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Madonna’s Outtakes: Even More Crotchal Region!

Madonna Outtake X

Madonna’s crotch area gets its share of the spotlight, and it probably catches our attention way too much. Kind of like… now: these mesmerizing leaked outtakes from Madonna’s Hard Candy shoot, which involved fishnets, what are probably thongs, lace-up boots, and what D-Listed lovingly refers to as “granny nip.” Be sure to stare at the lumps hanging over the itty-bitty thong strings. It’s very omg.

Click around if you have the stomach– I wish she’d just hang up the leotard and move on.

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12 Responses to “Madonna’s Outtakes: Even More Crotchal Region!”

  1. Simon

    She rocks. Good on her, I think all the bashing that goes on about her is sexist and ageist, and I hope she continues to do whatever she wants to, despite her age.

  2. Snarky

    Simon, there's nothing ageist and sexist about pointing out that she looks terrible, she's trying too hard to hang on to her youth, and she's clearly desperate to hang on to her former sex kitten image.

    There are other female peformers her age or older (Tina Turner, Debbie Harry etc) who manage to be and look sexy without wearing bandage strips across their chests or thigh high street-walker boots.

    Madonna built her career in part on stealing other people's fashion ideas and music video ideas, and also from dressing and acting like a tramp. Since she based her career on her looks, we, the public, have every right to tell her she's gotten too old to carry on like this.

    Unfortunately, I believe that Madonna will continue to dress like a bimbo until the day she dies, and idiots out there will say “Good for her for being a champion of senior citizen sexuality,” when they should NOT be encouraging this behavior.

  3. Penelope

    She is starting to look deformed and needs to cover that worn-out nasty old crusty crotch — we really don't want to see it. I agree: She used her youthful T & A to get attention and make money. Well, Madonner, you've aged and you don't look so hot anymore. Go away, and take that nasty thang with you.

  4. Madonna Fan

    Madonna is an entertainment icon. She has her personal problems, but she is in excellent physical condition!

  5. Madge Lover

    Madonna has always shown up looking like a dish rag for her photo shoots. Sure looks ALOT better here than her Newsweek cover 15 years ago- she kept the Art Department in overtime touching up the scuzzy appearance she showed up with. No bad for 50!

  6. Steve Soares

    I'm a madonna fan and i loved her sticky and sweet tour… it was revealing but i think in a classy way ….. but after seeing these pictures, i truly think age is catching up with madonna and she should cover up more…. she could have worn a nice fitted black metallic jacket with just like in her tour and i dont know what the photographer was thinking… the expressions on her face are horrible! the louis vuitton picture…. cmon people … that one looks classy and sophisticated!


    these photos of madonna are disgusting
    She used to look goo dbut thats ages ago
    shes to old for this stuff.


  8. OM3GA

    Good on Madge – so what if she's 50?
    Would you rather she do drugs or become a recluse?

  9. Carazon

    Lol you madge stans need to shut up and realize that you'd be criticizing her just as bad if she was someone else. I'm sorry, but when you're 50 you do not dress like this no matter who you are.

  10. Kirk

    As a woman of 50 she looks fine, but what is utterly pathetic is trying to be a teenager… but narcissists never age gracefully, they always end up looking like clowns.

    Why not be an icon for women that are middle-aged? Create photos/clothes/shows that reflect the beauty of a mature woman, instead of some weird-looking plastic pop clone…

    To me, its always sensual when a woman follows her age with honoring where she is in her life (well taken care of but not plastic, youthful but not ridiculous: sensual but not cheap etc)

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