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Courteney Cox and Fellow Cougars Cut Down by ABC


Are Courteney Cox and her co-stars in Cougar Town losing their appeal to TV viewers? That’s the question being posed by fans of the show after ABC ordered a reduced number of episodes for the third season of the sitcom.

Whereas the first season of Cougar Town saw 24 episodes aired, the second season spawned only 22. Now, for the third season, only 15 episodes have been ordered, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The network’s midseason schedule was released Friday, and Cougar Town was conspicuously absent. Panicky fans immediately began to speculate the comedy had been axed, but ABC soothed their concerns, tweeting:

“Don’t worry #CougarTown fans, the show is coming back next year…we just don’t have the date yet!”

So why the brutal slashing of so many episodes? Industry experts speaking to Entertainment Weekly have suggested the smaller order is more a reflection of ABC juggling their content, rather than a statement about the quality of the show or viewing figures.

Indeed, the viewing figures have held up very well for the Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel-created sitcom – the first two seasons both averaged 7.34 million views per episode. And of course, it’s very plausible ABC is simply making more room for new shows – Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal and Krysten Ritter’s Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23 both appear for the first time in its new midseason schedule.

Any fans of Cougar Town feeling particularly aggrieved about ABC’s decision to cut down its intake of the show?

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27 Responses to “Courteney Cox and Fellow Cougars Cut Down by ABC”

  1. Mikel McCord

    It is one of the few, wait, two, actually funny comedies that ABC has on the air. Modern family being the other. Why in the world are they not airing more episodes?

  2. Nichole Hite

    I love love love Cougar Town, please keep it going! They just don't make very many shows like this anymore and it's so sad. Just pure entertainment and so clever. Not like all the boring and reduntant reality shows they're doing now days.

  3. Chad Bunker

    It's not as good as it used to be…the characters have become less sympathetic and now border on outlandish caricatures.

  4. Michael Rosales

    I wouldn't be surprised if they canceled it Abc is famous for canceling good shows case in point Eastwick! especially in the middle of the season where there is no conclusion.

  5. LynnMarie Shedlock

    Yes, I'm mad. They finally have a quality comedy and they cut the episodes, but what do you expect from bonehead executives that are totally out of touch with the general public. I'm sure the new shows they will be presenting will be total crap, you can tell by their titles….

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  7. Tom Gregg

    7.4 million viewers on average. heck a few more weeks and that will be more viewers than 2 1/2 men. they nose dived to 8.5 million and I am sure will plumment more soon.

  8. Michael Dukes

    then why are you reading about it and commenting about it…..just get a life and only comment on things u know which is probably not alot

  9. Ricardo Cardoza

    Never seen the show but it sounds like a vapid concept. Maybe I ought to watch it.

  10. Asha Gwinderson

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