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Penn State Waives Law School Application Fee In Worst Timing Ever

Penn State Old Main Building

Following the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal and the firing of longtime men’s football coach Joe Paterno the Penn State Law School admissions office has waived their routine $60 application fee, a move that appears at least on the surface to be carefully orchestrated to return trust to the school.

The Daily Beast obtained a copy of the email sent to prospective students in which the note reads:

“Congratulations, Your application fee has been waived.” the note then references the current sex scandal, “No doubt you have seen recent headlines regarding Penn State,” it reads. “Penn State’s new president is dedicated to restoring the trust of all people Penn State serves.”

The letter then turns it’s focus towards the applicants by claiming that the scandal had nothing to do with the school’s choice but rather that they wanted to “make it easier for you to apply.”

According to the law schools dean of admissions the waiver is “standard practice” and is “timed to arrive shortly after” the October LSAT results have been provided to prospective new students.

In the meantime prospective Penn State law school students weren’t impressed by the letter, one student preparing to apply for law schools tweeted:

“Just got an email from Penn State encouraging me to apply to their law school and giving me an application waver. HAHA. gotta be kidding me.”

Another student followed suit with:

“Hahahaha Penn State just sent me a fee waiver to apply to their law school. #nothappening.”

While it’s not the type of reaction that Penn State was hoping for it could be great news for law students who’s grades and LSAT’s are located on the lower end of what the Universities law school is willing to accept.

First they cover up a sex scandal and now they are trying to buy students off, do you find this type of fee waiver to be a sad attempt by Penn State officials to attract new students amid the schools scandal?

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13 Responses to “Penn State Waives Law School Application Fee In Worst Timing Ever”

  1. Hunter Bryce Schenck

    Penn State Law waived my fee when I applied in February 2011, before any of this hit the news. They do it every year, as do many other law schools. Those two quotes are not from prospective PSU Law students. A prospective student is one who is considering attending a school. A fee waiver is not a grade waiver, Penn State Law has not lowered its grade and LSAT standards.

  2. Dunell Ridore

    Also got a fee waiver. A lot of law schools do this. I am confused why people are coming at the Law School.

  3. Hunter Bryce Schenck

    I'm thinking for lack of anything to write about. When your only quote is from an unidentified Twitter account….. leaves some room for questioning.

  4. Marika Merritt

    Also an unidentified Twitter account that spells waiver wrong.

  5. Melissa Diaz

    I got a fee waiver to Penn State and about 15 to 20 other schools before the scandal. People are just grabbing at straws trying create drama and a story instead of doing their research and putting forward accurate and useful information. Also, I don't think Penn State needs any students who are immature enough to post rude comments like that on twitter.

  6. Nikki Kalis

    I got a fee waiver back when I applied for admission starting in fall 2009… I also got a fee waiver to all but one of the other schools I applied to. Almost every school gives out fee waivers and Penn State Law's fee waivers have nothing to do with Sandusky and everything to do with getting the best applicants so they can select the best candidates…

  7. Michael McLaughlin

    A new law student is going to pay Penn State about $150K over three years; waiving a $60 fee to induce that student to file an application just makes good business sense.

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