Radio Host Challenges Anti-Pot Politician To Weed-Smoking vs. Beer-Drinking Contest For Charity

Massachusetts Republican governor-elect Charlie Baker vigorously opposes marijuana legalization, and that doesn’t sit well with WEMF radio host Mike Cann, who has challenged the politician to a contest: for every beer Baker drinks, Cann will smoke a joint, the Bay State Examiner is reporting.

On Saturday’s episode of his radio show The Young Jurks, Cann (whose actual name is Mike Crawford) pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of Baker’s position on pot. Baker, who is known to enjoy a tall cold one from time to time, has said throughout his career that his will oppose any attempt at legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts.

“Having heard from law enforcement, social service and education professionals, I oppose full legalization of marijuana because of the adverse impact it could have on children and families.”

Cann wants to challenge Baker on the notion that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, and to do that, he challenged Baker to the pot-smoking vs. beer-drinking contest.

“We’ll do it on a Sunday. We’ll see who makes it to work on Monday.”

If Baker wins, Cann will donate $1,000 to each of two charities of the politician’s choice. If Cann wins, Baker would have to donate $1,000 each to MassCann NORML (the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance (a medical marijuana advocacy organization).

Buoyed by Election Day victories in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. earlier this month, marijuana legalization advocates hope that Massachusetts, along with several other states considering similar measures, will vote to legalize pot in 2016.

But governor-elect Charlie Baker and his advocate, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, are having none of that.

“I’m going to oppose [marijuana legalization] and I’m going to oppose that vigorously… with a lot of help from a lot of other people in the addiction community. There’s a ton of research out there at this point that says, especially for young people, it’s just plain bad.”

Cann’s radio co-host Frank Capone confirmed to the Bay State Examiner that Cann has spoken to Baker’s campaign about the challenge, but has not received a response as of this post.

[Images courtesy of: The Republican, Mike Cann]