamo’s arrest with charges of animal cruelty and violation of environmental conservation law. Officials claim he hung them from a tree on Overlook Terrace as a way of disposing of them.

Many of the cats found dead appeared to be bludgeoned to death and some were even left on the ground under the tree. It is unknown what may have spurred Carcamo to commit such a vile crime against innocent animals, but the authorities are taking it quite seriously.

In July, Carcamo was also found in violation for two kittens discovered to be in his possession. He failed to give the felines the medical attention they needed, resulting in further charges of animal cruelty and abuse.

Humane Law Enforcement Unit director Ernest Lungaro announced the pending punishment for the alleged cat killer.

“The SPCA of Westchester is pleased that an arrest has been made in this case, after many months of investigation, interviews and hard work. We are grateful to the Yonkers Police Department and the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office for helping us to make this possible.”

Executive director of SPCA of Westchester, Shannon Laukhuf, had a few words to say about the morbid discovery.

“The SPCA remains saddened by the magnitude and severity of this crime against such innocent animals.”

“Our focus since the incident has been to help feral and stray cats living in that location by examining them for disease and illness, performing spay and neuter surgeries and seeking a safer place for them to live. We are looking for outdoor facilities such as barns to house the cats.”

The furry victims of the gruesome discovery are being honored as the Yonkers 25 by the Westchester Feline Club. The group paid tribute to the discovery left on display by the alleged cat killer.

A memorial for the Yonkers 25 was held at the C.H. Martin Department Store parking lot on May 10, where animal protection activists made their support public for the SPCA.

The Yonkers Police Department made the arrest on Tuesday, ensuring that this alleged cat killer won’t bother any more of our feline friends for a while.

What do you think should be done with Rene Carcamo?

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