Drunk Naked Man Sleeps On New York Subway, Only Wakes Up To Sip Whiskey

A naked, intoxicated commuter on the New York City subway has reminded everyone why the Big Apple is the best city in the world. Or he has, in fact, proven to people why it is the worst. Either way, there’s no denying the fact that he probably had the mother of all hangovers when he finally woke up in his public state of undress.

The incident took place on Thursday evening. The man was on the E train without any clothes on, except for a pair of socks and sneakers, and he was trying to catch 40 winks. Unfortunately, he kept on being rudely interrupted by the other passengers in his carriage who took it upon themselves to snap pictures.

According to an unfortunate witnesses of his nudity, the man was completely oblivious to the crowd of people who had become transfixed by him. In fact, the New York Post has even reported that in order to pass the time between his naps, he repeatedly took big gulps from his bottle of Jack Daniels.

Peter Davis, who is an editor at the Daily Front Row fashion magazine, decided to snap a picture of the bizarre incident as it unfolded before his eyes. He even went on to describe the man, his state and his actions to the New York Post, too.

“He was just really drunk. He would swig it and then nod out. He must’ve taken four swigs in four stops. He was oblivious. He kind of looked at me when I took the picture, but he didn’t seem to care.”

Peter Davis went on to explain that the man rode on the train for around six stops. From his recollection, he started off at Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street before he finally got off at 23rd Street.

There were allegedly around 30 other people in the carriage, too, and David admitted that some of them were quite taken aback by what they stumbled upon. However, others bizarrely acted as if it was an everyday occurrence.

“I think people were scared of him. The one thing people did was move away from him like he was dangerous. There were a lot of blase New Yorkers that looked, and then looked back at their iPhones as if he wasn’t even there.”

Davis believes that the man wasn’t actually homeless, though, as he didn’t give off an almighty odor, plus he looked as though he’d just had a new haircut.

Seinfeld fans will immediately see the similarity between this incident and a scene from the show’s third season episode, The Subway. This sees Jerry step onto the train and then fall asleep, only to wake up with a naked passenger opposite him. You can check out a clip from the episode below.

Meanwhile, Melanie Lazenby believes that the nude New York subway passenger has acted in this fashion before. She uploaded another image that she snapped of “the naked jogger man” a few weeks previously next to the front cover of the NY Post that featured the nude New York subway passenger, and then insisted that they were the same person.

The only thing worse than seeing the naked jogger man on the cover of the @nypost this morning was seeing him in person in the park a few weeks ago! #OnlyInNy #NakedStraphanger @peterdavisnyc

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